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"Automatic Configuration of Access has failed" 2007 was working fi

"Automatic Configuration of Access has failed" 2007 was working fi
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I have access 2003 and 2007 on the computer. I was copying some vba code from 2003 and then testing it in 2007. I shut down everything and then tried to restart access 2007. When I did, I got an installer screen and then the following message:
"Automatic Configuration of the current version of Microsoft Office Access has failed. Your database might not function correctly. This can occur if you do not have the necessary permissions to install Microsoft Access on this computer"
I can no longer run access 2007 as it shuts down after this message.
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My Office 2010 install had problems, Outlook failed, Access failed with "side-by-side configuration error message. I tried repair numerous times, finally caved in and did uninstall and reinstalled.

Outlook works, Access still fails with side-by-side configuration error message.

I had Office 2007 installed with Office 2010 and everything worked just fine. Outlook 2010 worked great, all other Office 2007 and 2010 programs worked fine, then problems developed.

Now Outlook 2010 is fine. But now Access 2010 doesn't work. I uninstalled all 2007 programs and still have the side-by-

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I have recently downloaded and installed VS2010 evaluation copy. I loaded a VS2002 programme I have been working on and until today it compiled and ran fine. Now I get this error."Error while trying to run project: Unable to start programme "c:\CreateF1Screens\bin\CreateF1Screens.exe.

This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Review etc etc"

Done what it suggested - still errors.

Microsoft Access Datbase Engine 2010

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I have an application that requires Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010. The application tries to install it but fails, I downloaded the .exe from Microsoft and tried running and failed. The message states "The installation of this package failed".

I have Microsoft Office 2003. I even deleted the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2007 from the Contral Panel and tried it but it again failed. Is it a permissions issue?

Access 2010 adp bugs

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I had a working adp that started life in Access 2003, was successfully upgraded to Access 2007, and has now been "upgraded" to Access 2010. A number of issues have arisen, all of which seem like Access 2010 bugs to me.

The Access 2007 version and the Access 2010 version are both connecting to the same SQL Server 2008 database. The issues only exist in Access 2010.

* A form which used Me.OrderBy to sort the recordsource crashed Access 2010 after working fine in Access 2003 and 2007.
* Settings for a form's InputParameters which worked fine in Access 2003 and 2007 now crashed Access 2010.
* Access 2010 incorrectly decided that a foreign key id field in a form "cannot be updated because it is an autonumber". In this particular case, the problem does NOT occur if the record source is "Select P.* From dbo.Payment P", which is the table containing an actorID foreign key.

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Is there a vba function that causes a chart in Access 2007 to update or refresh? I am seeing new data within the table (XBar1), this is the same table that is selected under the chart's properties for "Row Source".

I have "Automatic" selected under the chart's "Update Options" property. The only way to get the chart to update to this table isto close the form and re-open it, I'd like this same functionality but at the end of my vba macro,

Special Characters in Access 2007

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I'm working on a database that has fields filled in with sizes (I.e. 1.5", 2", 3", etc.). I know the " shouldn't have been used but it was.

When writing a query to show only 1" items I get the message "The expression you entered has an invalid string." I usually can get past this by putting the " in brackets (like this ["]) and I could go on, but now that I am using access 2007 (was on 2003) I get this message; "The expression you entered contains invalid syntax."

I've tried to manually add the outside quotes but that doesn't seem to work. When I look up the second message it gives the special character fix, using brackets.

Printout Problem, error 2501

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I've created an application in access 2003, installed it on another computer that has the following configuration:
Windows XP, Office 2007, Access runtime 2003, and I've removed the access 2007 from the office package.
The following error happens when the user is trying to print a report. "The action Printout was canceled, Error 2501"
A message of the error handling that I've created focuses the problem on the Function "PrintNormalTas" which has the following code lines:

Compact and Repair an Access Runtime Application

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I'm building a Runtime app in Access 2007 that will be run by many people who are quite INexperienced with computers, and will have even less experience with Access. Is there a SAFE way tocompact and repair an Access 2007 Runtime program?

I keep seeing warnings about using the automatic compact and repair in the Access Options of 2007. However, I'm worried about data bloat if this is never done.

Does anyone out there have experience with Access 2007 Runtime using the automatic compact and repair?

TransferSpreadsheet Error 3434 "Cannot expand named range"

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Development in Access 2007 & Excel 2007
To be deployed on Access 2007 & Excel 2007 AND Access 2007 (runtime) & Excel 2003

This code runs fine when it is executed on Access 2007 and Excel 2007. However, it fails on Access 2007 RUNTIME and Excel 2003 "Error 3434 "Cannot expand named range""

I have defined a Named Range in the Template (Data!A1:AC60000). The Data tab is the basis for predefined calculations in the ensuing Excel file . Should I be transferring to "Data!A1" instead of a Named range?

pastespecial method of range class failed

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I am working on a program with multiple excel files, copying the same cells off each one, and adding the transpose of all of them to a table in access. The programming is in vba in access.

However, the pasteSpecial method isn’t working for me, and I’m always getting a “pastespecial method of range class failed”. I tried a lot of things already but nothing seems to work.

So I tried something simpler, simply adding values to an excel document, copying and pasting the transpose two cells over with the pasteSpecial. But it’s STILL not working. When I run the program, the excel sheet opens and I see the data, I see it's copied, and the cell E1 is selected, but it's not pasting.

I can go in and manually press pasteSpecial, transpose. and is consistently throwing the "pastespecial method of range class failed" error.