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Data dictionary

Data dictionary
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Does anyone know how to create a data dictionary using Access 2007 as im trying every possible way I can think of but it doesnt work
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Use custom dictionaries to add words to the spelling checker

Use custom dictionaries to add words to the spelling checker Icon
When you use the spelling checker, it compares the words in your document with those in the tool's main dictionary. The main dictionary contains most common words, but it might not include proper names, technical terms, or acronyms. In addition, some words might be capitalized differently in the main dictionary than in your document. Adding such words or capitalization to a custom dictionary prevents the spelling checker from flagging them as mistakes.
What do you want to do? * Enable custom dictionaries * Open the Custom Dictionaries dialog box * Create a custom dictionary * Add an existing custom dictionary * Add, delete, or edit words in a custom dictionary * Change the language associated with a custom dictionary * Change the default custom dictionary to which the spelling checker adds words.

LZW Compression Algorithm in VBScript

LZW Compression Algorithm in VBScript Icon
This article shows you how to implement the LZW lossless compression algorithm in VBScript. It can also be used in VBA as is or almost as is. The LZW algorithm is a compression technique that results in no loss of data. It builds a dictionary of codes and values used in the compression on the fly. The dictionary is not stored with the compressed file and is discarded after compression. During decompression, the dictionary is rebuilt from the compressed data.

What is the easiest/better way to Validate data entry...

What is the easiest/better way to Validate data entry... Icon
Yes a total Newbie to Access Forms and I have searched the forum and found many ways to validate data entered in a form, but which is the easiest / Best to use here in this scenario.

Here is the requirement

I have a 4 Field FORM that data is entered in to populate, let's say "Table Z" .

Field 1 -REQUIRED Field - When user enters data - it must be on Dictionary Table X

Field 2 -REQUIRED Field - When user enters data - it must be on Dictionary Table Y

Field 3 -REQUIRED Field

Field 4 -REQUIRED Field

Do I use BeforeUpdate, AfterUpdate, DoLookup, a Query ?.

Hopefully someone out here will help and point me in th right direction to get me solution


Dictionary/translator Icon
Since few days I'm trying to create a simple dictionary. To do that, I imported a sheet from within Excel consisting of two columns. The first column is filled with words in my native language, second with their English translation. Afterwards I created a form with combo boxes where I can choose the desired word. In the first box I can choose the words in Polish, in the second their English translations. I would like the form to work in such way, that when I choose the Polish word in the first box, in the second box I immediately see its English translation and the same thing the other way around. Could someone please guide me how to do this. I'm struggling with this since last week and I can't get it to work This is my first contact with MS Access so please be patient with me

is it possible access file update autometically

is it possible access file update autometically Icon
I have a dictionary software in vb6, based on access (mdb) file, containing two fields Word and Wordmeaning. I am continuously feeding data in access file.

Now I want to distribute my software, however, database extension work will continue, and I want that access file check for update from the database file placed on my server, and autometically store the update data in mdb file of computer. It will be like updation of an antivirus

MS Access as a Documentation Tool: Database Diagramming - 15

MS Access as a Documentation Tool: Database Diagramming - 15 Icon
Create a database diagram of an MSSQL Server 2000 database within an MS Access project. In this article, we create a database diagram to meet a documentation requirement, the support of a data dictionary.

IIf in Validation Rule

IIf in Validation Rule Icon
I have a form that is used for initial entry of data as it is captured. On that form is a field called PROVCODE that is a pick-list from a provider dictionary with a bound column of the provcode value from the provdict table (e.g. - J07). On that same form a few fields down there is a DOS (date of service) text box. It is this box I want to add the validation rule to. Originally the validation rule was

Check spelling and grammar in another language

Check spelling and grammar in another language Icon
With the appropriate proofing tools available and installed, you can change the language that the dictionary uses so that you can check the spelling of a word or a complete document written in a different language.

Dictionary usage

Dictionary usage Icon
I would like to know if there is anyway I can take a word in a txtbox and check to see if it is a valid English word, or even a valid word in any other language.

In other words, I would like to code the after update event of the text box to determine if the word is a valid spoken word.

sorting a dictionary

sorting a dictionary Icon
In javascript you can sort an array with "array.sort(sortfunc)" where sortfunc is a function which compares two items that you can design yourself. This has always been tremendously useful for me.

Is there a comparable way to sort dictionaries or arrays in VBA