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Create a switchboard in Access 2003

Create a switchboard in Access 2003
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How do I create a switchboard in Access 2003/XP/2000/97?
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Problems with switchboard size

Problems with switchboard size Icon
I used the Switchboard Manager in Access 2003 to create a switchboard. I also created a button on one of my form to exit back to the switchboard. When you return to the switchboard, it is no longer small, but expanded to the entire screen.

I've played around with it, but haven't found any obvious tweak to make it stay the same size.

Exporting a Switchboard

Exporting a Switchboard Icon
My problem is I need to export a switchboard form out of my Access database and make it avalible for anybodyt to access it without having to open up Access to use it. I also need the switchboard to be accessible by those who do not have Access 2007 installed on there computers i.e Access 2003. Please tell me how I can export the switchboard in such a way

2000-2003 to Access 2007 Switchboard

2000-2003 to Access 2007 Switchboard Icon
I upgraded from Access 2000-2003 to Access 2007 and now my switchboard seems to have lost a link to the table of switchboard items. I'm working on Front End database.

Also, I have a second database that I can only see tables. Same upgrade. Also, an FE.

Access 2003 database with password and switchboard

Access 2003 database with password and switchboard Icon
I'm having problem with Access 2003 database which has tables, forms, reports, macros and automatic switchboard from startup as a menu where users can select the needed action they want to do.

In the beginning .mdb opened directly to the switchboard but we prefer to protect the database with password from Tools -security. So nowadays it asks password before opening the switchboard.

Now we want to set different user group levels as admin, add/change, add/read and limited read. But we cannot reset the main password at all because there is no Tools menu as the switchboard is hiding menu items.
There is only File, Edit, Insert, Records, How we can reset/remove the password?

Access 2007 Switchboard Inoperable on File Open

Access 2007 Switchboard Inoperable on File Open Icon
I have an Access Database in .mdb format that works just fine Access 2003. However, when I open it it in Access 2007 the initial code to relink the backend works just fine and pops up the notification msgbox to let the user know but when the msgbox clears the Switchboard buttons, that display sub menus, will not work!
The Switchboard button to close the database works just fine though!

Another oddity to this is if I close the Switchboard and then reopen it from the
Navigation bar everything works as it should.

Security setup: (Trust Center)
Trusted Locations:
Contains the directories containing both the front & back end .mdb files The VBA was digitally signed in Office 2003 using the Self-Cert certificate created
by the Office 2003 Certification Tool.
Macro Settings:
Disable all macros with notification -- I get no notifications!

Open the Switchboard maximized (full screen)

Open the Switchboard maximized (full screen) Icon
In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, how do I set up the Switchboard so that when I open the database, the Switchboard opens maximized?

Automatically start up switchboard when database is opened

Automatically start up switchboard when database is opened Icon
In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, my switchboard is not opening when I open my application. How do I fix it?

Switchboard Corrupted

Switchboard Corrupted Icon
I am a novice Access user who does not know anything about VBA modules etc, but I am good in databases in general.
So, I have this database at work, which got corrupted when I was out of town. Access asked if we want it to auto repair (or something of that sort). We said yes, and it recovered the database, but then when we now open the database, the switchboard opens, but its just blank.
However, if I go to the switchboard manager, I can see that there is a switchboard there and everything looks just fine.
I can also create a new switchboard, but even that one comes up as blank.

I think its due to some VBA modules which could not be recovered by Access.

However, we do have a backup from about 2 weeks back, in which the switchboard works fine.

I have tried all sorts of tricks, but I am unable to get the switchboard working.

Delete/remove the switchboard

Delete/remove the switchboard Icon
In Microsoft Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a switchboard but I want to remove it. How can I delete the switchboard from the database? To delete a switchboard, you need to make sure that you manually delete two objects from your database.

Switchboard error on a particular page

Switchboard error on a particular page Icon
Using Access 2003. I have three different groups. I am using a switchboard to organize things. I have several reports for each group that I run on pages run from the switchboard. One particular page gives me an error "There was an error executing the command." I don't understand if its the same switchboard with different pages why it would give an error on onepage and not the other? They are basically the same report for each group.