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Conditional Formatting expression

Conditional Formatting expression
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Ive got a spreadsheet (in a split form) that I want to apply conditional formatting to, the field in question (batchA) should be highlighted a certain colour when the letter "A" is selected in a multivalued combo box (batchProduced- this allows users to select letters A through F, ive also got fields batchB, batchC, etc which ill be applying a similar expression to when I get this working), when a few items are selected the text string looks like "A, B, C"

the expression I am using for this is:

but for some reason it doesnt seem to be working
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Change the appearance of a control by using conditional formatting

Change the appearance of a control by using conditional formatting Icon
Conditional formatting allows you to selectively highlight certain data on your form or report so that it is easier to understand. For example, you might want to format negative numbers in a red font to make it clear that those records need further attention.
You can set conditional formatting for a text box or a combo box control. You can change the formatting based on the control's own value, or you can use an expression to change the formatting based on the values contained in other fields or controls. On a form, you can use conditional formatting to disable a control, and you can cause the formatting of a control to change when the cursor is positioned in that control.
What do you want to do?:
*Apply conditional formatting to a control based on its own value
*Use an expression to apply conditional formatting to one or more controls
*Change the formatting of a control on a form that has the focus
*Remove conditional formatting from one or more controls
*Create alternating row colors on a report

Conditional Formatting on client

Conditional Formatting on client Icon
I have a report that uses conditional formatting to shade controls It runs without problem on access 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007

Two 2003 clients have problems with the conditional formatting. No matter what I put in for an expression it formats as if the criteria is not met even Expression TRUE | or expression 1=1 won't format the controls

The expressions I have work fine for all the other clients (about 20 of them). What settings on that client could cause it to ignore conditional

Conditional Formatting a date

Conditional Formatting a date Icon
I am stuck on conditional formatting of a date. A field on a subform is auto populated with the now() command, and gives the following output: 23/01/2012 16:16:17

I am trying to apply conditional formatting to that field so that it turns a different colour if the date is the same as todays date. I have tried using date() in both the expression, and 'is like' section of conditional formatting, but it is notpicking it up becasue of the time value.

I think I need some sort of contains, or find command, but not sure of how to do this

Conditional Formatting vs. VBA Formatting

Conditional Formatting vs. VBA Formatting Icon
I have been researching this for some time now but haven't received any sound advice on whether it is faster to perform formatting on text boxes in a report via VBA or the built in Conditional Formatting.

The reason I ask this is that I have a report with quite a few text boxes that currently all have some sort of Conditional Formatting on them (Not all have the same Conditional Formatting). I know that when you only have a few controls that require Conditional Formatting, the built in solution in Access 2007 should be sufficient, however when the number of controls grows and when the report has multiple records that require each control to be handled on each record, the Conditional Formatting becomes very slow (much like receiving 1000 paper cuts) and renders the report as pointless considering a user must run it for 10's of minutes to an hour to complete.

So, with that said, I am really just looking for anyone's suggestion as to whether I should invest some time in the VBA coding to do what the Conditional Formatting does, or do I just go back to the requestor and let them know that formatting all these fields is too much for the system to handle.

VBA conditional formatting

VBA conditional formatting Icon
I have read up about conditional formatting and understand the *concept* clearly (I think). However, is it possible to display conditional formatting of a subform in datasheet view on a form? If so, as I need to have more than 3 (or 4 if default is used) colours?

Iff statenent in conditional formatting

Iff statenent in conditional formatting Icon
I need the days to be >= and <= so that I don't have gaps. when I try to enter it that way I get "The expression you entered has invalid syntax" This is for conditional formatting to change the back color of a text box. Maybe the word And is messing me up or I need additional parenthesis

conditional formatting based on result of lookup

conditional formatting based on result of lookup Icon
I have a simple database for tracking work eligibility.

In the Person table I have a lookup field called 'EEA Status' which references another table (called 'EEA') with a list of countries in column1 and whether they are EEA or Non EEA in column 2.

On a form I want to be able to change the formatting of the combo box for that record if a NON EEA country is selected. I know I need to use an expression in the conditional formatting, butI can't find an expression that works.

Conditional Formatting through VBA: On Undo

Conditional Formatting through VBA: On Undo Icon
I've moved all my conditional formatting to VBA because of performance issues with Access's built-in conditional formatting facility, but there's one feature I can't replicate. Some of my formatting involves highlighting fields if they're blank. This works fine for On Current and After Update, but I can't get it to work for On Undo: if I undo changes and thereby leave a field blank, I can't get the conditional formatting to kick in again. Am I missing something about On Undo, or is there another way of doing this?

Create conditional (Boolean) expressions

Create conditional (Boolean) expressions Icon
This article explains how to create conditional (also known as Boolean) expressions. A conditional expression evaluates to either true or false, and it then returns a result that meets the condition that you specify. If you use functions in your conditional expressions, you can also specify an action for values that do and do not meet the condition in the expression. For example, you can create an expression that finds all sales with a profit margin of 10 percent or less, and then specify that those numbers appear in red type, or replace the values with a message.
In this article
* Understand conditional expressions
* Create a conditional expression
* Examples of conditional expressions

conditional formatting right(..)

conditional formatting right(..) Icon
I want to apply conditional formatting in access

I have an expression:
If(Right(Forms![Planning]![MaNA];1)=('s');true;not true)

but it doesn't seem to work