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Continuous Forms custom view for each record

Continuous Forms custom view for each record
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I have a form in continuous forms view and I need to rather view or hide certain controls based on other criteria, but only for those records and not all records. For a simple example (not an actual example, just ease of understanding one), lets say I have a form with a checkbox field and a field called Control1 (amongst other fields) viewed in continuous forms view. If the checkbox is checked, I need to show control1 for that record, if it is not checked, hide Control1. So lets say that the first record in the form control1 is visible, the second record it is hidded, 3rd and 4th it is visible again and so on.

Everything I have tried so far shows or hides my control on all records and not just the ones I need them to. Is this possible and how would I acomplish this? And by the way I have looked at conditional formatting already, and it just doesn't have the ability to accomplish this in the way I need, so other suggestions are needed
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Continuous forms records missing

Continuous forms records missing Icon
I have a form (frmBreakdown) whose default view is Continuous Forms. It is populated from tblBreakdown. When it opens it opens to New Record, but you are still able to scroll up to see old records.

It has been working fine for over a year, but yesterday when i opened it, there were no old records. It only shows the new record, and the buttons at the bottom show that there is only 1 record.

I checked the table and all the records are still there, and i can still run reports from it, but none of the form settings have been changed so i cannot figure out why all of a sudden all the records are missing.

images in continuous forms

images in continuous forms Icon
Does anyone have a procedure for adding different images per record in a continuous form view, using a2007.

No Current Record error - Continuous Form

No Current Record error - Continuous Form Icon
I have a main form which has a continuous form (subform) on it. Once field from the selected record in the continuous form sets the SQl statement for another subform. except that sometimes I get a "no current record" error when the main form refreshes.

Could be a bug with the continuous forms? Even though the arrow is on a record, it isn't really selected. Any way to select a record with VBA?

Customisation of dynamically populated forms

Customisation of dynamically populated forms Icon
I have a series of forms and subforms which cascade to dynamically create a checklist form of certain questions and answers dependant on the choices selected by the user.

This works by dynamically populating the form with whatever questions are required from the relevant tables

The check-list actually works quite well however I can only get the form to display 1 question at a time in single form view or all questions at a time for continuous form view. I do not want to use datasheet view

So therefore is there more customisation I can do with continuous view in code to show a certain number of questions per page for example, I don't like the scroll options I want to do everything with command buttons?

SetFocus to a specific record in a continuous form from another form

SetFocus to a specific record in a continuous form from another form Icon
I have a tabbed continuous form from which I double-click on a record and displays all the details of the record in a separate form. When I close the form, I can go back as far as opening up the continuous form but focus is set on the first record with the code below:

Private Sub Form_Close()

DoCmd.OpenForm "Switchboard"
With Forms("Switchboard")
!tabTCN.Value = !Listing.PageIndex 'open the tab for TCN listing
End With

End Sub

How can I can close the form and setfocus on the same record I double-clicked on

Get position of record in continuous form

Get position of record in continuous form Icon
I have a continuous form that displays various data. I have a button on the form that opens a popup form, displaying content relevant to the current record in the continuous form. I would like this popup form to appear directly below the current record in the continuous form, if possible. I tried to use .Top property of any of the controls in the continuous form, but the .Top property is 0.

How can I get the screen position of a control for the current record in a continuous form?

Continuous Form- Single click to update multiple records within record

Continuous Form- Single click to update multiple records within record Icon
I have a continuous form that is selected by combo boxes in the header. The filtered continuous forms display the different Rooms for a particular Day and session. The rooms do have different presenters, but to keep it continuous, I have used common records and checkbox tallies to calculate the status of each room, I.e a % of confirmed Processed presenters.

From this continuous form I am also able to Send Folders around the network.

Each record for all sessions has a Status field that is a text box defaulted to "Open". This Signifies that each session is still open and receiving files.

Once the session folder has been sent to it's destination, I am after a way of toggling a button that will change the Status Field of each record for that room to "Sent".

This will tell the OP who might be processing presenters from the processing form that the session has been sent and to contact admin. It will also give the sent status for the continuous form for each record.

I have looked at all things continuous, and have not found a method to click and change all records to "Sent" for each individual Room Session. I am a bit confused about the finer workings of a continuous form, although everything is working well with what I have learn't so far.

populate word template from a continuous form

populate word template from a continuous form Icon
Is there anyway to populate a word template from a continuous form?

Currently, only one record from the continuous form appears in the word template, which is the the record that has the focus.

I'm using this code

.Selection.Text = (CStr(Forms!FormName!FieldName))

VBA – List Continuous Forms

VBA – List Continuous Forms Icon
Once again this is a little procedure I created for my own purposes when trying to review databases so I can quickly identify certain types of forms. In this specific case it is used to list all the continuous forms.

Linking subforms

Linking subforms Icon
I have two forms, both based on the same database. Form1 is in single form view, Form2 is in datasheet view. I am trying to combine the two forms. I have created a blank form and added the two forms as subform controls. Now I need to make sure that when I click on a record in the datasheet subform (Form2), the same record is displayed in the single view subform (Form1). To that end, I have created a text box to track the record number of subform (Form2). When I try and link the single view subform (Form1) master and child fields, I am getting the error - cannot build links between unbound forms.
NB - I have tried a split-form, but that is not acceptable for other reasons.