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Data Entry in SUBFORM

Data Entry in SUBFORM
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I have a database that each month I assign various tasks to multiple people. I am trying to auto fill some of the information from one table to a new record in another table. People: Hireid (primary key) name, supervisor, role etc. Assign: empid (primary key matches hireid) AssignMonth, supervisor week1assignment, week2assignment.
I am trying to make a subform that auto fills the empid (hireid from People table) in the subform so I don't have to fill out information I already have. The Assign table is empty. Is there a way to auto fill a table with the subform when there are no records in the subform table.and how if you can
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Tabbing from subform to subform when entering data

Tabbing from subform to subform when entering data Icon
I have a form with 5 subforms. All 6 forms have essential data entry boxes. The tab stops work fine when jumping from the main form to the first subform. Not so when jumping from the first subform to the second subform.

When tabbing out of the last data entry text box on the first subform, how would one go about having the cursor jump to the initial tab stop on the second subform? Second to third and so forth

Subform not allowing further data entry

Subform not allowing further data entry Icon
I have a pre-existing access form that I am trying to get working again.

It's fairly basic - the user selects the Contract No from the drop down menu and all of the resources and their allocated rates are displayed for that Contract in a subform. My issue is that the subform will not display an additional row to allow further data entry.

Open a form to a specific record including correct record in subform

Open a form to a specific record including correct record in subform Icon
I have a search form that displays a bunch of sales records in a subform based on sql. I also have a more button that will take you to the data entry form based on the id # in the search subform and the ID # in the data entry form.

The data entry form also has a subform that displays the sales details. There can be more than one sales record for a particular building. The problem I have is there a way to not only open the data entry form to the specific building record but also have the subform display the correct sale.

Currently the subform shows the first sale in the list.

Repaint method not working on the first entered record

Repaint method not working on the first entered record Icon
I have a form that has a subform in it. The subform gets populated by a query. When you enter data into the form and click a button it is supposed to add it to the subform. It works partially right now. It is refreshing the subform, but it is one click too late.

Example if you enter entry 1 nothing happens when you enter entry 2 the subform then shows entry 1. The repaint sub routine is: Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers

1) Private Sub UpdaterxQuery()
2) [Form_Log Form].rxQuery.Requery
3) [Form_Log Form].Repaint
4) End Sub

Data Entry Form/Subform Problem

Data Entry Form/Subform Problem Icon
I am having a problem with a data entry form. The form is for entering data from employee production logs. In the main form I want to capture the employee name, date, work arrival time and work departure time.

I then want to move to the subform to capture detail from the log. Each record in the main form may have multiple records in the subform. I added a command button on the main form to save the Main form record before moving to the subform.

Once data has been entered into the last field of the subform, the cursor moves to a new record on the subform, not back to the Main form. To enter data for another employee, the data entry operator must click on the first field of the Main form and enter a new user name date arrival, departure time.

The problem is that the subform will not allow entry in any of the fields. My query must be set up incorrectly. I have checked Allan Browne's website, on why a query might not updatebut can't find the problem.

Requery after data in entered in subform field

Requery after data in entered in subform field Icon
I have built a Customer/Invoices/Payments database that keeps track of company profit. I have a mainform with a single record subform to enter data into a table and another subform to view data from a query.

This subform entry will effect the data in the query once it is entered , so what I would like to do is enter the data, save and requery to have the other subform's query update with the new information before I close the mainform.

I need to be able to see the change in that query before I leave, The last field to enter is a number field - what event can I use to tell access that I'm finished with my entry, save and requery all the under lying tables and queries?

Referencing a form in a subform

Referencing a form in a subform Icon
I currently have a form (which I use to input data into my tables) Next to it, I have a subform, which uses a few simple dlookup functions to spit out some important end-result values as a FYI to the user. It is reporting the correct values for the first entry in the form, however I want it to update as I scroll through different entries. Does anyone have any ideas how to "refresh" the subform every time I go to a new entry? Is there a way to reference the "currently being viewed" entry on the form

Getting a Subform to only show related information

Getting a Subform to only show related information Icon
I am trying to make a form using the following tables:

I can create a form from the "Website" table and my "history" table will show up as a sub-form. This is what I want, because the history table is meant for storing notes

However, a 3rd table, not pictured, is used to make a query with the website table. No subform is created by default (bad) When I try to add a history table subform, the history data is not filtered against the currently displayed entry.

I know what the problem is: the subform is not filtering the data it displays based on the entry data. My question is, how can I get the sub-form data to link with the displayed entry

stop the "data entry" field from changing when a form opens

stop the "data entry" field from changing when a form opens Icon
I have a form with a combo box and two subforms, the combo box has a list of names, when one of these is selected the first subform is populated with a list of clothing types that is related to the name selected from the form combo box, when one of the clothing types of the first subform is selected it allows you to enter the second subform so you can enter new data about the clothing that was selected from the first subform.
In the properties of the second subform I have the "allow additions" and the "data entry" fields set to "Yes".
My question is, when I run the form and select the name from the form combo box the "allow additions" in the second subform stays "yes" but the "data entry" field changes to "no", when I open the subform in design view these fields are still set to "yes" is there a way of stopping the "data entry" field from changing to "no'' when the form/subform opens

MS Access - Subform

MS Access - Subform Icon
I want to consult with users in this forum the following:

my database contains a form which includes a subform.
What command through VBA or macro I can set the action of opening the form:

1) mode of data - the addition (to form & to subform that is displayed as a data sheet)
2) mode of data - modifications (in the form of records and also a datasheet subform, which belongs to the entry of the main form).

Basically, this is the mode setting data for each subform when the main form is opened.