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DataPig Access Training

DataPig Access Training
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Learn basic access concepts; improve your Access Reports; advanced Query tips; user Form basics and tricks; getting started with VBA
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Training database for Download

Training database for Download Icon
I would like to make up an access database that has staff details, a table with the staff levels and one with training courses, which are linked to staff and staff level. I would like reports to show staff indiv training, staff group training schedules and training available by name and dates etc.

and my skills are not good enough to amend microsofts employee example as there are too many sub forms and things I would have to change that I don't have the knowledge to do.

Employee Training Records

Employee Training Records Icon
I want to create a database to track training for approximately 47 employees, but I just don't know how to set it up. I need to track training employee provided or training an employee received as well as special events and international training.

Right now, I just have a basic table and everytime someone either provides/receives training, another record is entered, but which creates a lot of records. Is there a more efficient way to set this up?

Calculations in Reports

Calculations in Reports Icon
I am trying to develop a report for Access 2010. The report shows training attendance. There training types field which contains 4 types of attendance State, County, National, and other, each record also has a field for training hours. I would like to perform 2 calculation the first is simply a sum of all training hours which I did very easily the second is a sum of state training hours.

I am trying an if statement but it does not work it only sums all training hours.

How can I sum only state training hours? Here is what I have tried so far.


Best way to table design ?

Best way to table design ? Icon
I have several different departments with lots of employees attending training, and I need to be able to keep track of their attendance, and I have to be able to save a history of the data for the entire training cycle (training event and the date of training).

What is the best way to do this in Access, keeping in mind that ease of data entry is a must, since I have a lot of departments and there employees to track? What I need is to be able to create a attendance roster for a department and update of the employees at once if possible.

Date Calculation : auto calculate the expiry date on the form

Date Calculation : auto calculate the expiry date on the form Icon
I have a DB which tracks training of employees. The grace periods allowed with the training is that new training can be completed within 90 days of the expiry date without changing the anniversary date (e.g. the training is due on 1 April 2010, the employee conducts the training on 2 January 2010 but gets to keep the 1 April anniversary date).

The table I am working with is mainly based on the date of training and the training type (which determines whether the training expires on the 1st of the 13th, 25th or 37th months or if it keeps the same date); what I would like is for the end user to input the data into a form, have it autocalculate the expiry date on the form so they can verify the information and then once the form is closed, have this information fed into the table so that we can print training reports for the managers.

I'm not versed in VB and am reaching my limit of understanding with queries,

Query that results in a list of employees that DON'T have specific training.

Query that results in a list of employees that DON'T have specific training. Icon
I am using Access to keep track of employee records. One the records in called "Pre-Job Safety Orientation".

I can produce a query to show me the list of people who HAVE the training. Currently, this produces a list of 123 employees who have the training.

I would like to produce a list of people who DO NOT have this training. This list would therefore produce a result of 25 people as we currently have 148 on staff.

It is a painful process digging through to find out who we need to get into training.

Access 2007 training courses

Access 2007 training courses Icon
A roadmap to Access 2007 training: 1. Get familiar with Access. 2. Build your first database. 3. Start managing your data, fast. 4. Deepen your Access skills. 5. Learn general Office skills.

Compare and return, should be simple.. but

Compare and return, should be simple.. but Icon
Simple employee training dbase.
Trainings are organised in training sessions, since a session can contain more than one training (i.e. First Aid, CPR, and Fire extinguisher)
Employees belong to departments.
Certain trainings are required working in a department, that dictates requiered trainings for an employee.
Now I have two queries:
'Query emp trng req' returning employee id and their requiered training id
'Query emp trng done' returning employee id and their completed training id.
Obviously I like to know which of the 'req training id's' are missing in the 'done training id's' per employee id
There can be training id's in the done query, that are not requiered for that employee.
I have the dBase attached, had to strip a lot from it down to <500k

Expiration date computation

Expiration date computation Icon
My database keeps track of employee training. A few procedures have a limit on how long the training is good for, ie 24 or 36 months. There is a field include in the database for the date the employee completed the training ie 2/14/2010.

I need to create a report showing who need to retake the training because it has expired for that person. I have a query that results with all of the employees that have taken the procedures with an expiration.

Access 2010 Query Expression field calculation

Access 2010 Query Expression field calculation Icon
I have a table contains the following fields
every person could work in multi Workplaces.
I want to make a Query of this table, and to add a new field (Training) in minutes which hold an Expression,
(Training = 900 - worktime)
the next Training field should contain the (900- last training value) of the same PersonalID and Workplace