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Combine fields from different rows into one field

Combine fields from different rows into one field
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I have a table that has a 2 fields Customer & Comment. Each customer could have multiple entries (rows) in this table.

I want to take the comment fields from each customer and combine them (in a new table) into one field. So the new table will have one row per customer with their comments combined into one field.

So we start with table one:

x | Good
x | Bad
x | Ugly
y | Morning
y | Noon
y | Night

And we then make table two:

x | Good Bad Ugly
y |
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I've got a HUGE database to create. I have 60 GB worth of excel files or so I need to combine and the first 6 rows are things such as company name, which machine created the spreadsheet and so forth. The field names are on row 6. How do I make it so the wizard knows my fields names are on row 6 and the data needed starts on row 7? I would go into the original files and delete them, but I'm not allowed to manipulate the data, not to mention it's 60 GB worth of files and that alone would take forever.

Also side note, When I combine two spreadsheets in a query, will the database understand to put a N/A or whatever in the value if one spreadsheet has an extra field name

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I'm trying to combine a few queries with a union query and was wondering if something like this scenario is possible to code:

Basically, there is an ID field (column 1) that I've already put in place and then I have two fields of values to choose from (Field A and Field B) so that I will end up with two columns in total. If Field A = 0, I'd like the query to take the value from Field B and multiply it by -1 and have that be the value in column 2. If there is already a value besides 0 in Field A, I'd like the query to take that value.

Also, if the ID field is blank or is labeled 'Excluded,' I'd like the query to leave those rows out.

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Is there a good way to concatenate data from multiple rows into one field? I have several rows with different dates and I need to combine the comment text for each of the dates into one field and group it as one record. How can I do that?

Combine City State, Zip into one display field

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I have a field on my form that I need to combine my [city] [state] and [zip] fields into one field, BUT ALSO make that field editable. I already know how to simply combine those fields using =[city]&" "&[State]&", "&[Zip] in the control source, but although that displays everything in the correct format, I need to be able to edit it also.

So for example if the field were to display "New York NY, 10011" and I wanted to change it to "Manhattan NY, 10012" I could just type it into the field and it would update the apropriate fields.

Combine Reports

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I have a table that consists of 10 fields. Six of the fields are populated from a drop down list. Some of the lists have as many as 12 choices to choose from and some, as little as 5. I want to create a report that will show me the number of time each one of the possible choices in that particular field has been chosen. All six fields are text.

Currently I have six different reports each based on a different query. What I have done for each of the reports is created a header group and put the field I want to count into the header group plus a =Count("*") control text box. This gets me the data but only for one field. I then export each report to an excel file and combine the results from all six. Is there a way to combine this into one query to populate one report?

form formula to combine two fields

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I've been trying (with no luck) to combine two fields in a form.

The 1st field is TD1 and the 2nd is TD2.

I've tried all type of combinations but none of them work except for the following:

=[TD1] + [TD2]

The contents of these fields are 10 and 20 respectively.

BUT, it creates 1020 and I'd like the results to be 30 (add them together) instead.

I've looked all over the place but can't find anything that addresses this.

I also tried to do this within the query by adding a new field TD1TD2 but I also couldn't figure out how to get that to work

Combine Rows

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Looking for some help again. I have a table that stores training records so if employee A went to training they enter the data on a form and save it so a new record is created in this table. Now if employee B goes to the same training later that year it creates another record in the table. Now through some queries I am able to make another table look like I have in the example picture provided. But when I create a report and group by the training I get 6 rows since there are the 6 records. I was hoping to combine the records through queries or maybe another way so that they can be grouped so that I would really only have 2 rows one for Mike and one for John. I appreciate

Combine the values of two fields on a form

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I want to take the existing values in two fields on a short form and combine them to create a unique ID for each record.

The first field is a text field that contains an acronym representing a company, e.g., USPS. This value will be selected from a Combo Box.

The second field contains a date (Short Date format, 10/11/2010), which will not necessary be the current date.

I want to change the Date field into a yyyymmdd format, insert a period at the end, and then append the acronym field so I'll end up with something that looks like this:


The ultimate goal is for this to run as an On Exit Event Procedure after I enter the date and move on to the next field on my form.

Query Criteria hide rows if all numeric fields have zeros

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I have a query with six columns. The first column is item description and the next five columns are numeric fields. In some rows, certain numeric fields have zero and the other columns have some integers. In some rows all the five columns have have zeros.
Is it possible to hide the rows only where all the five numeric field collumns have zeros