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Checkbox in query

Checkbox in query
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I've been looking through the forum for this, but I've only found how to add/count checkboxes in queries, and how to make a query based on checkboxes.what I need is to add a checkbox to every result on a query, I need this in order to add the ticked items to a record table, this is, the ticked items are accomplished tasks and therefore need to be registered (in the table) and the unticked tasks weren't accomplished and therefore shouldn't be added to the registry (table). Can anyone tell me just how to add the checkbox to the query
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Simple Query question

Simple Query question Icon
I try to make a query sorting out some records from selection of a combobox. This works fine. However I like to add that the criteria in query add a checkbox as well. So this is how it should work:
Select combobox if checkbox is checked.

How to do this?

This is my criteria without checkbox: [Forms]![GlobalPunchList Form]![Combo17] So I like to add checkbox as well to this criteria. Any tip?

Convert Checkbox to text

Convert Checkbox to text Icon
Can you assist me in converting a checkbox to text? I need to do it two ways: 1. Checkbox on = X; Checkbox off = (null)
2. Checkbox on = Yes; Checkbox off = No

Datestamp for Checkbox-Query

Datestamp for Checkbox-Query Icon
If anyone can help with VB code for Access 2007. I was asked to assign a datestamp when a user checks a checkbox called "OLIED. I added my fields/checkbox names:

Private Static Sub DateStamp()
If ChkBoxOLIED = True Then
Me.[OLIED DATE] = Date
Me.[OLIED DATE] = Null
End If
End Sub

That assigns a datestamp to a checkbox, but doesn't work because I think I am asking to assign a datestamp to a query field and not within a form with EVENTS to assign. Can this be done to my query "Keith Billing?

How to make an active checkbox in a report?

How to make an active checkbox in a report? Icon
I have a form that runs a query that automatically opens a report. My report includes a checkbox field that correlates to each entry. I want the checkbox to be active in the report. Is there a way to do this?

I want to be able to double check the document attached to every entry and then check the box when it has been checked. However, I want the checkbox to be usable on the report so the user doesn't have to go into the table to check it.

Right now, the checkbox is only an image and isn't interactive on the report.

select query based on multiple checkboxes

select query based on multiple checkboxes Icon
just wiondering if there is a way I can do the following. I have a table (table 1) with 10 fields in it. I have a form with 6 of these field names displaying on it. I have a checkbox next to each of these fields. When the checkbox is selected I want to use that field as criteria in a select query. This means that I want the query to select records based on what checkboxes are selected, whether that be 1 checkbox or any combinatiion of the 6 checkboxes.
Not completely great with the whole programming thing and would like to be able to do in in a query (design view) if possible.

Help with checkbox!

Help with checkbox! Icon
Working on a program( ASP + SQL). I want to get the value of the checkbox to update the database. When you the checkbox is checked, the field in the database will be set to true. But if it is not checked, the value will be false or null. The problem is, everytime when I checked the checkbox and click update, upon reloading the form, the checked checkbox will be..

Make invisible with a checkbox

Make invisible with a checkbox Icon
I have a simple form in which I have a checkbox that makes a text field visible when the checkbox is checked (The text field is not bound). My problem is that when I switch to the next record the checkbox gets updated along with the record but the text field does not change along with the checkbox; if the next record has the checkbox unchecked the text box will still stay visible.


Checkboxes Icon
I have a checkbox in a form for sales contacts.
What I want to do is: If you click the checkbox, it opens another form for products the customers have ordered before. If you don't click the checkbox, nothing happens. I have this so far:

Private Sub Have_They_Used_VS_Before__Click()
'Pull up prior sales form if checkbox is checked
If CheckBox.Value = True Then DoCmd.OpenForm "Prior Sales"
'If checkbox is not checked then do nothing
If CheckBox.Value = False Then ?
End Sub

I'm trying to teach myself this but got stuck.

Query Date Field based on Checkbox selection

Query Date Field based on Checkbox selection Icon
I have a date field that I want to filter based on the selection of a checkbox on a form. If the checkbox is checked I only want to view records that have a null value in the "Date Transmitted" field. Here is what I am trying in the criteria field of the query for "Date Transmitted"

IIf(([Forms]![Switchboard1]![Issue_Filter_Form]![NewTransmit])=1,Is Null,[Date Transmitted])

I also tried variations such as using True, Yes, etc. The name of my checkbox is NewTransmit and the name of the field in the query is Date Transmitted

Show Label & Text Box in Report based on Checkbox

Show Label & Text Box in Report based on Checkbox Icon
I am attempting to show a label and textbox based on a checkbox in a report. The report is based on a SQL query joining two tables. The checkbox field is included in the query. Currently in the properties, I have the label and textbox .visible = false. I would like to set the label and textbox to
visible when the checkbox response = Yes.

I tried the OnLoad event of the form

Private Sub Report_Load()
If Checkbox = "Yes" Then
Label.Visible = True
Textbox.Visible = True
End If
End Sub

This didn't work. I am unable to define the event for the textbox and label directly because this is a report and not a form.