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export report to Excel results in 2 rows of column headers

export report to Excel results in 2 rows of column headers
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Here's my issue. I have to export data to excel for uploading to a vendor's system. The vendor required that several of the columns have IDENTICAL headings, and one of the column headings has to contain a % symbol at the end.

I can't do this with exporting a query, so I tried using a report. If I make text boxes for the desired duplicate column headings, it works just fine. The problem is that on row 2 of the exported data, the actual column headings from the query are also exported. Can this be avoided?

Sample of exported data:
Ded % DedAmt | DedAmt
Ded | DedAmt | DedAmt2
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I'm fairly familiar with access as I use it as a front end to my database. I have created a wizard which goes through couple steps from selecting Import file which is excel with maybe couple of rows with serial numbers in it.

This import file can contain but not have to couple of columns. Also it might contain Headers or not and lastly it might have some empty rows between each serial.

This data is then processed and then the user selects where to save the exported file with a lot of information in it.

Now I have solved the issue of prompting a user to choose which column the data starts at (ex. A1 or B1 etc.)

Now I have two questions that I need help with and I tried searching online but had no luck.

During the wizard stage I would like to include a check mark that would be IF its checked then it will know that this imported file has headers and it will start at A2 instead of A1!

Second Question:

My second question is about the blank rows, when I import the excel file if there are empty rows between filled in rows is there a way to skip them and then on the export sheet just showthe rows that were there on the first excel sheet?

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Is it also possible to modiy the code as well, such that when the data is exported to excel that all the rows in Excel are the same height

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I have several reports that I'm able to generate within my database, but as I run these report I need to be able to export the results of the reports to Excel so I can in turn provide thesereports to my internal business customers.

What's the easiest way to accomplish this? Is it possible to put a command button on the Report itself that, when generated, allows me to export the results to Excel?

Overflow message when trying to export Report to Excel.

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I have a report based on a table that has six fields and just over 32k rows of data in it.
The report opens fine in Access [takes about a second to open] - and I was able to export it as a pdf - [686 pages].

When I try to export it as an Excel Spreadsheet - it scrolls through about 600 page numbers [in the export progress dialog box] and then displays an 'Overflow' dialog box. The spreadsheet is not created.

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I would like to set up a module in Excel that will export certain columns and rows to Access, if they meet a certain criteria. In my spreadsheet, my column headings are in row 30 and my actual data starts in row 33.

In that data, if the values in column AG are greater than 2, I would like to export columns B, C, I, J, Q, R, T, AG, and AH - BQ to an Access Database titled WOWData.

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I'm designing a columnar report that will span to many pages down and accross.

In order to have the column headers print on every down page, you place them in the "Page Header" section, that I know.

My question is, if there a way to make the first column repeat on every accross page in the same fashion?

I guess what I'm looking is for a similar function that Excel has to repeat Row 1 / Column A on every page. I know I can export to Excel, but the client doesn't have Office, and they will use Access Run time.

If I can incorporate Excel spreadsheet with my Access Application using only Access Run Time, that would be great, if not, Is there another way. manually or with VBA