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automatic import of data

automatic import of data
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We are building a database to keep track of safety observations.

Everyday, excel files will be emailed to me with observation material (20 items).

I would like access to automatically ping my email, see the excel file and add to, not overwrite data in a table.

This would save tons of data entry as I may receive up to 50 email a day with the file. Also, would each file that comes in as an email attachment have to be named the same
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Import data from Excel to Access

Import data from Excel to Access Icon
I have difficulty in doing my database project. I have an excel workbook where users enter all the data in the cells. Later, from Access I need to import all the data that I have filled earlier in Excel. I know we would need to use Import wizard. It is tedious to do so moreover if the data in Excel is updated. So, I'm looking for help how to import the data from Excel to Access using VBA. Really looking for feedbacks

Import Excel data with acImport

Import Excel data with acImport Icon
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport,
_"ImportTest", _"Z:1996.xls",
_True, _"P:Q"

So how do I embed this. I would like to have a button in a form "Import Data" which activates the Import. Then, wenn the import is successfully completed, there should be a confirmation.

Additionally, I do not want that the import overwrites data, it should just add the new data. The Excel sheet will always remain in the same structure. I will just add some data on a daily basis.

Import Spreadsheet or Text Data Into a Table

Import Spreadsheet or Text Data Into a Table Icon
Before attempting to import a spreadsheet or text data into a table in Access 2003, you should make sure that the spreadsheet you want to import has the same type of data in each field (column) and the same fields in every row, or that the data you want to import is arranged in an appropriate tabular format. Follow these easy directions to import a spreadsheet into Access 2003.

Import VBA

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I need to create an import button for the database that allows users to import data from another databse. The code needs to allow the user to select tables, forms, queries, etc etc etc.

I know there is an import tool in external data heading, but I dont want the end user to have access to design features. If I can create code that replicates the import access data feature in "external data" heading. that would be great , "but how

Import Data from Microsoft Excel

Import Data from Microsoft Excel Icon
Maybe you have noticed that Excel spreadsheets do not always import data very nicely into Access. Sure, Access can import data from various sources with just a few clicks, but Excel files seem to give the most grief. Out of necessity, I created a code module that employs automation to loop through rows of an Excel spreadsheet and systematically add data to an Access table, cell by cell. While this is not exactly a "cut and paste" solution for your data import, it does provide a nice starting point.

import text specification

import text specification Icon
I have data in comma delimited files. I have a database shell that I want to import the text files into. The database shell (downloaded from the Census) contains import specifications for different types of data to import. I can import each file one at a time manually and choose the correct import specification from a list of values. I want to patch together a macro or some code to automate the procedure because it is very tedious and easy to make an error. I need it for my thesis research. I am less proficient with the code, but I am trying to learn. I have created a few macros for other projects

Trying to Import in Access Data Project

Trying to Import in Access Data Project Icon
I have an Access(2003) Data Project that is connected to a Sql Server 2008 Express. I am trying to import a text file into one of the tables using the Import Wizard but I get an error message saying it doesn't recognize the table I am trying to import into.

I have a primary key set on the table so it can accept entries

Excel Import - The SearchKey was not found in any record

Excel Import - The SearchKey was not found in any record Icon
I'm using the Import Wizard in A2010 to import data from an Excel 2010 worksheet. There are 64 columns and 27,700 rows. The procedure throws the error above and halts the import. Any ideawhat this means and how to get around it?

Import data from excel but keeping old information

Import data from excel but keeping old information Icon
I import data from and excel sheet into the database using the saved imports button on the external tab, what I would like to know is there a way to keep the old data as well as when I run the import it over writes the table,

The reason I ask is the excel document is a crystal report put into excel and uploaded but I only get the last months data so could I change it to add the new to the bottom of the table

Access database with import excel table slot

Access database with import excel table slot Icon
first of all I want to greet you all. This is my first post here. Horaaay

I must say I am not found of Access, the last time when I used it it was in middle school :/ but unfortunately because of my job I need to use it more and more. damn databases. hahah.

My question is, I need to make a database, like a main database where I can import all my data from different excel tables. I know that there is the possibility to import, but the thing is I need to have the ability to choose where to import which column. how to do that?. oh yea all the import excel data should have a separate table in the database and should be also shown in a "main table" where every data should be