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Can a report be put in a form?

Can a report be put in a form?
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I have two tables, Student Information and Student Attendance. I have a Student Information form and also a Student Attendance form. The Student Attendance form is used to input daily attendance and the apend it to the Student Attendance Table.

My Student Information form is used for inputing basic student information and then it's apended to the Student Information table.

I'd like to make each student's attendance viewable on the Student Information Form. If so, could you explain how this is done.

I've also read something about subforms. This is my first time working with Access 2007.
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Parameter value from a Form into a Report

Parameter value from a Form into a Report Icon
I have a form that open a report once I enter the parameter value for the query. Now I want include the parameter value into the report; but when I insert a textbox with=Report![Report_name]![Field_Name] the report start a loop, and give me an error.

How I can put the parameter value directly from the form, without dealing with the message box report asking me the parameter value again?

The result should display: "Old account with more than [Parameter_value(from the form, not the query)] days"

Note: The form closed once it display the report.

HOW DO I: Add or Launch Report from a Form?

HOW DO I: Add or Launch Report from a Form? Icon
I have an Access 2003 form and I have created a Report.
I cannot figure out how to put the Report or a way to launch it on my Form.

I need to pass a Date to the Report.
I have a Date Picker and Launch button on my Form.
I just can't find the control for a Report

Form label in a report

Form label in a report Icon
I created a form that basically is a launch point to a report. The form has a textbox for notes and a button to print the report. I have a label in the form which is a few lines of text, can I have the label show in the report? I put a text box in my report and the control source references the label in the form but when I print, nothing is displayed in the textbox in thereport.

Query criteria based on a form field

Query criteria based on a form field Icon
I am trying to open a report from a form using data from a field on the form as the criteria for the report query. I will try to explain.

I can get the report to open when the form field reads a single criteria like "Cross Country". My problem comes when I try to get the report to open when the field says Varsity Soccer or JV Soccer.

If I put *soccer* directly in the query criteria the report opens. If I put *soccer* in the form field and then get the query to read the criteria from the form, the report will not open.

I have also tried "Varsity soccer or JV soccer" in the field and it still does not work.

What other wording can I use to get all the Varsity soccer and JV soccer names to open in the report? Or what other approach should I use?

How to filter on an expression in a report?

How to filter on an expression in a report? Icon
I have a report that is based on a crosstab query. The crosstab query has a field called [Total by Form], which totals all occurrences of a form. On the report, I use the [Total by Form]with a field on a subreport to create a percentage expression, which I put in a text box called FormPercent.

I've now been given the task of giving the user the option on the form that's used to launch the report of filtering out all forms (I.e. rows on the report) that are less than 10%.

I've got the form setup to call the report and I pass the report an OpenArgs that tells the report whether or not to set the FilterOn property to 'Yes' or 'No'. Then, I was going to put myfilter expression in the Filter property of the report so that it would trigger when the report was run and the user indicated that they wanted to view the exceptions (those forms/rows that are equal to or greater than 10%).

I'm having trouble with the filter expression though. Can I create a filter expression for an expression that is in the report or can I only create filter expressions for fields that are in the underlying query?

Just for reference, here's the expression in the Percent11 text box:

Report Based on Form - Sort

Report Based on Form - Sort Icon
I have a report based on a query that gets its criteria from a form. I want to put a dropdown or checkbox on the form that will tell the report to sort either by room number or last name,whichever the user selects on the form.

Opening a Form/Report with a large code Module

Opening a Form/Report with a large code Module Icon
And which Access must load each time it opens the form/report which could slow it down is it easier/smoother to put the codeinto a general module that Access will load at startup and keep loaded and call the procs from the form/report module reducing the amount of code in these modules and speeding up the openingof the form/report

Filter Report with Dropdowns

Filter Report with Dropdowns Icon
I have a couple reports I am working on that are giving me a tough time. What I am trying to accomplish is to add dropdown boxes at the top of the report that when selected will filter the report based on the selection made.

I assume I will have to create a form and put the drop downs in the form header and make the report a subreport to that form. Past that I'm not sure how to make it so when I make the selection it automatically filters the report.

My fields I am trying to filter by are Invoice, House, Brand and then on a yes/no value for a field called Billed Back. I can provide more details if needed.

Button on form to print report for current record

Button on form to print report for current record Icon
I want to put a button in my input form so it can print a report looking at only the current record I am in using2007.

See names below:

Input Form: CC Form Entry
Unique Field: CC Number
Report: Customer Complaint Form

Filter By Form Report (combobox issue)

Filter By Form Report (combobox issue) Icon
I am using this help page to create a report based of my filter by form.

when I apply the filter to the form, the filter applies correctly. but as soon as I try to put those results into a report I get boxes asking me to enter in asset_typeID.

problem is that when I filter with combo boxes, it returns the name of the asset_type and not the asset_TypeID.
ex. for laptops the ID = 4