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Create a split form

Create a split form
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A split form is a new feature in Microsoft Office Access 2007 that gives you two views of your data at the same time — a Form view and a Datasheet view. The two views are connected to the same data source and are synchronized with each other at all times. Selecting a field in one part of the form selects the same field in the other part of the form. You can add, edit, or delete data from either part (provided the record source is updateable and you have not configured the form to prevent these actions).
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Split form on append query

Split form on append query Icon
I have been browsing this forum very often lately and I have learn a lot. could I create a split form from it? If I can,

The form will be used to enter data or paste multiple rows of data into the split form.

How to run split form in a navigation form

How to run split form in a navigation form Icon
I’m new to both the Navigation Forms & Split Forms in Access 2010, but I can see that there is a lot to be gained from their use. What I could do with is some advice as to whether a split form can run in a navigation form? From my experience when I linked a split form into a navigation form it rendered as a single data entry form, however it still continued to work properly as a split form when called from the navigation pane.

Demo: Display a form and its datasheet simultaneously

Demo: Display a form and its datasheet simultaneously Icon
When you work with forms in Access 2007, a split form view can be very useful. You simultaneously get two views of the form that are connected to the same data source. This demo shows you how to create a split form view, where you can use the datasheet part of the form to quickly locate a record and the form portion to view or change the record. You will also learn how to enhance and customize a split form view to suit your needs.

Split Form Input Box

Split Form Input Box Icon
Access 2010 offer many options to setup Form and its control in way you want. Many a times while creating form, we need to split a form control vertically or horizontally. You can for instance split a form control to let user enter his middle or surname.

unbound text box filter by form on Split Form

unbound text box filter by form on Split Form Icon
I have a split form, with several unbound text boxes, which I would normally use as a filter by form type function. the query has criteria bound to these text boxes.

My problem is that I cannot seem to get the mouse to focus on the unbound text boxes on this split form. when I click in the unbound filter by form text box, the focus immediately moves to the first text box that is bound to data on the form.

Then I will try recreating my split form in a different way. if it is a problem, If perhaps a split form cannot have any unbound data entry controls on it, then I could create a form with the search criteria on, and keep the forms separate. If I was to do this, though I would like to 'dock' this form at the top of the window, and then have the split form 'dock' underneath, as if there was an application level window splitter control. Another option might be to put the filter by form text boxes in the ribbon, and I have added some stuff here, but I am unsure how I might refer to the control in a query criteria.

Split Database Issue

Split Database Issue Icon
I have a split database. This has a "multiple items" form (acting as a record search form called frmSearch) where they are able to click on the row and it will open up the detailof the record on a different form (frmLostItemEntry).

Now, this works perfectly from my home computer both before and after the split. Once I split it on my company's network this is what happens:

When you click on the row in frmSearch, the detail from shows up blank for records added after the split. If the record was added BEFORE the split the detail shows up correctly.

Here is the code that is in the OnClick event of the row in frmSearch

Modifying a split database

Modifying a split database Icon
So a while back I created a database which I use to keep track of my companies large list of products. It is very simple only 3 tables, 1 query and 1 form. After running into a problem with copying and pasting updates on each computer in the office I decided to split the database on a network drive.

This worked for a bit, however I had to add new fields and modify the form, which corrupted the file. Luckily I had a backup before the split.

How do you modify a splitdatabase without corrupting the files or using a non-split copy?

Refresh button on form that views as split form

Refresh button on form that views as split form Icon
I have a form that views as a split form, with the datasheet view on the bottom of the form. In the top section I have txt boxes created in order to use as an unbound form to enter data into, which my query then reads from and returns the subset of data that I want, this is displayed in the bottom of this form in the datasheet view.

so this form has the record source of my query. this is good and works fine. here is the problem.

when I use the default refresh button at the top of access in the "quick access toolbar" it works great, and it runs the query and displays the results in the bottom of my split form in datasheet view.

so I created a button on my split form "refresh" from the create button in design view, and it doesn't work at all. I then did some fiddling around with some macros, butto no avail.

Expansion box

Expansion box Icon
Have a split form (Test Cell) based off a Query, I have inserted a form sub form (Priority) into my split form. On the data sheet portion of the split form there is an expansion box next to each record. If clicked on it displays the sub-form (Priority) data.

1 question Is there a way to hide this expansion box from display view.

2question is there a way to have this expansion box point to a different data source other then the sub form data.

For split form, adding a Text Box with label in form & control in datasheet?

For split form, adding a Text Box with label in form & control in datasheet? Icon
For a Split Form, how do I add a Text Box with the label in form above & the control in the datasheet below?
I can start over and use the wizard, but to edit an existing split form, to add a field from the field list, I drag and both label and control end up above the split or both below. MS Help says one goes one place and the other goes the other, but it doesn't seem to work.