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Basic Skills and Tools Using Access

Basic Skills and Tools Using Access
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1. Describe the primary functions using Microsoft Access.
2. Describe the steps for creating a new database file using Microsoft Access.
3. Describe the steps for creating and modifying a table and fields using Microsoft Access.
4. Describe the steps for creating relationships between tables using Microsoft Access.
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Multiple values comparison.

Multiple values comparison. Icon
I got 3 tables called Skills, Employee and Position. Tables Employee and Position have Skills column which is multiple valued.
I need to fetch every employee who has set of skills that is required in given Position. What I am trying to do is to compare set of skills in Employee and Position and select employees with full match of skills.

Below, I attached my ERD diagram of database

Project Involving Table Relationships

Project Involving Table Relationships Icon
So I've been given this project where I have to develop an access 2007 database where a query can be used to match employees to available projects based on employee skill set and required project skills.

How should I go about this?

I've tried making a bunch of tables and relating them, but its not matching employee skills to project skills

How to query boolean values from table

How to query boolean values from table Icon
I am kind of new to Access and SQL in General and have a table of employee skills and have them as boolean values. I want to query the table and find out which columns have been checked also how would I have a form ask to this query so someone could look for certain skills in a emloyee and have the query return employees who have some or all of the skills.

Form design question

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I'm looking for some high-level guidance here. I have two tables, tblVolunteers and tblSkills. tblVolunteers contains a lookup column listing every skill for each volunteer. I'm writing a form that has a listbox with all skills; I want the user to highlight whatever skills she's interested in, and the second listbox will contain all volunteers that have those skills.

What's the best way to do this? Do I bind some VBA to the AfterUpdate event of the skills listbox, which performs a query, and pushes the results into the second listbox? Or do I set the row source of the volunteers listbox to a query whose WHERE clause is based on the skills listbox? Or something else?

How would you approach this

Having problems with nested iif

Having problems with nested iif Icon
I have created a database that records whether our staff have specific skills relating to the use of software program. Some skills are mandatory for some staff to have and some are optional.

We plan to assess annually whether they possess each skill. I want to be able to report on how many staff have all their mandatory skills at each assessment but I run out of space in the expression builder in the query that I was building and I don't have much experience with vba.

The code I was using in the expression builder of my query looks something like this.

Proficient: (IIf([Skills]="CHANGE PASSWORD" And [Skills]='OUT OF OFFICE' And [Skills]='CHANGE PERSONAL INFORMATION'.,"Proficient","Not")).

In this example I stopped at three skills but there could be up to 30 that would be necessary for a person to be deemed proficient at their assessment and that is why I am running out of space in the expression builder window.

Switchboard Forms

Switchboard Forms Icon
I have completed of my entry for my database and am now getting ready to deploy part of the database for my users. I will be adding more information and tables to the database at a later date once this part is officially completed.

My question is am I able to create a multilayered switchboard? Basically what I would like to have is the Main Switchboard where the users can access either Skills Inventory, Safety, or Licensing.

So since the Skills inventory is the completed database that is the first one I will be building. Once the users click on Skills Inventory I would like that to take them to a different switchboard where they will be able to access the reports and queries.


Microsoft Access (the Relational Database Management System), is the Jewell among Ms-Office Suite of Applications, comes with superior Designing Tools and with built-in Visual Basic Language. These Pages are not intended for Beginner's Tutorial Lessons but for those who have at least some basic knowledge of Designing MS-Access Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros and have general understanding of Visual Basic (the Programming Language of all MS-Office Applications) Modules, Function Procedures, Event Procedures etc.

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