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Combining select data from several tables into one report

Combining select data from several tables into one report
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I have Access 2007. I have 5 tables that I need to pick fields from to make a report. When I run a report, I get the proper headings but no data appears. I can run a report on one table and that works great. But not what I need. I am not experienced so need someone to walk me through this.

This is supposed to be better than Excel but I am now wondering.

First table - Drug Info has 12 cols and I want to pick 2 for my report.
Second table - Regulatory Info has 13 cols and I want to pick 2 for my report.
Third table - Specific Info has 9 cols and I want to pick 1 for my report.
Fourth table - CDR Infor has 12 cols and I want to pick 2 for my report.
Fifth table - BC has 26 cols and I want to pick 3 for my report.

I tried using a query and I tried using a report and all I ever get are the column headings with no data. Arghhh.
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I have a DB set up with a debtors table (Customers) and a Customer Contacts table, I was thinking of combining these two tables into one. but before I do this, I really want to know the pros and cons of this idea. Has anyone done it this way, and if so, have you experienced issues doing it this way.

Reason for my thinking of doing this is: some of my debtors are the contact.

In other words.Most of the Debtors are companies, but a few are actual people. With the current setup, I need to have both a debtor and a customer in two different tables, but with exactly the same data.

Please I am really looking for some constructive advice for both for and against, so I can then really make a well thought choice, rather than combining the tables only to have further issues down the line

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Building a DB for my office. Created two tables including Last Name, First Name, Middle etc fields. Both tables have identical Columns but different info. I am trying to create a query or report basically combining the information from both tables into one report or query if possible.sort of like a master list of all the names I need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am needing to get this done in a timely manner.

Select Data Source Won't Cancel!

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So I should note before stating my problem that I have been using Access for 2 days now and I don't know much about it at all.

I have a SQL 2008 database on a network drive. It's full of all kinds of tables, and stored procedures. Now I went over to ODBC and linked it in, so I can see all the tables. Then I proceeded to writing a few queries that return tables.

Then I went over to report and dragged and dropped the query into the report. My hope was that the report would run that query and return the proper data.

If I run the query alone, it works great, but once it's in the report I keep getting a "Select Data Source" window that pops up. I click the tab "Machine Data Source" select my data source name (type is system).

the same window immediately pops up again! No matter what I do, I keep getting the same pop up!

Merging 3 queries into one report

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I am sure this is possible but I keep getting error messages or blank data showing up.

What I am wanting to do is pull information from the data table based on academic year. I have the queries set up to pick data between certain dates which works fine in the query. When Iwant to use the queries to produce a report - ie combining 3 years worth of data for a member of staff against their staff code - no data is showing up.

I have set the field properties in the report to select from the right query and based the form on the table (not a query) but it won't bring the data up for me.

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I have 3 imported tables namely Sheet_1, Sheet_2 and Sheet_3

They have the same field names now I am looking for a solution in combining them into one table and name it tbl_ProjectList.

I need to do this through a button cmd_UpdateProjectList, what I need to do all this staff?

And can anyone help how to figure out my VBA code for my cmd_UpdateProjectList?

A Guide To First Normal Form (1NF)

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The goal of normal forms is to remove redundant data from relational database tables by splitting the tables into smaller tables without losing any of the data. It is necessary that the decomposition is lossless, meaning that you can simply come back to the base table by combining the newly created tables with joins.

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I am combining two tables into one to create a report. I want to erase current data in combined table restarting at record 1 each time I pull the report. Doing this with sql code in access 2007. right now, doing erase table, write query 1 to table, append query 2 to table. right now getting messages galore; erasing data, creating data, are you sure? Want to do this without the wonderful messages

Combining multiple tables

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I have 24 tables for different student subjects with 10 fields in each. All the fields in each table have the same headings and each field has combo boxs (multi-valued fields) with different data in each to select from. The only similarities (links) between the tables are student numbers. For example; a student with ID 1234 could access 3 out of the 24 tables making selections from the combo boxs (thus they only do 3 out of the possible 24 subjects on offer). I have produced the user interface forms from the tables etc.
What I need to do and cant is have all the data from all the tables dump into the one table then I can query the table and extract (group) the students answers under their one student name. I have tried Union queries and appending and SQL but all seem not to be able to work with multi-valued fields (combo boxs). Im new to access and teaching myself as I go

Selecting multiple tables in a query

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I am writing a script to pull information out of 6 different tables. I am currently using these 6 tables to extract stock prices out of google finance and dump this into a seperate table. This program will then take the 6 sets of symbols, combine them into one string, array the string, and then run a macro exectuting queries on each individual stock table the information is dumped into, but im having a problem combining the symbol sets. Below is the code to select the tables and combine them into a string. If I use the current code, I get the error 3704 operation not allowed when object is closed on the .movefirst operation. I use a similar script for for mining the data but I don't combine the stocktables. If I remove the ,dbopentable, dbopendynamic) paramaters I get an error on join data, perhaps im missing a join statement in the select * from query

Report duplicating data

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I have a report which brings in data from two different tables. The report is showing data from the two tables but is duplicating data from one of the tables.

How can I fix this?

Please see "Lead Activity Report1" for reference.