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Create Form with Tabs In Tabular Layout

Create Form with Tabs In Tabular Layout
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I'm trying to create a form with tabs and then there is a tabular form in it...
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Tabular Control Code

Tabular Control Code Icon
I have a form with a tabular control and one of the tabs contains a subform.

I want to put a button in the subform that will automatically create another tab in the tabular control with another blank copy of the subform in it. I need to do this because the subform contains data from a query that is in a many to one relationship with the data in the main part of the form, and it is possible sometimes that the user will need to enter additional records in the subform for the one record that is in the main part of the form. By having a button that automatically opens a new tab with a blank copy of the subform he will be able to do so easily.

What code should I write for the click event of the button on the subform to accomplish this

tabs on form not showing in form view in access 2007

tabs on form not showing in form view in access 2007 Icon
Im having a problem with Tabs on the form. I have 7 Tabs(EmpDetails,Skills,HR,Technical,Attachment,Not es and Management) on a form(Employee).

The problem is in design mode I can see the tabs on the form but in form mode and can see the tabs. its just a blank form. I've tried rezing the tabs and also coping properties of other forms that have tabs but I am getting the blank form in Form view mode

Positioning Tabular Labels

Positioning Tabular Labels Icon
I've recently created a form consisting of stacked and tabular records. In the Form the stacked records appear first followed by the tabular records.

But the labels for the tabular records seem to be stuck within the Form header instead of next to their respective record.

SubForm Tabs Only Load When The Tab Is Clicked

SubForm Tabs Only Load When The Tab Is Clicked Icon
I have a form that has 7 subform tabs. The issue I'm having is that it takes a long time for this form to load when a user accesses it. The issue is because all the subform tabs are loading their respective data when the main form is opened.

My idea resolution is to have the first tab populate with data when the form opens but the subform tabs not populate until the user actually clicks on the tab. I know I can achieve the same result by getting rid of the tabs and opening individual forms but my preference is to keep the tab layout as I have it now and only have the subforms load when the user clicks on that tab.

Which type of Form layout is recommended?

Which type of Form layout is recommended? Icon
I have been working on this project for this guy.

One of the forms I'm working on is linked between three different tables. One option is to have buttons that can be clicked that will take you to different details of each prospect (thus opening up another form) and the other option is to use tabs to enter details of each prospect. Pictures below.

Option 1: The use of buttons. Another form will open up with a click of a button. The button "Stats" at the bottom was clicked and opened up the formStat.

Option 2: The use to tabs. No form opens up with each click. The form is unprintable however, since tabs are being used.

Which option would you recommend or do you prefer? Buttons or tabs.

Creating tabs within a form

Creating tabs within a form Icon
Access 2007 has a student template. Within that template they have a form for student details. On the top of that form they have four tabs, General, Guardian Information, Medical Information, Attendance.

How can I create tabs within a form? I'm not sure how many tabs I want. It could be as little as 3 or as many as 10 or more, depending on how complex it is.

Right now, I have my database set up using one table and multiple forms based on that table. I would prefer to set it up as one table and one form with multiple tabs on the form.

Tabs in a form

Tabs in a form Icon
I have a form with a few different tabs and different fields in each tab. Is it possible to password protect or lock one of the tabs so only specific users can access it? Or am I just betteroff to create a separate form for the data on each tab?

Error with Tabs in Access form

Error with Tabs in Access form Icon
I have an issue with Access tabs which I cannot fix it. Before, I had 3 separate forms A, B, C. I tried to create another form where I wanted to create Tabs and copy the other 3 forms in the tabs.

After I did so, it is not allowing me to write in the fields. And the the bottom displaying this message (Control cannot be edited, its' bound to unknown field.)

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or maybe I cannot just copy and paste other forms in a tab?

Form can't see the Tabs

Form can't see the Tabs Icon
I have several databases that I have inserted tabs with sub forms. When I open the form, I can't see the tabs. I have to use the scroll bar to move the window to where I can see the tabs.

Can you also tell me how to add a control key to be able to navigate to a tab without using the mouse? This last one is an extra but I thought it would be cool.

FORM (Tabular)

FORM (Tabular) Icon
In my form , I have chosen the Tabular view. I want to see all the records at one time.