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Filter based on two combo boxes.

Filter based on two combo boxes.
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I'm kind of a newb so please bear with me.

I want to filter equipment issues in a multiple items form by using 2 combo boxes, and a button. Here is an example.

I want to search every issue with the Packer on Line 1. I choose line 1 from the first combo box, which then filters the second combo box. I then choose the packer. I now want to click the button and have it show only those records that pertain to the line 1 packer. Let me know if this doesn't make sense. I've tried searching the web, but I can't find anything that makes sense.
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Filtering a continuous form

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I have a basic continuous form in Access 07. It has the following fields:
Serial #, Part #, Model #
I want to put combo boxes in the header to filter the form. I have a combo box for each field. I named them:
SerialSearch, PartSearch, ModelSearch

The combo boxes are based on tables to automatically update when a new serial, part, model # is added. So, I got this far, so now I have a continuous form with three combo boxes in the header. I can select a value from the combo boxes, but I have no idea how get these to filter the records. I would like to be able to enter values into multiple combo boxes and have it filter, or when the combo boxes are blank, I would like it to show all records.

Combo boxes Access 2007

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I am trying to use 3 combo boxes on a form to filter my data in the table on the subform.

I have my first combo box working and filtering the data, but I need two more combo boxes to filter the data even further.

Can I do this? I am a complete novice and don't know where to start on the second combo box

Cascading Combo Boxes; Filter by one or both

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I have two combo boxes: Customer & Location

They are linked to each other when Customer is picked Location is updated to only the Location that customer was in.

Is it possible to filter by both to find records and also to filter by just Customer and filter by just Location. So if one is NULL it will ignore that combox box and if both are NULL it will ignore both.

I am having trouble with filtering by individual combo boxes.

I have the cascading combo boxes change with no problem

Filter Query Error

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I have made an form that has multiple combo boxes that filters out data from my query. the combo boxes filter correctly but one my Manufacture combo boxes can anybody please help me [LINK]

Filter By Form Report (combobox issue)

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I am using this help page to create a report based of my filter by form.

when I apply the filter to the form, the filter applies correctly. but as soon as I try to put those results into a report I get boxes asking me to enter in asset_typeID.

problem is that when I filter with combo boxes, it returns the name of the asset_type and not the asset_TypeID.
ex. for laptops the ID = 4

Choose 1 value from multiple combo boxes

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I have four combo boxes based on types of classes taught at my institution. On the side, I have a query that opens a report based on the value selected in the combo box. [Forms]![main menu]![RTLC]

What I would like is to tell the query that if one of the combo boxes is empty, it should search the next combo box for the value. Is there a way to do this in the query or sql?

Search form combo box filter

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I have an Search form with two combo boxes it works almost correctly. On update when I use the drop down menu it gives me my criteria.

What is does:
When I use the other combo box after my uses my first one it just adds to the results that are already there.

I need for it to do:
As I use my combo boxes it filters out all my data based on the criteria I have selected.

Syntax Error - Missing operator in query expression

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I have a split form which I am filtering based on selections from two cascading combo boxes. The filter works fine with the first combo. But when both the first and second filter is applied, I get a syntax error.

The piece of code that I am using in the after update event of the second combo is:

Me.Filter = "[Group Description] = " & Me.FGroup_cbx & " AND [Program]=" & Me.FProgram_cbx

Running a query based on 2 combo boxes.

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I am new to access and am trying to do a project.I am stuck,wish some one could help me out.I have made 2 combo boxes which are unbound and seems to work fine in a form.I want to make a query based on the selectionof both the combo boxes.Say,one combo box has locations and other items(chairs,tables,etc,etc).When I select a location in a combo box and table(item) in the other combo box,I want to see all the table names in that location.I tried putting in criteria Forms!FormName!ComboboxName for each but it returns a blank.Can somebody help me please.Thanks in advance.
P.S I donot know VB.

Filter form using combo boxes

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I have a form [Performance Dynamic Report Builder] with 3 combo boxes on it [specialties], [gender] and [grade].

I'd like it to be able to filter my report [Dynamic Specialty Performance] by selecting data from either 1,2 or 3 of the combo boxes.