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Email with CC/ and Subject Line

Email with CC/ and Subject Line
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I only use basic/easy codes to make my databases run more efficiently, I depend mostly on Macros. Can anyone help with a basic code to add a "CC" and "Subject" line to an outlook email populated from a command button?

but I want to add a CC email address and an automatic subject.

1) Private Sub SELECT_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
2) FollowHyperlink "mailto: EMAIL ADDRESS"
3) End Sub
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VBA check for email subject line

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Is there a way to get access to check to see if an email is present by looking at the date or subject line? If it is there I want to go ahead and kick off an autoexec macro.

Email Sent Using Docmd.Sendobject

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I am using a DoCmd.SendObject command to send an email; the code fills in a Bcc list and the subject line if the user has supplied one or, if not, leaves the subject line blank.

The user has noticed that the resultant email cannot be minimised. The Maximise box works, as does the Close box, but although the Minimise button is present, it does nothing.

Send email from form with subject line and marked as high priority

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I need a button in a form that will send an email marked as high priority with predefined text in the subject field. I put an email hyperlink in the form with the subject line, but now I've been asked to have the email marked as "high priority".

The hyperlink thing was simple but I think I need to use code to mark it as high priority and unfortunately I don't know code.

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I see where you can send an object by email in Access, but I'd like to have the code to send an email by just having the button when clicked, collect the name from the "RequestorsName" fieldand have the subject line say whatever and the body of the email say whatever; how can I do that?

Generate email with fields used on form

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I was not sure how to simply word what I am trying to do so here is the longer version.

Currently we have an Access 2007 DB with a button on a form that opens up a new email with the subject and body filled in, all the user needs to do is click send in their default email application.

We now have discovered that although this email is helpful it really needs to contain some information from the form that has just been filled in. In particular there is a field called 'Business Name' and we would like the business name to appear in the subject of the email.

Is there anyway to do this with code, if we have to automate the email when the user clicks on the button rather than having to open up an email in their email client it does not bother me

Program Link to Outlook Email from a Buttom

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I want to create a button, and when a user clicks it, an email template from outlook will pop open with default list of people to send to and a filled in subject line. id appreciate any

Email code creates an extra blank email

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I've used other threads here to learn how to create Outlook emails and the following is almost working. The "button" is actually an image (which I forgot to rename!) on thedetail section of a continuous view form which displays relevant email addresses against data.

When I click it I get an email with the right address and subject line, exactly as I need it, but I also get another blank email.


I've closed/reopened Outlook, and compacted and repaired Access db but it's still happening.

Email Button Code

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I have created a button in Access that when clicked I would like it to email the respective report to a group of email addresses. I used the wizard to do this, but I would like it a little more automated.


After I click the button, it first asks what type of file to send. I always want to send the reports as an .rft file, Next, it opens an email message and attaches the file.

What I would like to do here is add a couple of email addresses into the code so they prefill, along with a prefilled subject line and a small message in the body.

I still want the email message to show instead of automatically send.just in case something needs to be modified.

VB Code to send an email

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This is my very first post after searching and not finding what I need.

I need to send an email from Access 2007. I want to use an HTML file that is located at F:\Orbits Training Doc.html as the template for the email.

The subject line needs to be "Orbits Web Training"

I have a qry that is called myemailaddresses in which I need to use field "email" to populate the email address in outlook. The field will only have 1 result and not multiple.

Someone help!

If it makes it easier I could also use a .txt file as the body of the email but the HTML file is much cleaner as this is a communication that will be going out to customers

Send email command with a twist

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I have accomplish everything in sending a object in a email. Now for the twist. In the subject matter, I woud like to include three fields. Is there a way to where I can do this?

For example, lets say the field is call color and in that field I have selected Red. I want red to show up in the Subject matter in the email.

Take any thoughts on how I can do this