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Create Excel / Word File from Access

Create Excel / Word File from Access
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Create Excel File or Word Document from Microsoft Access and write information into them. Every application that supports Automation provides at least one type of object. For example, a word processing application may provide an Application object, a Document object and a Toolbar object. To create an ActiveX object, assign the object returned by CreateObject to an object variable.
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Querying 2 or more tables

Querying 2 or more tables Icon
I am trying to write a query that queries multiple excel files I download from Government websites. I am trying to create a database of over 14 different excel files that are for checking tosee whether or not someones name is on a government list.

I have the query working with 1 excel file, but it freezes when I have 2. It could be the size, or how I have the files linked. I am having access look to an excel file, which can change daily/weekly.

If you could also help clarify what I need to do to add another tab, that would be great.

The end result would to be to enter a search term, and if the word (or partial word) appears, to put the entire line in the report. For example, if I enter the word tent would give anywords like attention, discontent, intention.

Linking Workbook and Overwriting Excel File

Linking Workbook and Overwriting Excel File Icon
I use an online software to process customer transactions. I export the transaction data to an Excel file, import the file to Access, and then use Access to create reports and receipts.

Here's what I would like to do:

Instead of importing the file to Access, I would like to create a link to the Excel file. Creating the link is no problem.

Even though I name the file the same name, etc, Access make me create a new link to this new file.

Is there a way to overwrite the linked Excel file without creating a new link from Access?

Create Table from Imported File

Create Table from Imported File Icon
I am totally new with this and it is hard to teach old dog a new trick. I wrote a question 2 days ago,

I am mainframe guy and do not know too much PC software other than Word, Excel, and some PowerPoint. I was able to import Excel file into ACCESS.

Now could someone guide me how to create a TABLE from this imported file? I am determine to learn it and have bought a book about ACCESS and stillhaving difficulty following the direction.

Access Services – Can’t Export Report Data to Excel or Word

Access Services – Can’t Export Report Data to Excel or Word Icon
· BOTTOMLINE: Does anyone know of any fixes or workarounds to enable Access Services to export report data to Excel or Word as detailed below?


PLEASE NOTE: I am talking about Access Services running under SharePoint; not client-side Access applications.

When a report is rendered on the web, there is an Actions button (at bottom left hand corner) which provides the options to print the report or export the report data to .pdf, Excel or Word (see first image).

Printing works and exporting to .pdf also works just fine. However when you try to export to Excel you receive the message shown in the second image and when you click ‘Yes’ Excel opens up but there is no data.

When you try to export to Word, the application (Word) opens up but there is nothing in the file (I.e., a blank Word document).

Based on a variety of web searches regarding this issue, it would appear that this was a known, unsolved problem way back at the end of 2010 (for example: [LINK]

Does anyone know how to get the exportation of report data to Excel and Word to work?

Open Excel file with command button?

Open Excel file with command button? Icon
We have two versions of MS Office installed in our office – 97 & 2003 We use Access 97 and Excel, Word and PowerPoint 2003.

The file types are associated with the correct programs, so double clicking an Excel file for example will open it using Excel 2003.

I have an Access 97 db with a command button on the form that when clicked opens an Excel file using the FollowHyperlink code.E.g. followhyperlink “ \\servername\shared\PUBLIC\filename.xls”

I have also tried to enter the hyperlink on the format tab on the property sheet
On both occasions the file opens with Excel 97
Is there a method that I can use that will open the file in Excel 2003 All other files/shortcuts open with 2003 when double clicked

I tried to get Office 97 uninstalled except for Access 97 but we need photo editor 97 and was informed by our tech guy that they can’t remove word,excel & PowerPoint 97 and leave photo editor on because of the way our company has it packaged. It’s all done remotely and they can’t do custom installs/uninstalls.

All I want to do is open an Excel file using the 2003 version from a command button on my form.

How To Create a Microsoft Access Macro to Export Information to Excel or Word

How To Create a Microsoft Access Macro to Export Information to Excel or Word Icon
End-users occasionally find it easier to work with Microsoft Excel or Word than Access if they need to perform calculations or add formatting. They may receive the data in raw format; however, once it is organized in Microsoft Access, they may need to perform additional data analysis in Excel or insert formatting available in Word.

Using Your Data with Word and Excel

Using Your Data with Word and Excel Icon
Access is designed to work well with other Microsoft Office programs. You can use Access with these programs to perform very powerful operations with your data. For example, you can use information in your Access tables with documents you have created in Word. Specifically, you can use Access and Word to create a mail merge that places the values stored in an Access table into appropriate locations within a Word form letter. In this way, you can quickly create a custom letter for each of your accounts.

How to read object attached to Excel file into Access Database?

How to read object attached to Excel file into Access Database? Icon
I have written VBA code to read Excel data in cells into MS Access. I have to read Objects also attached to Excel file (like MS Word, Text File, PDF files).

Creating a template

Creating a template Icon
I have created a database which I like and I would like to preserve it as a template. Like you can save a word document as a template in the path, CDocuments & settings/(Name of user)/application data/Microsoft/Templates in Win XP for word and microsft excel, how do you save it as a template in access? There is no feature in access which allows you to "save as a template" when you select in the dialog box in the save command from the file menu unlike in word and excel.

Initiate Export to Access from Excel

Initiate Export to Access from Excel Icon
Is it possible to initiate an export from Excel to Access from Excel?

I also cannot find it discussed on forums.

Multiple users are using individual, I am attempting to centralize the separate excel files into one access file. Even though the spreadsheetenvironment is not shared and centralized, the access file is centralized.

It is not feasible for me to run docmd.transferSpreadsheet from Access because there are too many excel files to reference. A better way is for the excel files to include an identicalmacro that references on Access file.

Secondary question: is it possible to export excel worksheets to other excel files? In this scenario I could centralize all the data into one excel file before importing that file into Access.