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Bound vs. unbound controls

Bound vs. unbound controls
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What is the difference between bound and unbound controls in MS Access? How do they differ? And when on an MS Access Form in design view, how can we tell if a form is bound or not?
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Using a Form to save data from one Table to another

Using a Form to save data from one Table to another Icon
There is a public master database with a bunch of tables and data in it being maintained by another group. Need to skim some information from this, add some of information to it, and save it in a completely separate .mdb file on our server.

I've used Access to link to the public database, built a custom table just for us, and built a form. The form uses bound controls on the left side to pull in data from the public database, and unbound controls on the right side for user entry of data.

I coded a VBA save button that should save all controls (bound/imported as well as unbound/data entry) to our local table.

The unbound controls save just fine, but the bound controls are missing from the table. A new row is created with no problems, I get no error messages, but half the fields in the table are just blank.

Combo Box Properties (2003)

Combo Box Properties (2003) Icon
I have a sub form on which there are 3 different sets of controls. Only 1 set will be visible by the user depending upon a selection made in the 2nd control on the form. I am trying to sue the visible property and change it in VBA depending upon the 2nd control. e.g.
However each time I run it I get the message error #438, Object does not support this property or method. The 3 controls being changed consist of 2 unbound combo boxes and 1 unbound text box (they would all be bound to the same fields which is why they are currently not bound. I will update the actual table later when all the data has been entered.

I am sure I have done this before but stupidly cannot remember how.

Unbound combobox AfterUpdate

Unbound combobox AfterUpdate Icon
On some form I have several unbound combobox controls. Whenever some of them is changed, I want:
1. reset the values for other combos on same form;
2. reset Filter and FilterOn properties for subform on same form;
3. reset Rowsource for a record locating combobox on this subform.

Currently I use combo's AfterUpdate's events for this - like:


The problem is, those events are fired whenever something on combo is selected - even when the combos value really remains same.

I want, that event will be fired only, when some combo's value was really changed, and I can't use OldValue property here, as this works only with bound controls (for unbound controls it is always same as controls current value). So I need something along lines:

Locking bound controls

Locking bound controls Icon
How to prevent users accidentally overwriting data in a Microsoft Access database by locking the bound controls on a form. Handles subforms recursively. Allows you to specify controls that will not be unlocked.

Multi-select images for report - create array?

Multi-select images for report - create array? Icon
I have 10 unbound image controls on a form and below each I have a bound radio button. On my report, I have 5 unbound image controls. The user selects multiple images on the form with a maximum of 5 selections.

Let's assume the radio buttons representing the image controls on the form are named 1-10. Let's also assume the image controls on the report are named A, B, C, D, E.

In all cases, image control A on the report will contain image 1 and image control B will contain image 2. For C, D and E they would display the remaining selected images from the form. How these images are ordered is not important.

How can I dynamically assign the remaining selected images to image controls C, D and E on the report?

Why does my Undo button become active for some changes but not others.

Why does my Undo button become active for some changes but not others. Icon
I have an Undo button on my form that is supposed to become active whenever a change is made. This works fine whenever I change a bound field.

However, I also have unbound fields on the form. Once I change an unbound field, this appears to mess up the UnDo logic as from that point, changing a bound field no longer causes the Undo button to become active.

Ideally, I'd like the UnDo button to work with both bound and unbound fields but at least I'd like to prevent the unbound fields from messing up the UnDo for the bound fields.

Why unbound from as Splash Screen??

Why unbound from as Splash Screen?? Icon
Can someone explain why this is? Is it just preference to not have bound forms? Can you not have a splash screen that is bound to anything?

Haven't looked into this too much as I'm pretty novice to the development side of forms and such. Someone mentioned unbound in one of my questions and I just saw a tutorial about creating splash screen and it mentions you should create an unbound form

Unlock form by default and user can manually lock it

Unlock form by default and user can manually lock it Icon
I'm currently using Access 2007 and I would like to lock down controls in a form with a button, I read about some pretty clever coding for locking bound controls, but it doesn't quite fit my needs. The new forms usually open in a locked state (which bothers me a bit since data will be added regularly), while some blank textboxes, that the user has to fill by himself, are not locked at all.

I would like the form to open unlocked by default (or at least apply no locks on a newly created form), so that the user can manually lock all the controls, bound or unbound, with a click on a command button, after he's finished. Maybe it's not kosher with Access, but I'd prefer to avoid heavy programming in VBA...

unbound text box filter by form on Split Form

unbound text box filter by form on Split Form Icon
I have a split form, with several unbound text boxes, which I would normally use as a filter by form type function. the query has criteria bound to these text boxes.

My problem is that I cannot seem to get the mouse to focus on the unbound text boxes on this split form. when I click in the unbound filter by form text box, the focus immediately moves to the first text box that is bound to data on the form.

Then I will try recreating my split form in a different way. if it is a problem, If perhaps a split form cannot have any unbound data entry controls on it, then I could create a form with the search criteria on, and keep the forms separate. If I was to do this, though I would like to 'dock' this form at the top of the window, and then have the split form 'dock' underneath, as if there was an application level window splitter control. Another option might be to put the filter by form text boxes in the ribbon, and I have added some stuff here, but I am unsure how I might refer to the control in a query criteria.

Data Set not Refreshing after Delete

Data Set not Refreshing after Delete Icon
I have two textboxes and a combo box all bound to columns in the Reminders table. My ADD and UPDATE buttons work perfect, and refresh the data in my bound controls afterward.

I cannot for the life of me get my DELETE button to refresh my bound controls after I click the delete button and delete a row. The deleted row is still in my controls until I exit from the form and reenter.

I have tried clearing the data set, re-filling, etc. I cannot get anything to work.