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change linked sheet name

change linked sheet name
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I have Access programs that are linked to Excel spreadsheets. Due to circumstances beyond my control the sheet names have been changed and I will have to use the new names in my programs.

I have tried to go into Link Manager but it does not let me change the sheet name only the file name.

Does anyone know an easy way to change the Sheet name in a linked Excel spreadsheet without messing up the connections in queries etc.
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Create a linked table from excel using VBA

Create a linked table from excel using VBA Icon
I have 10 different sheets in a workbook and I want to make link the two sheets to my database which are sheet 1 and 10. In linking the sheet 1 I am using this code:

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acLink, , "Sheet1", "Workbook1", True

by default, is getting the first sheet of the workbook.

Is there any way to put the Sheet name to be linked? My problem is how to link the Sheet 10 using vba.

Linking Excel Into Access Issue

Linking Excel Into Access Issue Icon
I am using Acc 2003, but Acc 2007 should work the same (I think).

I have linked an excel spreadsheet into my Access database. Almost all of the fields are available and can be read.

There are a few fields that I can see in Access, but its in Excel sheet. These fields were using a VLookUp function in excel to get the value from another excel worksheet.

Also the linked excel sheet has fields that I believe should be text (in Access), but its was set to be a number. I am unable to change this.

Is there a way to resolve this issue for me ?

I also assume that if I was to read each cell in the excel sheet and convert it into text files using VBA code, that should resolve the issue.

Macro to export to excel

Macro to export to excel Icon
I am using a Macro to export queries to excel. The catch is, I want to export 4 queries to excel on different sheets all in the same workbook. Is that possible?

Sheet 1: Report that is linked to the 4 queries via forumals
Sheet 2: MethodofReciept
Sheet 3: DocTypeCount
Sheet 4: ClaimsKeyed
Sheet 5: ReasonNotEntered

Macro on startup to refresh linked excel table

Macro on startup to refresh linked excel table Icon

I wonder if you can help me, I have a Access linked table to an Excel sheet that contains an SQL, to ensure that my database has the correct data I have to manually refresh the excel sheet prior to opening Access, is there a way that I could create a Macro on database satrt-up that would refresh the Excel sheet?

convert linked table

convert linked table Icon
I have linked an excel sheet to access
From within access how can I convert the linked table to a regular access table.
Microsoft shows how for access 2003 but not for 2002

The excel sheet has 92 headers on one row and that is all I'm trying to export to Access but I am unable to do it by importing external data from within access . the import fails . allheaders in excel are formated "text"

Linking cells with date format to Access

Linking cells with date format to Access Icon
I have an Excel sheet linked to Access 2007. This way when I update the Excel sheet, the queries in Access update automatically.

I have a problem with a field with date format in the Excel sheet. The query result in Access linked to this sheet, shows the value of the cell in numbers, that is the numbers that represent the date.

In Excel for eg. 23/02/2006 is equivalent to 37309. My Access query shows 37309.

What can I do so that my Access database shows the field in date format?

How to create table from VBA code

How to create table from VBA code Icon
I was wondering how I can create a table from VBA code.

Actually my database contains a linked Excel sheet. I need to export the data from this linked Excel sheet into a table because I can't execute a merge into Word.

Exporting to Specific Excel Sheet

Exporting to Specific Excel Sheet Icon
What I am trying to do is EXPORT a query to an Excel Workbook which is read only and I need the data to land in a specific sheet in the excel workbook.

I have tried transferspreadsheet vbcode etc. but nothing works quite right and the fact the spreadsheet is Read Only does not help.

The Name of the Query is "Accrual"

The Name and location of the Excel Spreadsheet is "c:\register.xls"

The Sheet inside the workbook is called "data".

I need the data to land in the "data" sheet over the top of the previous data and not create a new sheet or mess with the forumales that are linked to the "data" sheet.

Link between access and excel

Link between access and excel Icon
I want to link a button in my access database to a excel sheet. The excel seet will show me a lot of due dates. It is poosible to link the button in access so if one due date in linked excel sheet is less than 30 days to expire the button will change color to red

Removing duplicates & printing uniques

Removing duplicates & printing uniques Icon
I currently have an excel sheet that is over 1 million rows of words. When I first began this job I didnt think I would need to work in Access or a DB, but now it seeems I do. I was wondering if I could get a quick tutorial doing something very simple.

-I have a master excel sheet (A)
-then over a few days I collect a few tens of thousand more keywords and put it into sheet (B)

All I want to do is:
-compare sheet A with sheet B
-remove words in B if already in A
-print out the unique words in sheet B (non duplicates)
-Lastly uniques of sheet B added to A