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Download sample databases

Download sample databases
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Free Access 2007 database applications that you can download. These files are in .zip format and you have to extract them before use.
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Add an Audit Trail to your Access Database

Add an Audit Trail to your Access Database Icon
My Access tutorials are designed to help people learn about building databases and how to add functionality to their databases with VBA programming. If you are just looking for some code to copy then skip down to the relevant code listings and help yourself to whatever you need. But if you want to learn something so that maybe next time you can figure it out for yourself, I urge you to read the accompanying notes that explain how I have come to the decisions necessary to fulfil the task at hand. I believe that in addition to telling people what to do, it helps to explain why they are doing it so my code listings are accompanied by explanations of what the code does, how it works and why it is necessary. I have also included two ready-made sample databases using the code shown here which you can download using the link at the bottom of this page.

HTML + Access databases

HTML + Access databases Icon
I'm designing a website. Well I guess you can't call it a website because its only a series of html pages all thrown on a shared drive for employee's to be able to access.

However, here at the company we have multiple access databases we use daily, and one of the objectives is to be able to access any of those databases from this series of webpages.

but when I made the link to them, I was prompted with the box asking if I wanted to download them.

we don't want to download them every time, nor do we want to have a dozen shortcuts on our desktop.

Introduction to Data Sheets

Introduction to Data Sheets Icon
Many techniques allow you to create a database, the fastest of which consists of using one of the provided examples. Microsoft Access 97 shipped with 22 sample databases while Microsoft Access 2000 ships with 10. Furthermore, the 97 version allowed to provide sample data into the database. This is not available with the 2000 release. The databases that ship with Microsoft Access can help you in two main ways: they provide a fast means of creating a database and you can learn from their structure.

Expression Error On Database Startup

Expression Error On Database Startup Icon
I downloaded the Desktop Northwind 2007 sample database.accdb several times and when I open it and click the Login button I get this error

"Microsoft Office Access can’t find the field “I” referred to in your expression."

Then it opens the Home form.

What is going on? Did I do something to Access? What does this mean?

I have used it several times in some training and it did not do this before. Now no matter how many times I download it I get the same error so I suspect I did something to Access but what.

Can't remember doing anything to change the database especially expressions and I have downloaded it several times with the same error. Since it is a sample database, how come the errordoesn't go away when I replace the database with a new download.

Query several databases to UPDATE one

Query several databases to UPDATE one Icon
I have 14 databases, each with tables that have identical fields. All the tables have a unique employed identification number acting as the primary key, there will be no duplicate keyfound between any of the databases.

It was necessary to have separate databases so that workers on the same LAN could update their own particular databases at one time.

I want to bring all this data together into one database so I can extract meaningful data about the project as a whole. I've been trying to figure out how to do this for several days, and I'

HELP, Query from two different databases

HELP, Query from two different databases Icon
I have two databases. I need to create a query in one of the databases. But, there are some data I need in the second database. I really want to know how I can connect/join two differenttables in two different databases.

And say the two tables are large so that importing one table to an other database is not possible.

About linking tables

About linking tables Icon
At work we are going to be setting up a MS Access database for some geological data. We are going to be getting some other data in .csv format that we would like to add to this database.

What we have is a collection of location ID's and corresponding sample numbers. Not every location ID will have a sample taken from it. We will be getting assay results in from the lab on each sample taken, and I want to link the assay sample results (the .csv files) to the appropriate sample IDs in the database.

How do I do this? Is it as easy as making a table for the .csv data and linking that to a table in the DB?

Build from Scratch or Modify Northwind?

Build from Scratch or Modify Northwind? Icon
I'm a bit of a newbie (6months of learning on my own, plus a few classes) who has only made 5 or 6 ad-hoc databases for very specific tasks (linking to existing SQL databases, etc.).I now have my first chance to make a "complete" systematic database. (My dad is starting a 1 man auto repair shop)

He will need the following:

* Contact management
* Invoice reports
* Inventory
* labels (for mailing list to customers)
* monthly business reports
* perhaps a visual dashboard

as my goal is to be able to learn enough to do side work in access. So, with all this in mind, should I start from scratch or take an sample(such as northwind) and modify it to my needs?

Microsoft Access help, tutorials, examples

Microsoft Access help, tutorials, examples Icon
Brief tutorials and help for novices and database developers. Examples and solutions to implement. Bugs and traps to avoid. Sample code and utilities to download.

Multiple databases and 1 switchboard

Multiple databases and 1 switchboard Icon
I've created 3 databases in MS Access- db1, db2 and db3 (aliases) which are all linked. Now I want to use 1 switchboard to access data/information from 3 databases.

What is the most efficient way of doing this?