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Exporting Attachments to an external file

Exporting Attachments to an external file
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I have an access database with Attachments stored in a table.

I have setup a report which shows all of the detail from my table including attachments. From this report I can open the attachments. I am trying to find a way to export the report to excel or to word or any program where it might be possible to export the files along with the record detail.

Using the basic export functionality Access emails the file names but not the files themselves
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Exporting Attachments per record

Exporting Attachments per record Icon
I've started migrating it to a custom backend that stores files externally (not using the attachment field so virtually removing the DB limitation concerns I had).

It's a split back end database that has around 1800 records.

Is there any way whatsoever to extract those attachment files from the Attachment field to an external source? I'd rather not have to go through an individually back up 2 - 3 files per record for 1800 records.

Optimistically, this is how it would work:

There is a field called NUMBERONE that is the main entry for the DB (all of it hinges on that; it will never be duplicated).

Each NUMBERONE has an attachment field (2007) that contains anywhere from 0 to 4 attachments.

I would like to be able to run something that will make a folder NUMBERONE and put all the attachments in it.

Attachments with file name

Attachments with file name Icon
After attaching a file into Microsoft access it just shows me a logo of the attachments in Sent Files and Feedback Files but how do I get the file name to appear next to them as well? Is there a code that needs to be written to do so?
I attached a screenshot to show you what I am talking about

Do attachments affect split DB performance

Do attachments affect split DB performance Icon
I am using ACCESS 2010-

I am in the midst of creating a DB for a quality group. Attachments play a huge role, as photo's and trend analysis (via excel files) are paramount - as they are all part of the evidence/details. The users will be providing the attachments.

Considering this DB will be used by 10-20 users; I will split the DB (FE will be on the user's local PC and the BE will be on a shared network).

Before I cut this DB loose, I wanted to know if the attachments will negatively affect the performance of the DB (*even though the attachments will be stored on the BE).

1- *Are the attachments (photos and excel/word files) stored in the BE? 2- Are attachments the same as embedded files/photos?

If this is going to be a major potential performance killer, I was thinking that perhaps - users can provide links t the files instead. as I am not sure how ican create something in which the user can attache a file (sending it to some bucket other than the current DB and only providing the hyperlink to review)

Exporting XML from MS Access 2003

Exporting XML from MS Access 2003 Icon
This article is about exporting XML data from MS Access 2003. XML is the lingua franca of the Internet and is used extensively in how we communicate. XML is ubiquitous and will become more so with time. The extensibility, the essentially text-based format, and the ability to carry the data in its body make it unique, and extremely useful in how information is disseminated. TOC: Exporting XML from MS Access 2003; Exporting the table from MS Access 2003; Exporting the extensible style language file, AccXml.xsl; The AccXml.xsl file

Attachments in Access 2007

Attachments in Access 2007 Icon
I have been attaching photos of my assets into a table and everything has been going great. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt." I have done nothing different from the previous attachments. What is going on?

Export with date

Export with date Icon
I have created some daily reports ( 20 different reports) of my team in access and exporting that data to excel with Macros. While exporting, is there any way I can export with date in the file name. Presently, I am adding the date in the file name manually after exporting. Its a time consuming process for me

displaying attachments from a different control source in a form

displaying attachments from a different control source in a form Icon
I have images I store as attachments in an access 2007 table named "Assets". The field that holds the attachments is called "Attachments". I have a form that is accessing a different table called Services. I have placed a button in this form for the purpose of brining up images that have been stored in the assets table that relate to the item being serviced. I would rather not have those images load unless specifically requested to do so.(maybe that is wrong of me, not sure) I tried:
"[BarCode] = [txtBarCode].Value")

imgAttachments.ControlSource = "Assets.Attachments"
imgAttachments.DefaultPicture = DLookup("[Attachments]", "Assets", "[BarCode] = [txtBarCode].Value")

I also tried it without the first line

imgAttachments.ControlSource = "Assets.Attachments"

either way I get an error saying it can not open the imagename.jpg file error

Outlook email from Access

Outlook email from Access Icon
In my code I am trying to call outlook application to send email with multiple attachments and I need help with things below.

1. My code is able to create emails with multiple attachments how ever it does not send emails if outlook is not open. How can I open outlook with VBA, hold for few mins (to let outlookstart properly) then run the main macro to send email?

2. I am planing to modify my code for email and make it a function. Can I transfer attachments (excel, pdf) as arguments?

3. In future I may have multiple attachments for same customer say named like cus1_ReptA, cus1_ReptB, cus1_ReptC, How should I write a code to check the file name before attaching the file.Example Cus1 should only get files with names Starting as cus1

list attachments in a form or record

list attachments in a form or record Icon
I have figured out how to add attachments to a record, but the default way of handling them on forms isn't the greatest. I would like to be able to have a list of the attachments directly on a form (I have a form that lists details for contacts and I would like one of the fields to be the list of attachments). I would also like the ability to select and open the attachments from the form. I did a quick search and haven't found any discussion that covers this. I'm using Access 2007.

Sending attachments

Sending attachments Icon
I have designed a sendmail function which I'm really happy with. It does exactly what I need to do. However I am having some problems trying to add attachments to it. I have looked at many different examples using CDO, objMessage and .Add.Attachments but can't work out how I would integrate these into my code.

Could someone take a quick look at the code and let me know whatwould be the best way for me to add attachments?