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Employee Database/Managers and departments

Employee Database/Managers and departments
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I am using Access 2010. I have created an employee database.
Here are my tables;

I want to make some employees managers and assign multiple departments to them through a form. Within this form I'll need to be able to see ALL assigned departments and also be able to add or delete departments as they are moving targets.

I created a junction table called tblManagers and I added a field in the employee table that is YES or NO for manager's.

What is the best way to manage the manager's table
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Employee Table and retrieving data

Employee Table and retrieving data Icon
I have created an employee database for many different groups (departments) to use and I'd like to create a button that restricts or filters the data from the employee table for particular departments. Exampe: I have a form with all of the different groups labeled with cmd buttons and upon clicking the cmd botton I want only the Chassis data to be sent to the Main form instead of the main form showing all of the employees.

send email to email addresses in database?

send email to email addresses in database? Icon
I have a table that keeps track of different managers for different departments. Each department has their own row of the table where we keep track of first/last names and email addresses of all the managers of each department (each departement has multiple managers). So, each row will have multiple email addresses.

How can I make a button that will automatically insert all the email addresses into the "To" field of a new Outlook message

Automatically updating matrix

Automatically updating matrix Icon
I have a question about something I've been asked to do for my company.

We have 10 managers that on a regular basis are asked to sit in on 5 work sessions with employees. Managers are randomly assigned to give employees feedback based on this observation, with employees getting a max of 5 sets of feedback.

I am wondering if there is a way to automate this process with access. For instance, can I input all of the employees into one table, all managers into another, set a variety of limitations or rules (e.g. no manager gives the same employee feedback more than once) and have access automatically populate a matrix with employees and managers paired up across these sessions

Splitting DB into front/back end

Splitting DB into front/back end Icon
I'm making a time management database/system that tracks employee clocking and allows managers to edit/ view the roster.

Initially the database will be accessed from 3 computers: 2 used by the managers and 1 used by employees to clock in/out (kiosk type PC).

I've never worked with a access database that is used from multiple locations, or ever split an access database into front/backend file. The reasons I'm looking into it is to improve stability, speed and secure against accidental editing from inexperienced users. I'm less concerned with malicious 'hacking'.

-MDE file: compiled only version of the code. is this file type for security purposes only, or does it lessen the chances of file corruption/ improve speed
-MDW file: what is this and is it necessary? the 3 computers are always logged on, users will eventually login directly with the system, rather than be identified by the windows user.
-The frontends will be different for managers and employees. should these contain forms only, or should they include queries that are specific to the frontend
-lastly, the database has 13 related tables (and this may increase by the time its completed). is it ok to have this in one file or best to have multiple backend files? say one for employees and one for roster.

Creating Custom Forms

Creating Custom Forms Icon
In this lesson, you will learn how to use Access forms for data input and editing. Forms let you go one giant step beyond regular data entry. In short, forms provide custom interfaces that let you work with data in the most natural way.
For example, if you are working with an employee database, you can create a form that matches an employee record. Depending on your company, you may have several different departments that use employee records. Using Access forms, you can create a custom interface for each department. Each department's form, in turn, will present only those fields that employees in that department need to use.

Employee Database

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Am brand spanking new to access. Need to create an employee database. Figure I need several tables, like one for name & address, one for level of employee certification, one for the different certifications held (about 4 different ones per employee) and their reapective expiration dates, etc. Is this correct

Compare and return, should be simple.. but

Compare and return, should be simple.. but Icon
Simple employee training dbase.
Trainings are organised in training sessions, since a session can contain more than one training (i.e. First Aid, CPR, and Fire extinguisher)
Employees belong to departments.
Certain trainings are required working in a department, that dictates requiered trainings for an employee.
Now I have two queries:
'Query emp trng req' returning employee id and their requiered training id
'Query emp trng done' returning employee id and their completed training id.
Obviously I like to know which of the 'req training id's' are missing in the 'done training id's' per employee id
There can be training id's in the done query, that are not requiered for that employee.
I have the dBase attached, had to strip a lot from it down to <500k

Creating a Database to track Employee Training

Creating a Database to track Employee Training Icon
I am in the process of designing a database that tracks certain employees training history.

I created three tables; tblEmployees(PK -Employee ID), tblTraining(PK - TrainingID), Course (PK-CourseID)

My problem is that I created a form, and a subform. But I cannot get both forms to be in Synch. Meaning once I select an employee, listing the training history of the employee. I would also like to be able to additional training information for each employee. I feel that I am almost there, but I am not sure what I a missing.

Permissions for sharing a database

Permissions for sharing a database Icon
I have a split database which I would like to share between two departments. I want one of the departments to have full access permissions to the database and create a form for the other department to view and select a check box.

I don't want the department with the view and select check box permissions to make any other changes to the database and the ability for them toonly view the other reports.

Relationships/Data Organization

Relationships/Data Organization Icon
with organizing data. The database should contain annual Health & Safety tests results for each employee. Although, I'm not very familiar with MS Access, I thought that building a huge table holding all info wouldn't be the best way to go. Building separate tables for each year doesn't seem like a particularly good idea either, considering that Employee names and info would be the same in all of them. Now, is it possible to have one table with Employees names, departments etc. (e.g. Employees) and several tables containing tests results (e.g. Test2008, Test2009)? How do I link them together? Your help is REALLY appreciated.