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Deleting an Outlook Appointment from Access VBA

Deleting an Outlook Appointment from Access VBA
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Trying to figure out the object variables required to find and delete an Outlook appointment from Access. I understand the principles but cannot get anything to compile. Is there a simple set of generic object varialble that will open up my outlook calendar on my laptop and delete an appointment based upon Subject, Start & location
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Create Outlook Appointment from Access

Create Outlook Appointment from Access Icon
I have 3 related tables.


It might be obvious, but a customer can purchase many treatments and each treatment can occur over many appointments.

In the appointments table I am capturing the Date, Start Time and End Time of the appointment.

As a separate process, the users of the database also have to enter the appointment in Outlook, but I would ideally like Outlook to have an appointment automatically created. Does anyone know how this can be done or are there any Outlook type calendars that I can embed into my database

Open Outlook Appointment form and populate some fields for validation

Open Outlook Appointment form and populate some fields for validation Icon
I have been tasked with making an addition to my Access 2007 database, we want to create a button on a screen that will open up the Appointment screen from Outlook (not directly create the appointment), and populate the Subject line and invited attendees from fields within Access (user will need to check the schedule for the time to schedule the appointment and add additional data). Once the appointment has been saved, we would like Access to update a checkbox to show the appointment has been scheduled. Since I am pretty green with VB and Access

Code to open a new appointment

Code to open a new appointment Icon
I have seen various threads about setting an outlook reminder based on an appt table and then a form. All I want to do is have a command button which opens outlook and opens a new appointment in the calendar for the user to enter the reminder information themselves.

I have the code below to open outlook but it opens a new copy of outlook (even if outlook is already open) and I dont know how to open the calendar or new appointment.

Private Sub Command69_Click() On Error GoTo Err_Command69_Click
Dim stAppName As String
stAppName = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE"
Call Shell(stAppName, 1)
Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Command69_Click
End Sub

So to summarise, I do not want to automate an appointment with another form, just open the window for the user to enter it directly to outlo

Outlook calendars

Outlook calendars Icon
fellow AWFers

I have some VBA code that enables me to enter appointment data in Access and this creates appointments in the default Outlook calendar.

I would like to be able to write data to different calendars so I can have one to handle the scheduling of jobs and say another to show engineer's holidays etc.

Does anyone have experience of writing data to outlook and how I can programmatically create or access calendars other than the default one

Delete Outlook Appointment

Delete Outlook Appointment Icon
I have searched but can't find code to delete an appointment item from local Outlook installation. I'm trying to start here to test the code, then move on to a shared Outlook folder when all is worked out.

Repeat Element Of Code Based upon Subform

Repeat Element Of Code Based upon Subform Icon
I am using some code from Accesstips to create an appointment in Outlook, using information from my form JobNumber.
Now I have been asked to allocate employees to jobs and also create the same appointment in outlook for each employee allocated to job as a seperate appointment.
I have created a subform which allows each employee to be allocated to the job.
What I am looking for is to repeat the appointment creation code for each employeeid on the subform

Exchange calendar appointments

Exchange calendar appointments Icon
So I'm aware that there is standard vba programming that can add an appointment to the default outlook calendar, but for my work I would like to be able to add an appointment to a shared Exchange calendar stored on a network server.

It also has custom forms on separate tabs that I would love to be able to add information from the applicable record to. Is there a way toreference the exchange calendar and the specific tabs in the appointment?

Help creating a crosstab query from a list

Help creating a crosstab query from a list Icon
I have some data which is in 2 columns in the first column is a list of ID numbers and in the second column is the corresponding appointment date. If an individual had more than one appointment their ID number will appear more than once in the list with their subsequent appointment date. For example:

ID | Appointment
1 | 1/1/12
2 | 1/2/12
3 | 12/1/12
4 | 14/1/12
1 | 3/1/12
3 | 2/2/12
5 | 5/1/12
6 | 3/3/12
6 | 4/3/12
7 | 31/1/12

I would like to convert this list into a crosstab so that I have the unique ID numbers as the row headers and column headers with the number of appointments: appointment 1, appointment 2etc with the date of the appointment in the value field e.g.

ID Appointment 1 Appointment 2
1 | 1/1/12 | 3/1/12
2 | 1/2/12
3 | 12/1/12 | 2/2/12
4 | 14/1/12
5 | 5/1/12
6 | 3/3/12 | 4/3/12
7 | 31/1/12

Is there a way I can do this in Access? The data file is too large for excel.


Outlook.SecurityManager Icon
So far this site has not let me down.

I am attempting to disable MS Outlook security messages temporarily via Access VBA while sending a message. Should I use Outlook.SecurityManager and if so where would I find the vba reference as it is not currently recognizing it. I have the Outlook 12.0 Object Library enabled. If not, any other ideas

Access to Outlook Calendar for Alert or Alarm Message Reminders

Access to Outlook Calendar for Alert or Alarm Message Reminders Icon
I'm using MS XP. Can a Date I enter into my Access db automatically be sent to MS Outlook Calendar so I receive a pop-up message reminding me of the appointment? If so, how?