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Continuous Form with command buttons

Continuous Form with command buttons
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I have a continuous form that I would like to have a command button in each row. The caption of each button should correspond to the values in a table (tblCallTypes). When you click on thebutton it is going to add a new record in (tblTally) with some information based on the user's log in.

I am having trouble creating these buttons the way I have described. I should be okay once I get the buttons captioned correctly.
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Continuous Form Button

Continuous Form Button Icon
I have a button that I would like to pull up the current row's data in a separate tab control page.

I'm not sure why, but the command button is only enable on the first row of the continuous form and disabled on all other rows. I have another application that functions the same way and there are no issues with it, yet I cannot find any differences in the command buttons. In fact, I copied it from one form to the other.

Is this a common issue? How do I fix it?

Continuous Form Disable Command Button

Continuous Form Disable Command Button Icon
I have continuous form bound to a table called [INVOICE_APPROVER]. This form serves as a rough draft for recording data on invoices. Once data is completed and invoices have been approvedI have a button that appends the data to the final invoice table, where it is then deducted from the budget table and everything else.

This works great, however I need to put some control on the button so entries are not duplicated on multiple button presses.

Here is what I have tried so far:

I have the INVOICE_ENTRY command in the continuous for run the query and disable using this code:

Private Sub INVOICE_ENTRY_Click()
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.SetWarnings True
Me.INVOICE_ENTRY.Enabled = False
End Sub

This works, but since a continuous form it disables all the buttons. can't have that.

I then tried adding another step by having the INVOICE_ENTRY command open an unbound single form, setting default values to the original INVOICE_APPROVER form, and placing a ADD_ENTRY button in the Footer.

I used the same code as above adapted for this new form. This works as well, however when I close the form and click the INVOICE_ENTRY command on the continuous for the ADD_ENTRY command is no longer disabled.

and I know this is a lot of work for something that could just be bound to the original invoice table, however doing it this way is somewhat necessary.

Command Buttons - Hiding/Unhiding

Command Buttons - Hiding/Unhiding Icon
In Access 2002 I have 6 buttons on my non continuous form. Their names being:

1. Yes
2. No
3. FormLeftBlank
4. DefacedForm
5. IlegibleForm
6. NoSignature

I also have a combobox on my form with the six values inside it being (notice the spaces):

1. Yes
2. No
3. Form Left Blank
4. Defaced Form
5. Ilegible Form
6. No Signature

What I require is that when the value in the combo box is chosen then the approriate command button becomes visible (and all the others stay hidden). I.e. If the user chooses the 'Yes' value in the combo box then the 'Yes' command button appears. I need this for all six values in the combobox

error massage form command buttons

error massage form command buttons Icon
I am boggled. I recently built an ms access data base and inserted command buttons but on clicking the buttons to execute the command I get this message - Ambiguous name detected:Close_Click.

Passing last sort command to DoCmd.OpenForm

Passing last sort command to DoCmd.OpenForm Icon
I have a continuous form that shows a summary list of records. And another form that is a single form that will only show filtered records that were selected from the 1st form.

The summary form has some combo filters and a command button that opens the second form with only the filtered records. I am using Allens Browns sample of strWhere to do this.

DoCmd,OpenForm frmName,,,strWhere

I also have a few sort command buttons that are using the Me.Orderby=[FieldName]

What I can not figure out is how to pass the last sort command from the summary form along with the where condition to the second form.

filter name by letter

filter name by letter Icon
I'm sure this is a fairly simple problem but I'm having quite some difficulty.

I originally had a continuous form with a list of client names and phone numbers. I used the alpha macro from the access sample database to filter the list by letter. I am changing that form, basically for aesthetic reasons - bringing its design in line with all of the other forms in the database. Originally I was going to have the actual list of names as a subform and use an unbound main form to contain all of the command buttons for user input. It seems, now that a better method would probably be to use one form and utilize a list box to display the names and numbers. I want to still use command buttons for each letter, but I'm at a loss for what I should use in the onclick event for each of those buttons

Command Buttons in a Form

Command Buttons in a Form Icon
I am new to Access & trying to create a form/database, but the command buttons I added don't seem to work. I have ensured that Data Entry is checked off in properties, but suspect that there needs to be some sort of relationship established between the command buttons & the form/database.

Hide Navigation buttons of Main Form

Hide Navigation buttons of Main Form Icon
Is there any way to replace the navigation buttons of main form (frmMain) with the navigation buttons of the continuously sub form (fsubStudents).
I tried to hide the navigation buttons of main form which contains continuous sub form but it hides for that sub form too.
So, I tried to make my sub form as Single form & then it does show the navigation buttons of sub form but I want to show right on the main form.
Alternatively, can I replace the default navigation buttons with custom navigation buttons?

Please guide me, I really need

Command buttons to Open Forms

Command buttons to Open Forms Icon
Grateful if you could please advise -
Is it possible to insert command buttons to open specific form or tables that have been created without clicking on the table/form itself on left hand side. If so how are the command buttons created

Clear records off of continuous form

Clear records off of continuous form Icon
Im trying to find a command to clear all the records on a continuous form that were called up using a strWhere Filter and combo boxes.

There are four unbound combo-boxes in the header that the user can choose from and then I have a command button coded to filter (Me.FilterOn) for those criteria.
The matching records display in the details section of the form (continuous-style).

Is there a command to reset the details section of the form to be blank? Ive tried refresh, requery, repaint, etc. All of these leave the previously queried data. Removing the filter doesnt work because that display all the records. I basically want the form to look exactly the way it did when it was first opened.