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Electronic signature in form

Electronic signature in form
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after a little advice on how I can achive this, I have a samsung serires 7 touchscreen slate, I have built I kind of auditing database, I would like a person to be able to sign like you would for a parcel on a form is this possible, is it possible to have some sort of area where they could sign there name
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Capturing Signature from an Electronic Signature Pad

Capturing Signature from an Electronic Signature Pad Icon
Can anybody please help me that how can I capture a signature from an Electronic Signature Pad and store it in database. is there any particular api or it can be captured just like capturing an image from a WebCam.
Is it manufacturer specific?

Access Question regarding JPEG files

Access Question regarding JPEG files Icon
I am working on a database for the my employer. Essentially each document that is created within the DB needs to have an electronic signature attached. I call up the electronic signature from a JPEG file.
My problem is that the file and folders are setup as such:


I had given complete rights to everyone because pretty much everyone requires access to the DB. However, management is concerned about rights to the electronic signature files. If I change the rights to the signature folder - users that call up documents in the DB cannot see the signatures and of course the signatures do not print.

Is there a way to link to the JPEG filessecurely so that the users can view the signatures in the documents within the DB but not have rights to the actual JPEG files?

Electronic signature capture - Access 2010

Electronic signature capture - Access 2010 Icon
I hope you are well. I've been looking through the forums here for a solution to the following.
How to capture a handwritten signature in a form and write it to a table. I found the Topaz systems solution and it's exactly what I need except that it doesn't work with the HP Touchscreen that the database is's tragic - it does everything I want except write the actual signature :-(((
Does anyone have any suggestions as to something I could use? That would work with the HP touchscreen (I have tried posting on the HP forums and got no response) and the Tablet option in Windows

Show trust by adding a digital signature

Show trust by adding a digital signature Icon
You can show that you believe a database is safe and that its content can be trusted by adding a digital signature (digital signature: An electronic, encryption-based, secure stamp of authentication on a macro or document. This signature confirms that the macro or document originated from the signer and has not been altered.) to the database. This helps people who use the database decide whether to trust it and its content.
The process that you use to digitally sign a database depends on whether the database uses a Microsoft Office Access 2007 file format, such as an .accdb file, or an earlier format, such as an .mdb file. However, both processes require that you use a security certificate.

Add Signature Box in a form

Add Signature Box in a form Icon
I am using Access 2007 and I am creating a from for an autorepair facility and they are going to use a tablet PC to take in signature for every record. How can I input a signature in the database? I mean I can make them sign on MS Paint brush and import as an image. But how can I import different images for every report? Or is there any other way for me to import their signature to every report?

Crash When Using Application That Include Shockwave Flash Objects

Crash When Using Application That Include Shockwave Flash Objects Icon
Before anyone says anything about making sure I have both AxInterop or whatever those 2 .dll files in the same area, I do.

I have no idea why it wont work I am making a program that is a Shockwave Flash File dominator, So if I can't even test my program how am I supposed to create it.

Here is the error data,

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: swf dominator.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 4b64c1db
Problem Signature 04: SWF Dominator
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 4b64c1db
Problem Signature 07: d
Problem Signature 08: e0
Problem Signature 09: System.InvalidOperationException
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Also my computer is 64 bit if that makes any difference.

Adding Signature To Report By Way Of Selecting Image From My Computer

Adding Signature To Report By Way Of Selecting Image From My Computer Icon
Assume that I am having a report which have a predefined letter format and some of the field data are retrieved from the query. The Report fields are already referred to the Person Nameand the Designation of a form so the person who needs to mention their name will be needed to enter it in the FORM text field and it will get reflected in Report.

Now what I am expecting to do is I want to let the persons to choose their signatures from their computer so that it should get reflected in the Report Letter Signature Area. I don't want to store the Signature in the database since others may misuse someones signature.

Assume that if we are selecting a image in FORM window and it's getting reflected in Report then once the active form is CLOSED then that signature should not be stored in anywhere of thedatabase and It should also get cleared / erased once the form is CLOSED.

Because the signature is just needed to get reflected in the Report Letter for taking print out purpose and ONLY ONE USER will do this activity but the user may vary on daily basis, so theusers can able to browse their signatures from their pc's.

Access Signature Capture

Access Signature Capture Icon
Moderately capable Access developer with quite a bit of VBA experience. Customer wants a signature block at the end of the report. Need suggestions for storing and inserting the signature. (Access2007)

adding signature to the email sendobject

adding signature to the email sendobject Icon
I am trying to include in the VB code also the signature : Here is my code: [CODE]

But my signature does not appear, It is saved as a default.htm. And I am working on a multiuser platform.

Use of Bitmap addresses severly impacting database performance

Use of Bitmap addresses severly impacting database performance Icon
I have a split Access 2007 db (actually an 2003 mdb viewed in 2007). The BE is located on a server and the FE is copied on each user's hard drive.

I have bitmap images of each user's signature which are stored in a folder on the server where the BE is. The location is stored on a field in the user table; there are 8 records (so 8images) and this doesn't change or increase.

I have these records linked to other tables (records of services rendered) and the images are meant to be viewed on the data entry forms and subsequent reports through an image control.

For some reason, when we use this configuration, the performance of the database become extremely slow and may even come grinding to a halt--stuck. Since there are so few images involved and the images are not large, I am not sure why this is happening.

It seemed like a nice idea to have an electronic signature for each record.

I tried other methods of improving the performance (like a bound phantom form which remains open whenever the database is open). It seems to be the signature configuration.

I should also add that this doesn't seem to occur for me--but I am in a completely different location than the actual db users, using a different server--although the basic setup is the same.

The actual users are the ones reporting the problem. Could it be a server issue?

Would this configuration strongly impact the performace of the database?