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Copy, Paste and Append

Copy, Paste and Append
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I have a Microsoft Access 2010 database, I want to create a button called return trip on my main form which does the following.

What I want the button to do is to look at the main form which has of the transport information, with the subform having of the clients information and then create a new record based on the current one and keep the same client attached to the new record while at the same time on the new record for the main form filling in the pickup and drop off locations for thetransport based on the original record.

So it would take of the pickup information swap it for the drop off information, below are the fields that I have for both pickup and drop off.

Pickup Name
Pickup Address
Pickup City
Pickup County
Pickup State
Pickup Zip Code
Pickup Phone Number

By the way I am using Microsoft Access 2010 Pro if that helps. I know that there were many changes between the2000 version to now.
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