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Commit row in form

Commit row in form
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I made a form using Record Source from Query.

I placed combo boxes using separate queries for Row Source.

When I try to input data I can not. Error statement says the row is not committed and that I sould commit the row.

What does that mean? I cannot find a reference anywhere to help correct the problem
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"Commit new row" in subform

"Commit new row" in subform Icon
I'm using Access 2007 and have a form for fleet vehicles and a subform for repair records. The two are linked on the Vehicle # field. When adding a repair record to the subform, I locatethe correct vehicle on the form and all the entered repair records are correctly displayed.

However, when I add a new record to the subform (repairs table), and type a date in the RepairDate field, I get the message "The value cannot be added to this new row until the row has been committed. Commit the row first, and then try adding the value."

but the only answer I found was "The subform row is being saved without a required field, probably the primary key."

How do I commit the new row? How do I enter the primary key, which is an autonumber field added when an entry is made in the row?

Odd tabbing through Rows

Odd tabbing through Rows Icon
I have created bunches of simple access DB, and never had this problem, it only has happened in on DB, and the form design was no different than before. Normally in the form in the row I enter figures, tab and go to the next column space in that row, however in the one form when I start off in the first column, I hit tab button and instead of taking me to the next column in the same row, it jumps down to the next column in the row BELOW the row I am working in, in other words it tabs down and to the right. Once I click using the mouse back into the cell I wanted, tabbing through the rest of the columns in that row work fine, its just going from column 1 to 2 that causes a row jump down

Knowing who called a form event

Knowing who called a form event Icon
I am needing to develop a subform version of a form that is already in my application. That form calls an AddRecord / EditRecord form itself. When those forms Commit an update, they call back to the parent form, firing a re-query event and passing the event the ID of the record which was added/updated. That all works fine and dandy, until..

Now I am developing this clone of that records list form, to be used in a subform context on another main form. It will be known via a different name this time to receive the callback upon successful commit of the INSERT/UPDATE.

I am thinking to make this record list / add+edit dialog handshake unique in that the list form will pass some sort of token to the add/edit dialog in order that it know who called it, thus know who to send the requery event to when it has successfully committed.

Is that sort of information (which form opened another form) available automatically? Or do I need to pass it along myself when the child form is opened?

Progress indicator when commit the changes using DAO

Progress indicator when commit the changes using DAO Icon
Anyone know if there is a way to show a progress indicator when you commit the changes using DAO? I have a rather large DAO process and when it commits it just looks like the program hangs but its really updating and when its finished it tells the user.

I would really like to be able to provide either a simple progress bar or if I could actually show whats going on.

Multi-Item Form, VBA editing on Load?

Multi-Item Form, VBA editing on Load? Icon
I have a Multi-Item form and would like to do some math and change formatting on some fields depending on content of data in each row. From what I can tell, the on Load even only lets you do something with the first row and does not execute the VBA code for any following row.

I don't see any way to trigger the VBA code on a row-by-row basis as the form is being painted.
Does anyone have a technique to do this or do I have to go to some other form type to do some dynamic formatting?

how to making rows look as default?

how to making rows look as default? Icon
How I can make my access form like this when I open form row fields should show like this many row s as blank (now only one row is showing in access like below form

Row source values not appearing in Form

Row source values not appearing in Form Icon
here is my problem. I have a combo box and have value list as my row source type(I know, not the best option, I didn't design it). So my row source is a list of over 20 options. When I try to add another row source value, it does not appear on the form. Is there any way possible for me to get this to work? I understand that creating a table and using that might be my best option for my row sources, but I was just wondering if there was any way around this problem

Delete A Row From Table Based On Form Control Criteria

Delete A Row From Table Based On Form Control Criteria Icon
I have a form that is some how set to read only. It wont allow me to delete any records directly from the form.

What I would like to do is create a command button that deletes a row from the underlying table. I would like the row being deleted from the underlying table to be based on a control in the form.

but I would really like to learn how to delete a row from the underlying table so that I can use it for other purposes.

NOTE: The PrimaryKey is a replication ID- Any way to get around the error that comes up on the findfirst method?

Should we put SELECT statements inside a transacti

Should we put SELECT statements inside a transacti Icon
begin trans
update items statement
inset order statement
select @@identity statement
select * from items where statement
commit trans

My first question is should we put the two SELECT statements inside or outside commit trans?

My second question is do we need a transaction for just SELECT statements like the following?

begin trans
select 1 statement
select 2 statement
select 3 statement
commit trans

I think only action queries can be a transaction.

Alternate Row Color in Form Datasheet

Alternate Row Color in Form Datasheet Icon
Is it possible to alternate row colors in a form datasheet?Backordered, if Backordered is True, then that row would be highlighted OR the font would be a different color.

Am I way out in left field? I saw where I can change row colors in tables. I am running Access 2007 on Windows XP SP3.