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Changing table names from lowercase to uppercase

Changing table names from lowercase to uppercase
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I was searching for some way that I could change all the tables from lowercase names to uppercase. I guess I should have just done all uppercase to begin with but I try to use lower case for everything to keep from having confusion.
I am using Access 2007.
Thanks in advance. Any help would be great. I can't find anything other than an SQL reference to alter table.
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Field Headers in a Tbl Made by a Qry

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I have a table that is created by a MakeTable qry. After the table has been created, one of the field names is in lowercase. If I change that field name to all uppercase in Design View of the table, save and close, the field name reverts back to lowercase when the table is reopened. If I change the field name to uppercase when the table is in Datasheet View, save and close, the uppercase format "sticks" and is not reset to lowercase when reopened. Why would a change of case not be possible when made in Design View but be possible in Datasheet View

identifying and eventually updating lowercase records to uppercase

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I'm totally new to access.8 years ago I was reasonably proficient with foxpro and oracle, but literally haven't even thought about databases and queries since then. The non-profit where I work uses access and wants the data stored in uppercase (they don't use forms at all) but a lot of old data is in lowercase or mixed case. I was just puttering around with this and was only going after 1 field at this point in my where clause but when executed I get a pop-up that requests I enter parameter value wheat.fname. Here is my query
I thought this would return all rows where the stored data for FNAME doesn't match the forced uppercase of the FNAME field -- all records with mixed or lowercase in fname field.

Can anyone please tell me where I'm falling short here


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Using 2003; I have a database that imports data from a spreadsheet. When I look at the data in the table; its in all caps. but when I view it in a form for editing or report, some of the data is in lowercase. I need it to be upper case like in the table. I tried the Keypress code but it only changes new data not existing. Why does it change case in the forms and on the report and how can I force it to uppercase

Password validation to accept both upper and lowercase text

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On a form within excel, there is a textbox which allows the user to enter a password. This is then validated using a button which uses the If/Then statements. However, it is designed for the user to enter the password in lowercase. If the user enters it in uppercase or a mixture of both, the password is not validated.

I am looking for a code that will allow the user to be able to enter the password in either or a mixyure of both upper and lowercase.

Setting UpperCase, LowerCase and ProperCase To a Text or Combo Box

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s, I have a question about TextCases in Access Text and Combo Boxes.

When entering the data in text or combo box I want that the text case automatically be changed as I need.
I use this VBA Code:

Model.Text = UCase(Model.Text) 'Converts LowerCase To UpperCase
Model.Text = LCase(Model.Text) 'Converts UpperCase To LowerCase
Model.Text = StrConv(Model.Text, vbProperCase) 'Converts All To Normal (Proper) Case

These codes work very well (Converting Cases as needed), but can't use space bar when writing two sentences(If I have to write "Hello World" it's writing Helloworld then I have to go back and then hit to space between Hello World)

Then I put the code on Before Update Event, but getting the error "Run-Time Error '2115' The Macro or function set to the beforeupdate or validationRule property for this field preventing ms access from saving the data in the field

What I did incorrectly

Create a query to differentiate between upper and lower case

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In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a table with a field that either has a 'P' (uppercase) value or a 'p' (lowercase) value. I need to write a query that can recognize the case difference. How can I do this?

Validation for British postcodes

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Just a quick question - how would I write a validation or input mask in a table for a British postcode? They vary and can be LN NLL or LLN NLL or LLNN NLL where N = number and L = letter.

And is there a way of setting the case of an input field in a form to either uppercase or lowercase?

Converting all text input to lower case

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This seems incredibly simple, yet, I can't get it to work.

I'd like to have all user inputs into a form (or a table, for that matter) to be converted to lower case before saving.

In essence, all data must be converted to lower case and whatever data is displayed in the table is lowercase.

From the table, I've tried changing the format of the respective field to "<" but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. For some odd reason, the data still behaves as a string with uppercase characters (and this is displayed when the data is clicked. I can see the original string with the upper case characters) even though the string looks like the conversion had been made.

I also tried to modify the form directly, by using the OnChange event = =LCase([Process Path].[Text]), where Process Path is the name of the field in question.

However, this seems to do the same thing as setting the field format to "&gt

Query for Partial Uppercase Text in Field

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I know there are several ways to just convert from lower case to uppercase and I know there are things like Expr1: Asc([CountLocation]) you can use with 80 to find all uppercase records in a query, but mine is a bit different and I'm wondering if it's even possible.

I have a text field called CountLocation. The format for this should be as follows:

MAIN STREET NAME: Cross Street Name

So what I want to do is search all the records that do not have all caps before the :

Then I want to search for all the records that only have all caps after the :

The only way I could think of doing it is, text delimiting the field in say Excel by the : and then putting that as a new table in access and searching that way. Too much work I think and not very efficient. So anyone have a clue how to do a partial search for uppercase and lower case as in my example above?

make the first letter uppercase

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I would like to start making my database a little more prettier especially in the customers table. I want to make the first letter of every name etc uppercase. my staff and me are quite inconsistant so to make it easier to read and present a little better I want the formating to all be the same(apart from notes etc