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Connect to external .mdb

Connect to external .mdb
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I need to connect to an external .MDB (version 2.0) and run queries against it from within a form. The database requires that I enter a password. Which connection type should I use?
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Access Lockdown

Access Lockdown Icon
If I create an mdb and used this mdb to store all the tables. If I then link these tables to another mdb and use this mdb to write my code.

I have a mdb that has only tables
I have a 2nd mdb that links to these tables and also has all the queries, forms,

Can I modify the 2nd mdb to:

2. Not allow them to view the tables, forms, queries, macros etc.
3. Can I remove the Ribbon.and all tools including the Home, Create, External Data, Database Tools, and Acrobat

Where their only option to click will be within the forms I create?

Import external ACCDB/MDB without specifying table name

Import external ACCDB/MDB without specifying table name Icon
This should be simple but.

I have an automated function to import external Access tables to my database (there is only ever 1 table in the external ACCDB/MDB), BUT the names of the external tables are different.
How can I import a table without specifying the name? (ie default import the only table abvailable)

DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "Microsoft Access", Me!_txtPath, acTable, TableName, "tbl_MyTable", False

Enums as Global Constants

Enums as Global Constants Icon
Is there a reason why I cannot create a Global Const of type Enum ?

Public Enum EnvironmentStatus
ProductionEnvironment End Enum Global Const g_EnvironmentStatus As EnvironmentStatus = DevelopmentEnvironment Sub ConnectTables()
Dim db As DAO.Database, t As DAO.TableDef
Set db = CurrentDb
For Each t In db.TableDefs
If InStr(1, t.Connect, "CB.mdb") 0 Then
Select Case g_EnvironmentStatus
Case DevelopmentEnvironment
t.Connect = ";DATABASE=P:\DatabaseDevelopment\CB.mdb"
Case ProductionEnvironment
t.Connect = ";DATABASE=P:\CB_Live\CB.mdb"
Case TestEnvironment
t.Connect = ";DATABASE=P:\DatabaseTesting\CB.mdb"
End Select
End If
End Sub

How to select from MDB file through external tools

How to select from MDB file through external tools Icon
Is there any way I can make use of the T-SQL command to select from 1 or more MDB files? At the same time, export the result to an csv/notepad.

In my environment, I am using Access Viewer only

Microsoft Access, Help Connecting to a FTP server

Microsoft Access, Help Connecting to a FTP server Icon
I am trying to figure out how to access a database on a FTP server that requires a username and password while using only microsoft access.
The files that are on the database are in a .mdb file format which is what access uses.
Currently I can connect to the ftp server and view the .mdb files using a cruddy third party vendor software that has no options for reports or sorting (which happens to be why i need to figure out how to connect to the server with Access).
I know all of the information such as the ip address, username, password, port etc.... that is required to connect.... i just dont know "how to connect" using Access. Any help would be appreciated.

Value into text

Value into text Icon
When I connect a mdb to excel certain collumns in excel contain number (1,2,3).
These numbers represent text 'value1', 'value2','value3'
Is it possible tot connect these text to the value from the excel sheet (table in access)
(the sheet is a dumpfile from another system, and I dont wont to change the values in excel, only in mdb, preferably by a query

Access Database - Connect to External Hardware

Access Database - Connect to External Hardware Icon
I have an existing Access database application that I have been asked whether I could connect, via USB, to an external security system from which to read and store data.

At this stage pretty much all I know is that there is a DLL file that will create .TXT files that my database would then be able to read and convert into usable data.

Has anyone any experience or knowledge in this area?

e.g. VB code to pass commands to the external hardware (using/via the DLL perhaps) and calling/creating the required TXT files

User always appear to connect with exclusive rights

User always appear to connect with exclusive rights Icon
We have an access DB that has the default security on it so that anyone that connects to it they connect as 'Admin'. The front end of the app is using Access forms and the data is in sql so their are link tables defined.

mdb file, the NAVIGATION form comes up and they can goto where they need to go. The problem were having is if user A, opens the .mdb file it is always trying to connect with exclusive access.

If no one else is in the app when user A opens it, she is able to but then if user B or user C and so forth tries to open it when user A was the first one to open it, they are locked out.

Now, if user B opens it first users C and so forth can get in with no problem, but User A gets messages that she doesn't have exclusive rights and any changes if made could be lost.

What I can't figure out is why User A keeps trying to connect exclusively when she is not even the user that created the applicationand when user A tries to open it, how do I change her to open it with shared access.

Manipulating Import Specs

Manipulating Import Specs Icon
I use a range of Import Specs to connect external (text and csv) data to an mdb database. This works fine.

However, I would like to create and adapt these specifications using VBA and am not sure how to handle this. Are there (maybe?) internal/system tables that handle these specifications? And is it possible to access these programmatically?

Many thanks for any tips/links/howtos that you can give me.
Alan Searle
Cologne and Bonn

Using Access2003 to link to Paradox DB files

Using Access2003 to link to Paradox DB files Icon
I have used an Access 2003 MDB to link to two .db files in a Paradox Database while the PC is running with Windows XP.
The Paradox Database is located within a sub-folder in "Program Files". There has been no problem, so far.

I have now transferred both the Access MDB and the Paradox database to a new PC running with Vista Home Premium.
The Paradox Database is located within C:\Users\Public\Public Documents (by the Program which normally reads/writes to them, and still works) and the Access MDB is located in a sub-folder on a D:\ Drive.

I can open the MDB and attempt to re-link to the .db files, but an error is flagged up by the Linked Table Manager "Unexpected error from external database driver (11265)" with an OK button to close.

I have tried copying the Database and the Access MDB together to a folder on the D:\ drive, but the same error message appears.

I am unable to find any mention of this message in Microsoft Knowledgebase - can anybody advise, please