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Code to change user login password?

Code to change user login password?
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I have one table which contain multiple user records.I wanted to provide change password option to the user.
In Suppose I have enter username , password in login page and when I click on change password button the new screen will be open which contain User name,old password,new password and confirm password.
I user name textbox login user name should be display in a readable mode .so,user can only enter old,and new password and click update.that new password will update in a database.I havesome code but its not functioning properly.
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How to force a password change on first login in vba

How to force a password change on first login in vba Icon
I have a code that auto generate a password for the newly created user. How do I make my small application to implement a force password change on first login without setting a default password.

I don't use a default password because every newly created user has different auto generated password.

Login form with special condition

Login form with special condition Icon
I'm still newbie with ACCESS n VBA code.
I have a form and a table login(user, password, role)where user can login with username and password by referring to Login table.
How can I view the role in MsgBox according to username and password in table login? I'm having trouble in here (Underline words). The Logic is if username and password has been filled and then search in table. If Its TRUE then it will show MsgBox with the role user in table Login.

Or do you have any better codes for this?

how to reflect one form data into another form in readable mode?

how to reflect one form data into another form in readable mode? Icon
I have two forms (interface).one for login and other for change password. Login form contain user name, password as a text box with change password command button. If user is valid then it will move to change password.In that form I wanted to display current user name in readable form.I am able to make that text box as a readable one but not able to display current login user name in that text box.

User Name And password

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I'm trying to do where the main form is a login form if the USer and password matches that in the code it goes to the main screen if it doesen't it launches a form saying this user and orpassword is incorrect and when you click ok it closes that message window as well as the login form stop the program from launching is has to match the user and password from the text ontext box one and masked textbox 1...

Access DB Lock Out

Access DB Lock Out Icon
I have not been here for sometime now, but just had a blond moment and locked myself out of my database. I know there must be a way to get back into the DB with some programming code inanother database,

What Happen? - I created a login form, where a user enters the login details. It was working fine and I loaded the login form as the form to open when access starts. Each time I open the DB I can see access 2007 popping up before the login form shows, also the background appears.

I was trying to get rid of the background and the access 2007 start screen. I just wanted the login form to show. I then changed the following controls:

Allow Add. = No
Allow Del. = No
Allow Edits = No
Allow Filters = No
Data Entry = No

I saved the form and THEN.

When I started the DB, it do not do the required results and it would not allow me to enter the user details to login. all this said, I cannot access the db to change.

SOmetime back I result some DAO process where you can access another database and not the current one. I would like to do similar code to reset the password on the useraccess table so whenI start my data base it will access a blank password.

User Log In Form

User Log In Form Icon
Having a issue with the login screen I created. I have created a login form for the users in which the user enters their Employee Name and Password. On the "Go" button I have putthe following code to validate the Employee Name and Password are in the "Employees" Table:


It works fine for the first user record in the table but for subsequent users I receive the error message even though the Employee Name and Password combination is correct.

Login form, to form

Login form, to form Icon
I have a login form setup in a database that basically uses a table to check for username and password. I would like to be able to use that login information to automatically open a form, that also pulls with it the users login name, and then store the login name to each record the user enters.

I am hung up on how to get the login information to transfer over to the form. Here is the code that controls the login process;


All I need is the username. And then I need it to autopopulate a field in a form.

How do you login with your NTID username and password

How do you login with your NTID username and password Icon
I am creating a login to a MS Database I created. Every user has an NTID and password. The password changes every 30 days (company policy). Anyway, I want a way where before you go into the program it pops up and wants you to enter your NTID password. I know you can do this

Environ("UserName") for the username.

Also I would like to add. I have a table that has of the users in it along with their NTID (Username). What kind of code can I write that checks to see if their current username = the tbl username?
What I have now looks like this:

Login Form that doesn't require password just name

Login Form that doesn't require password just name Icon
I want to build a login form for my database that doesn't ask for a password, just a name. The reason is I really won't have a problem with security, but I want each entry to have an author listed in case we need to know who did it.

I don't want the user to have to select their name on every entry but just log in once when opening the program and then have that name saved. Howcan I do this? If I keep the login form open then I believe I can figure it out, but I would really like the login form to disappear after selecting a user.

Verify windows password?

Verify windows password? Icon
I've got an application running with table-based security: I capture the user's windows login with fOsusername, then have them enter a password checked against their username/login in my own table. The problem is, they can't remember the passwords they've created, and I spend more time than I want to resetting.

Here's what I'd LIKE to have happen: when the user opens the application (Access2k), a dialog box appears with the windows login name of the currently-logged in user (I can do this part), and they have to enter their WINDOWS password, which some windows api verifies for me so I can allow or not allow them in.

Is there a way for windows to verify the password for me? I can't seem to find anything on this; all I get are directions to fOsusername, which is only the first half of my battle.