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Duplicate info in tables Best Practice

Duplicate info in tables Best Practice
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I am debating on adding another field to a table in order to track dates. I have the information in another table but these 2 tables have no relationship to each other.

Initially, I was thinking of creating a relationship between the two tables in order to pull the date from there. But this table will not always be filled out depending on the employee class.

So, I was thinking of just adding the field rather than creating a relationship as I don't always need the info in that table.

I am wondering before I go and add the extra work, would this be the most efficient way of doing this?
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Duplicates Showing

Duplicates Showing Icon
Problem I have with my queries is beyond my reasoning. For starters I have 5 tables. With the 4 tables I have a primary key. Each Primary key is in a one to-many-relationship. The last one is not important at the moment.

I have a query that pulls certain information from each field an of course the primary keys are linked and that’s how it know what info to pull from each table.

My problem is in the query it certain records will duplicate. Certain records will duplicate 6 times while others 4 and so on. Other records on the other hand to not duplicate at all.

Copying records

Copying records Icon
I have searched for a method of copying records.

Is there a way to enter of a person's info once into a form and then create a macro to copy/save to/save as/duplicate the info into two or three tables?

I can only find the copy command for a whole object, such as a complete form, in the macro options.)

I don't suppose there is anyway a bound control can have two sources?

The data I need to enter requires two or three different name titles in two or three different tables, but the other info of course is the same (e.g. place of birth, DOB, parents, age, etc.).

Importing an Excel sheet - want two tables out of it

Importing an Excel sheet - want two tables out of it Icon
I'm building a database - first one in 12 years. I am importing into Access 2010 from Excel 2010. This will be a simple contact manager database. I will have three tables: Practice, Contact, and Notes.

I would like to split the Excel sheet into two of those tables (Practice and Contact). I will link those tables by the AutoNum of the Practice table (PracticeID) into the field of the same name in Contact.

How do I go about bringing in the data so it works? Should I take the autonumbers from the first table and copy/paste onto the Contact table?

10 plus tables to join

10 plus tables to join Icon
I have 10 + tables that I need to join together Easy when they have info in them, but sometimes info will only be in 1 table or 2,3,4 etc.

I can force an entry into each table - but that seems a bit crude (I.e add a record for every new entry in my main table into the 10 child tables - but this seems to be a waste - I only want to join tables when there is info in them - when I am doing this I can join two tables fine - but adding another one where there is no data FK seems to throw it. I will have about 10-12 tables to join.

Create a Query in Microsoft Access to Find Duplicate Entries in a Table

Create a Query in Microsoft Access to Find Duplicate Entries in a Table Icon
There are many causes for duplicate data: for instance if you have multiple users entering data simultaneously via linked tables, or you might inherit a table with duplicate data already entered.
Running into duplicate data in an Access Database can be quite annoying during the hectic workday, so I decided to write up a technique to help identify the duplicate records so you can manually handle them.

Help in creating database

Help in creating database Icon
Need help to create tables and relationship for following please.

Student table
StudentA - Id (primary key- no duplicate)
StudentB - Id (primary key- no duplicate)
StudentC - Id (primary key- no duplicate)
StudentD - Id (primary key- no duplicate)
StudentE - Id (primary key- no duplicate)
StudentF - Id (primary key- no duplicate)
StudentG - Id (primary key- no duplicate)
and so on.

Subject & Fee table

Maths | - £2.00
English - £2.00
French - £3.00
Science - £3.00

1. Student can be from same family and they get discount only in English if they have siblings.
if two children from same family they pay £3.00 (not £4.00) if three children from same family they pay £4.00 (not £6.00)

2. One student can have many subjects.

Each family get only one receipt that include Student name, Id, subject they are taking, fees, totals.

How do I do the tables, query, relationship and the calculation.?

How to prevent duplicates in said example

How to prevent duplicates in said example Icon
I have a program I am building that consists of three tables,

1. Customer Info
2. Computer Info
3. Jobs

I have created a form that has all the fields from each table, however as it currently is I am afraid that the database will create duplicate client information, is there a way to easilylook up clients if they are already existing and bring in the per tenant data without re-entering it all with only a few clicks? it is all text data that needs to be brought in, address,phone, etc.

I have a client ID numbering system set up as the primary key. last thing is I will be using this program from the form, don't know if that makes a difference.

Table vs. query in forms

Table vs. query in forms Icon
I've seen the practice of using queries in forms. Is this recommended? Why?

That is. I am pretty much making data entry forms and am basing them off of the tables. Should I be making queries of these tables and basing the forms off of these instead?

If so, should this practice include "look up tables" (tables that I'm using in multiple combo boxes for multiple fields on the form - they just have an ID (primary key) and a field for categories such as "0-25%", "26-50%", etc.)?

Query through multiple tables

Query through multiple tables Icon
My project is set up so that I have several tables with different TV sizes (ie 20 inch, 22 inch, . 60 inch) Each contain roughly the same types of info - like each have a TV Model no. and aproduct number with few containing specific info that only that TV would have, like a special part to the TV.

So what I want to do is relate these many TV TABLEs to the STAND TABLE that they would be using. I have like 10 different tables of TV sizes and 1 stand list. The TV TABLEs are related to the stand list by TV model. Sounds easy enough right?

But my problem is this- how do I make a query where I am able to just put in TV Model and it will search throught the tables and put out the necessary info - lets say I want TV Model, related Stand, and Product Number outputed.

Find Duplicate Records

Find Duplicate Records Icon
I haveused the access query for finding duplicate records in an access table.

For each instance of a duplicate, I need to keep the latest record (the one with the higher primary key field), but update various tables with the new primary key from the old one.

For example, the primary key is 'PurchID' and I would need to update four / five tables and then delete the redundant records.