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DB Crashes on open of VBA

DB Crashes on open of VBA
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I have a DB that worked fine yesterday. I came in this AM and it crashes every time I try to open any module or VBA code. I have tried Compact & Repair as well as migrating to a new shell DB.

This is pretty crucial and I am at a loss as to where to begin debugging. It's not when I'm running anything. Strictly when I try to open modules/code for developing.
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Access 2010 SP1 – Random crashes in certain database or when opening the VBA

Access 2010 SP1 – Random crashes in certain database or when opening the VBA Icon
After installing Office 2010 SP1, you may receive random crashes when opening objects in certain databases and when trying to open the VBA window in those databases. If you look in theevent viewer the crash info may look similar to the following:

Faulting application: msaccess.exe
Version: 14.0.6024.1000
Stamp: 4d83e4fc
faulting module: vbe7.dll
stamp: 4d430aec

Access crashes when editing VBA

Access crashes when editing VBA Icon
I can start Access and VBA module without problems.
But when I edit VBA (first keystroke) Access VBA plugin freezes and crashes.

Problem is on all databases using VBA
If I log on as a other user, problem isn't there.
I use Win7 64bit, Access 2010 32bit
I use .mdb format only
I've tried access.exe mydatabase.mdb /decompile

I would log on as other user, rename c:\users\myprofile and thus force it to create a new profile for me. But Windows 7 just creates a temporary profile as it can't find the old one.
I would prefer not to delete my profile through control panel, as I would like to be able to undo the change

EDIT: Actually, this might not be an VBA issue - I found out that I have no problems editing VBA code that has no forms (GUI), so the problem just might be regarding Forms and not VBA

Command button click crashes access 2007 unless VBA editor is open

Command button click crashes access 2007 unless VBA editor is open Icon
I have a form with 2 buttons. One button is an "exit" button with no customization. The other button is a "search" button that runs a bit of code. Until recently, everything worked fine.

I think they only thing I've changed in my db is that I selected "compact on close."

Now every time I click the "exit" button, it still works fine. When I click the "search" button access crashes. If I open the vba editor and then click "search," it works fine.

I'm not sure where to go with this one

Opening tables for important database

Opening tables for important database Icon
Somewhere I vaguely remember reading about using VBA to open my tables for an ACCESS and manage all of the datasets with VBA so to control record locking and preventing problems. It is easier to let ACCESS do it by following the wizards but this project is going to be important for my career.

I can't remember where I read this, or even if it is true. but if 100+ users over start to use this DB and it crashes - then I'm toast!

Should I rely on VBA and record lock and prevent crashesby code OR use ACCESS built in Forms, Tables?

Execute Excel Macro from Access failing

Execute Excel Macro from Access failing Icon
I am trying to run the code below in my access 2007 database to start an excel macro. However, I need to make some changes to it that far exceed my applicable knowledge. The changes are below:

1. The macro currently only runs correctly when Excel is not running and the Personal.XLSB workbook is closed. I need theo macro to be smart enough to open Personal.xlsb if needed, or runthe code if it is already open.

2. The Macro that is built in Excel VBA opens several workbooks makes changes to them, then closes some and leaves some open and send a couple of emails. The Access VBA closes excelcompletely and crashes if I try to remove this line


How do I keep the Access VBA from closing excel?

3. I currently have the path hardcoded to my personal.xlsb, however I need this to be able to run from any one of my colleagues computers so I would like the path to the personal.xlsb workbook be relative.

Compact and Repair crashes on larger databases

Compact and Repair crashes on larger databases Icon
When I try to run compact and repair on any database that is ~500MB or larger, Access crashes . It is pretty consistent on when it crashes. e.g. a DB that is 692MB crashes when the temp DB reaches 569MB.

Here is where it gets stranger. .problem happens on multiple databases and I can copy the DB to another computer with Access 2007 (Same version) and Compact/Repair works fine.

For problem / attempted corrections I have tried the following with no luck

Checkdsk - OK
Boot in Save Mode - Compact / Repair still crashes
Move DB to another HD on my computer (Thinking I may have disk failing) - Compact / Repair still crashes
Uninstall / Install Access - - Compact / Repair still crashes

access crashing

access crashing Icon
me. I'm running Access 2010 on Windows 7, and it crashes all the time. Most recently I created a database with 5 tables, 4 of which are used as look-up tables for data in the 5th table. I entered all the necessary records in the 4 tables, then entered about 20 records in Table 5, then closed the file for a few hours. Now, when I open it, one of the look-up tables will not open and if I click to open it, Access crashes. Is this normal?

I'm about to give up on my version of Access and throw it through a 10th story window

Checking if a document of the same name is already open prior to trying to save it again

Checking if a document of the same name is already open prior to trying to save it again Icon
I am trying to write VBA functions to act as error handlers for a database.

The database form allows you to select certain fields and by clicking a button it automatically generates a word document for the user, opens the document for viewing and saves as a file name in a predetermined folder.

The problem I am having is that if the user selects the generate report button twice without closing the word document first it crashes due to the document being already open.

Is there a way to check to see if the document is open before it tries to generate the report again and alert the user that the document is already open?

Cannot open VBA code

Cannot open VBA code Icon
A few days ago my database suddenly started pumping out this error message:
"The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it cannot be read. The database can be opened only if the VBA project is first deleted. Deleting the VBA project removes all code form modules, forms and reports. You should back up your database before attempting to open the database and delete the VBA project."

This message appears every time a form with VBA code is opened, and every time I try to open the VBA editor. Of course I have a backup, however I rather not be forced to redo about 6 hours of work.
Looking across the internet it seams like quite a few people have had this problem, but no solutions. As far is I can tell, something in the VBA code has caused the database to become corrupted.
So my question is this, is there any way I could possibly recover at least some of the code? Could I somehow force Access to show me the code, even if a part of it is corrupt?

Access 2003 crashes on Quit

Access 2003 crashes on Quit Icon
I want my reports to close on deactivation. So if have in Access2003:
Private Sub Report_Deactivate()
End Sub

This works fine if the report loses focus, is minimized or is closed.

But if the report is open and Access is terminated, then access crashes. The crash occurs AFTER the event! This solution worked perfect in Access 2000.