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First Row Contains Column Headings - Disabled

First Row Contains Column Headings - Disabled
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My question is related with Access 2007 and the import process of an excel file. During the import wizard appears a check box "First Row Contains Column Headings" which I know exactly what it is.
The point is that is disabled and always checked.
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csv import second row contains column headings

csv import second row contains column headings Icon
I have a process I need to automate.

I have been manually deleting the first row on the CSV since it just contains the CSV title and the second row actually contains column headings

so the checkbox for first row contains column headings is sadly useless to the original file.

any remedy for this? can I delete the first row upon import or something to fix this automatically

Assigning Nulls to a Crosstab Query

Assigning Nulls to a Crosstab Query Icon
I have a question about how to assign nulls within a crosstab query.

Like any other Crosstab query, my CT query generates column headings, row headings and associated data.

I use parameters on a form to generate this CT query. With wide criteria, all column headings get generated. However, with narrow criteria (narrow data range), certain columns/row headings get skipped.

In the final output, I need all rows/columns headings that I get with wide criteria to be present. I use these column headings as fields’ names in a query/macro that help in the generation of my final output (report).

With narrow criteria, I get the error message:
"The Microsoft Jet database engine does not recognize'[tablename.fieldname]' as a valid field name or expression"

My question is how do I force the crosstab query to generate column headings, even if no data is found for them. I would like to assign nulls/zeros to them.

Crosstab column data count

Crosstab column data count Icon
I have a crosstab query with Well Name as row heading , site visit Dates as column headings (formatted as "y"), and averaged water level measurements data as the values. The column headings range from 2004-2010 and some wells have no measurements during some of these years.

I need to create a dataset from the crosstab that shows total number of years for which each well has data. My attempts at changing the column headings and values around to accomplish this have been futile.

Delete first row and Column for excel import

Delete first row and Column for excel import Icon
I need to import some data into Access from an Excel sheet, the data was extracted from Business Objects which seems to have an annoying limitation where it adds a blank column and a Blank row into the spreadsheet before adding the data

is there a way to remove a Blank Column and Row before importing the data into Access

as it is now my column headings are on the second row and start in the second column

export report to Excel results in 2 rows of column headers

export report to Excel results in 2 rows of column headers Icon
Here's my issue. I have to export data to excel for uploading to a vendor's system. The vendor required that several of the columns have IDENTICAL headings, and one of the column headings has to contain a % symbol at the end.

I can't do this with exporting a query, so I tried using a report. If I make text boxes for the desired duplicate column headings, it works just fine. The problem is that on row 2 of the exported data, the actual column headings from the query are also exported. Can this be avoided?

Sample of exported data:
Ded % DedAmt | DedAmt
Ded | DedAmt | DedAmt2

crosstab report colum headings

crosstab report colum headings Icon
I have a crosstab report based on Duane Hookom's crosstab database. Now, I have a lot of data to report and I am trying to condense it down to as few pages as possible. I can get the data (detail) to be 10 columns wide in the report and still be readable. However, the last two column headings wrap into the next row even though there is plenty (at least it appears that way) of width room left on the page.

I have tried various things, but really do not know how to make it not wrap. I am fairly sure that it has something to do with the subreport I use for the column headings but . . .

Please help a frustrated hacker who has no more hair to pull out!

Access 2003: Import Specification

Access 2003: Import Specification Icon
Is there a way to save in your import specifications, delete the first ROW in a table?
The 2nd row in my data is the column headings, the first row in fact is just a fancy company header I do not need.

Peforming Excel operations via Acces automation

Peforming Excel operations via Acces automation Icon
Access 2007 issue, however could relate to earlier versions.

I have an Excel template that has a series of blank rows

Row1 headings
row 2 headings
rows 3 to 30 blank rows
row 34 formulas to sum values in columns =Sum(B4:B33)

Repeated about 5 times further down the worksheet

Access opens the workbook and uses CopyToRecordset to populate Excel from row 4 downwards. Will never be more than 30 rows.

But what I want to do is when the copy has taken place I want to remove blank rows when a row in column B is blank.

What I did was something like

For X = 4 to 250
If Range("B" & X).Value = "" Then
delete the row
End If Next

But could not get it to work

Report from a Crosstab query column heading

Report from a Crosstab query column heading Icon
My report is not working because of the crosstab query column headings. The crosstab query pulls the last three months of data. It labels the column headings as the date. When I update the crosstab query and try to run the report it is looking for column headings that are no longer there (it drops a month each month I run the report).

How can I get the report to updateautomatically to only include the column headings available in the crosstab query instead of looking for the original ones that the report was designed on?

Display column headings in a combo box

Display column headings in a combo box Icon
On an Access 2003/XP/2000/97 form, I've created a combo box whose values are populated by a query. I want to see the column headings so that I can differentiate between the various columns. How do I display the column headings in a combo box?