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Controlling Vertical Scroll Bar in Access 2007?

Controlling Vertical Scroll Bar in Access 2007?
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I have a rather long Form with several subform controls. The first real field on said form is below the subform controls, so that forces Access to scroll down the entire form so that the first field is visible.

I am trying to find a way to force the scroll back up to the top.

I have added Debug.Print to the function fGetClassName as I was not seeing the form scrolled to the top and discovered I think in Access 2007 the class name is "NUIScrollbar" and not "scrollBar" which function fIsScrollBar was searching for.

Fiddling, fiddling, can not get that sample code to control the scroll bar of the main form. Yes, I tried substituting "NUIScrollbar" for "scrollBar" and no success.
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main form mouse wheel scrolling disabled when subform control is active

main form mouse wheel scrolling disabled when subform control is active Icon
I have a form in Access 2007 which contains subforms. On the subform I disabled vertical bars so that I could scroll down and up using only scroll bar of the main form.

When a subform field has a focus, the (vertical) scroll of mainform is disabled (I.e. I can't scroll down the page with mouse wheel)I have to click on scroll bar and move down.

How can I enable mousewheel for that purpose?

Form Scroll Bar

Form Scroll Bar Icon
I have a subform that is a datasheet. The vertical scroll bar does not display a bottom arrow. In fact when I scroll down through about 2000 records, to get to the bottom, I drag the slider off the form and it still keeps scrolling. Dragging the slider to the bottom of the visible scroll bar only takes me half way through the records. Using Access 2003.

Scroll Bars

Scroll Bars Icon
I have a master form with two sub forms.

The scroll bar property of the two sub forms is identical, it is set to "both" but one sub form shows a vertical and horizontal scroll bar, and the other sub form shows only has a horizontal scroll bar?

There is enough vertical/horizontal data so each form should be showing both scroll bars

Controlling when Scroll Bars are displayed on a SubForm

Controlling when Scroll Bars are displayed on a SubForm Icon
On occasions, and to improve the look of your forms, you may only wish to display scrollbars in a subform if there are a certain amount of records contained. If for example in an Order Entry database, a Customer can have many Orders however there are going to be occasions where a single customer may only have one or two orders. In this case, we can hide the Vertical Scroll Bar as there is no need for it to be visible.

Auto scrolling textbox (auto cue)

Auto scrolling textbox (auto cue) Icon
I have a form that is activated after an user presses on a field. This so called Help form displays help information on the specific field. The Help form has a vertical scroll bar and it has a limited size (height/width)
the text starts at the top and automatically scrolls down at a controlled pace. This way the user can 'watch' the help text without selecting the vertical scroll bar. (the scroll bars must be hidden).

Scroll Bar Issues

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I am having an issue with scroll bar behavior in my access database. The database is to manage requests for our unit. I built a navigation form "home page" and in that home page is a navigation button that links to a subform containing our request information.

My issue is scrolling in that subform. At 1680x1050 resolution I can disable the scroll bar on the main home page (it isn't needed) but if the resolution is lowered the scroll bars for the subforms no longer scroll to the bottom of the form, so I am forced to enable a total of two vertical scroll bars. I'd like it to work like a website and just force them to scroll more vertically if they chose to use a lower screen resolution.

What properties do I need to do to fix this

Position of scroll bar

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Is there a way to set the position of the vertical scroll bar? I have a main form with many subforms denoted by tabs, and when you click on some of the tabs, the main form scroll bar is not set to the top: you no longer see the main form header and the tabs. Some of the subforms have scroll bars, but I want to set it so that the scroll bar position of the main form is set at the top even when you click on the subforms. When I open the main form, the scroll bar position is automatically set to the top, but that is lost when you click on some of the tabs/subforms. I assume this will take some programming, which I am new to, as well as being new to Access. If there are any ideas for code, please be specific about where to put that code in Access

Requery of Datasheet Subform Causes Verticle Scroll Bar to Disappear

Requery of Datasheet Subform Causes Verticle Scroll Bar to Disappear Icon
I'm using Access 2010 sp1.
I have a form with a data sheet subform. In the AfterUpdate, (Me!frmContactsSub.Form.Requery), when I requery the subform the Vertical scroll bar disappears.

PDF and form scroll bar issue

PDF and form scroll bar issue Icon
I have embedded some pdfs into a form.
I have scroll bars set to vertical only and all other options I want.

But it wont show any scroll bars

Tabs and Photos

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I need some suggestions I am creating an inmates database and I would like to overwrite the old photos on admission and update the distinction marks photos of an inmate. How should I design a form of this nature?

any suggestions how I should approach

I also have another question in relation to tab I created a tab inside a tab, the tab inside vertical scroll bar is moving when you select on of the inside tabs I would like the scroll bars to remain in position so the entire form will be viewed at all times.
I tried disabling the scroll bars but this did not work because when you click the tab the entire page is going under the header without the scroll bar you cant get it to scroll down