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Change Row Height Of Access 2010 Database Table

Change Row Height Of Access 2010 Database Table
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Like in Excel 2010, you can also change the row and column height of Access 2010 database table. Unlike previous version, Access 2010 offers a simple way to set the width and height of table’s fields and rows. Let’s see how to customize row & fields.
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Report crash on closing if height change

Report crash on closing if height change Icon
Funny problem in Access 2010.
I have a report (in Print Preview). It's got nothing on except 2 subreports in the Details section.
If I change the Height of the subreport in the section's OnFormat event, it works fine, but Access crash when you close the report.
Simething like:
Me.MySubReport.Height = SomeHeight

Changing the height in the OnOpen works fine, but not an option for me

Change Alternate Row Color

Change Alternate Row Color Icon
Unlike Excel 2010, which doesn’t offer a direct way to format alternate rows, Access 2010 provides an easy way to format alternate rows to better visibility. To change alternate row color, open the desired database table, and head over Home tab, under Text Formatting group, from Alternate Row Color drop-down list, select a desired one.

Get new ID from the table BEFORE insert the new row.

Get new ID from the table BEFORE insert the new row. Icon
I'm programming with VB .NET 2010 and using a Microsoft Access Database file which is bound to my project as a Dataset. Now I want to know: BEFORE inserting a new row into my dataset tablewhat will be the new ID number,

Surely you know the autonumber ID of a table is different with row count number, for there may be deleted rows between the table rows. Like the following example:

Row 0: ID=1
Row 1: ID=2
Row 2: ID=4 (ID number 3 is deleted)
Row 3: ID=5
Row 4: ID=9 (ID numbers 6,7,8 are deleted)

Now how do we know what ID number of Row 5 will be before inserting the new row? Perhaps ID numbers 10 and 11 are either deleted or not, so it may be 10, may be 11 or 12 or whatever! Isthere a way to know it BEFORE adding or inserting the new row into the table?

Subform Title Bar Height

Subform Title Bar Height Icon
Is it possible to alter the height of a subform title bar in datasheet view?

I know the fileds (row height / column width) can be changed simply by dragging them but I don't know how to change the title line.

access2010 will only print one row per page

access2010 will only print one row per page Icon
Our office here has various versions of Windows and Office, our XP Pro machines uses Office 03 or 07, while our Windows 7 machines uses Office 2010.

so anyhow, we have this database in mdb format(which was created with Access 03), and when try to print out a report (print preview) using Access 2010, it outputs only one row(one record) per page.

While the same attempt with the same database using access 03 & 07, I can get as many rows (records) as one page can fit before moving onto the next page.

is this a problem on the setting of Access 2010 or my data base was probably not the most compatible with Access 2010?

Change Default Access 2010 Database Folder

Change Default Access 2010 Database Folder Icon
Like previous Access versions, Access 2010 also requires user to save database file in Documents folder before proceeding with database table creation, however, you can keep all of your databases in any other location. This post covers how to change the default database location.

Can you lock the "Row Heighht"?

Can you lock the "Row Heighht"? Icon
I'm starting to advance into sub queries. For those who may know or not know me or care to understand. I can't physically use my arms/a mouse, therefor I use a head stick/pointer with a touch screen. Often times when I've to either Expand All or Collaspe a in a query I accidently enlarge the Row Height & then I have to set the row height back to standard height -- I'm very anal in having my rows & columns be set a certain way, Sometimes in not being extra careful in draging my stick back/forth accross the screen I quite often having to make adjustments repeatedly. Access has all sorts "controls" & I just thought that it wouldn't hurt to ask

Access 2007 height of controls on form

Access 2007 height of controls on form Icon
I have noticed if I try to increase/decrease a controls height it affects all controls.

How do I change just one controls height or width?

match field size with another

match field size with another Icon
I have a report with 6 fields in a row, I only want one of them to grow or shrink depending on the amount of words in it. What I need is the other fields in the detail section to match the height of that one field. I have tried to set the height property (me.fieldA.height = me.fieldB.height) ive put this in the report open, load, current, the field itself, with no results. I am using borders on it and have also tried to set the border width

Change Access 2010 Table Field’s Data Type

Change Access 2010 Table Field’s Data Type Icon
In Access 2010, you will a lot of Table Tools to let user change table fields settings. Since data type has to be specified for each field, it also allows user to change the data type on the fly without opening database in design mode.