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Datasheet Column Header

Datasheet Column Header
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Is it possible to wrap the text in a column heading/field name to accommodate a narrower results column?
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multi-column sub report repeat page header

multi-column sub report repeat page header Icon
I have a multi column report which is a sub report of master report. I wanted to repeat the page header every time change pages. If I put page header on the page header than the page header does not | print on the second page.

I tried to create a group and has a group header and have my header on | the group header and set repeat to true. It does repeat header on the left side of the report, but the right | side of the report without header and have a detail record on the | header position.

Are there any way to have multi column sub report repeat header for continue pages?

Adding new record from datasheet view in split form

Adding new record from datasheet view in split form Icon
I am trying to create a data entry form from one table tblCommCatch. I am using the "split form" design. I have fields in the header that are combo boxes that the user will select once and then in the datasheet view add additional data. I don't want the user to have to go back to the combo boxes in the header to add a new record. I already set default values for the combo boxes in the header. When I tab to a new record in the datasheet, the PK (CommCatchID) in the header does not advance. How do I get this to work?

Database Strings

Database Strings Icon
A string is text made of a readable letter, a symbol, a word or a group of words. When creating a table in Datasheet View, to apply a Text field:
(1)If you create a new field by replacing the Add New Field column header with a name, the new field automatically receives the Text data type
(2)To change the data type of a field, click its column header or a cell under its column. In the Data Type & Formatting section of the Datasheet tab of the ribbon, click the arrow of the Data Type combo box and select Text
Learning Objective: String-Based Data Types, Operations on Strings, String Concatenation, Document and Object Linking, String-Based Data Types: The Hyperlink, Objects and Data Fields, An Attachment, Using OLE Objects.

header and footer

header and footer Icon
all; using access 2003. I want to display a subform like a datasheet view without using datasheet view. I have invoice numbers that can have many tracking records. My purpose is I need to display a total for the total amount of each records per invoice number. I inserted to view header and footer. I was trying to put just the lables of the controls in the header of the subform and leave the control in the detail section of the subform but it wouldn't let me. Can someone tell me how to do this or arrange my controls and labels so that they appear like a datasheet.

Add or delete a column in a datasheet

Add or delete a column in a datasheet Icon
Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides several ways to add or remove the columns in a datasheet. You can now use Datasheet view to add or remove columns and set the data types for those columns. You can also add fields from a task pane, or you can open the table that underlies the datasheet and add a field in Design view. This topic explains how to use each method.
What do you want to do?
* Understand columns in datasheets
* Add a column by using Datasheet view
* Remove a column by using Datasheet view
* Add a column by using Design view
* Remove a column by using Design view
* Understand how Access assigns data types as you enter information
* Set the data types that Datasheet view does not infer
* Enable rich-text editing for a Memo field
* Convert a column into a lookup field

How to Set Column Width in Datasheet View?

How to Set Column Width in Datasheet View? Icon
I have a subform that is in datasheet view. Through testing, I found that the using


returns the width of the control itself on the subform, not the displayed width of the datasheet column. How would I be able to reference the displayed datasheet column width?

how do i disable column header context menu in a subform

how do i disable column header context menu in a subform Icon
to everyone,
I have a question, lets just say I have a subform named Child0 and the source object name is Contacts, I set the default view of Contacts to Datasheet view, now when I open the main form with Child0 as my subform, I wanted to disable the the menu that pops up when I right click on the Contact column header, I wanted this to be disabled because I built my customized context menu w/c only appears if I right click on one of the fields not on the column headers of the subform/Contacts.

The reason I did this because I wanted to control the events when I hide/unhide the columns on the subform/Contacts

Access Web Datasheet Column Totals

Access Web Datasheet Column Totals Icon
My understanding is that column totals from an Access 2010 Web Database Datasheet is not allowed. As an alternative I would like to have a separate sub-form (sort of a sidebar) showing columns totals for the datasheet.

The user would filter the Web datasheet (I.e. only “Active Orders” rows) and the total purchase price would display in the sub-form. Is this doable?

Help with Simple IIF Statement

Help with Simple IIF Statement Icon
I need to add a column to my query that finds the 1’s and then counts the number of 1’s and puts that result into the new column with the Header titled Jan.

I’ve been searching thought the web looking for some sort of IIF statement that might do what I’m asking, but having now luck.

If field1 has a 1 in move it to the new column header jan, if field1 has a 2 in it, mover it to a new column header Fed and so forth.

I’ll need to count each on in a summary query

Datasheet View in a Form

Datasheet View in a Form Icon
I'm still fretting with Access 2007 trying to create a form that has a data sheet view. So far every time I try the form displays the first record in the data sheet, but when advancing to the next record the first one scrolls up and out of view.

I want the form to display all the records as they are bein entered. In addition I would like to permit the user to enter some information in the header area (it's just there for the printout).

So far all I have come up with is the datasheet view, but if I turn form header/footer on the datasheet view disappears and I'm back to one record at a time.

I could swear that back in Access 2000 days I was able to do this with a datasheet subform, but 2007 has me completely puzzled.