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Auto-populate and Attachment Problem

Auto-populate and Attachment Problem
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Firstly I would like to auto populate certain fields base on a ride name but do not know how to go about doing that. Next, whenever I start filling in a form, and when I wan to attached a file it always show "Cannot update. Database or object is read-only". I can only attached a file when I go next and then go back which I think is not really practical.
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Auto Populate fields

Auto Populate fields Icon
I have a form (see attached) which has a field called PropertyID. Originally I had Indexed set to yes(duplicates OK). When I would enter an ID the manufacturer, model, and serial # fields would auto populate.

I then realized that with that setting users can enter duplicate data. When I changed Indexed to Yes(No Duplicates) I lost the auto populate function.

I would like to have the best of both worlds. I need the field to stay Unique as well as populate those 3 fields.

Understanding relationships and auto populate...

Understanding relationships and auto populate... Icon
It may help to understand what kind of tables I currently have in Access 2010.

I have an employee table that shows employees and some basic information about each of them. This table has an employee ID field that is not an autonumber but it is unique to each employee (10004928).

I have other tables that also use that same field and I want the first and last names to auto populate based on the main employee table. These other tables are tracking OT and Vacation time used.

How do I make the later tables auto populate the name fields when you key the employee ID?

Is there a way to auto-populate one field with the same data for each record?

Is there a way to auto-populate one field with the same data for each record? Icon
I have an Access 2010 database I am building and I would like to have the same value auto-populate into the one particular field for each new each record, so the users do not have to always type it in or use a drop-down menu via a combo box to bring it up. Is there a way to do that?

Auto Populate Fields like user ID address etc.

Auto Populate Fields like user ID address etc. Icon
Could someone please explain in very basic terms of how to auto populate a field in a table. I would like to enter a user ID and the address, name ect comes up...

Auto Populate from combobox but save in new table

Auto Populate from combobox but save in new table Icon
What I am trying to do is select a book from the comb box and have the other information auto-populate. That being said I also want it to save in the feedback table. I know this is duplicating data but it is what I need for stat purposes and exporting to excel later. I have attached photos to show the books table...

Auto populate based on similar entry

Auto populate based on similar entry Icon
Is it possible to auto populate an Access text field in a form when one begins typing the letters, based upon similar entries made from previous file entries in this same field in the database?

This would be similar to how Office or Word does an auto type based upon the initial letters typed.

I've searched the forums and found a number of inquiries regarding auto population, but they're usually tied to another field or table, not the same field in the same database

Auto Populate Invoice

Auto Populate Invoice Icon
I have a spreadsheet with 2 sheets: 1) Invoice and 2) Inventory. What I would like to do is, when I type in the part # in the invoice, I would like the Description and List Price to auto-populate with the appropriate data for that part #.

Email: auto populate "TO"

Email: auto populate "TO" Icon
Auto populate “To” email field with email that’s associated with that reports recorded vendor

Problem with fields on a form (relationships?)

Problem with fields on a form (relationships?) Icon
I've got a database (inherited) and theres an strange problem with two of the fields.

There are three tabs on the form, each is populated by the user with data for the record, and each of these tabs is putting data into a specific table (one for each tab). Not sure if it is relevant but the value going into the fields inquestion are the primary key fields for two of the three tables.

When one of these fields is populated on the form, the other two automatically populate with this value.

However, this is the only way they can be populated, the number has to go into the textbox for field 3, and field 1 and 2 populates. I can't enter into field 1 or2.

This is how we would like it to work, but I want to populate one of the other fields first (field 1), and the remaining two auto populate.

The problem is, no one here as an access expert and no one nor I can understand how these fields are linked? Everyone is scratching their heads at it.

Updating records with attachment fields

Updating records with attachment fields Icon
I maintain a 9 year old database which I recently converted to Access 2007. While doing so, an attachment field was added to one of the tables.
My problem: I recently gathered some data in the attachment fields in the development copy of the database and wanted to transfer the additions to the production table. The update query came back with a message to the effect that you can't use an attachment field in an update query.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what is the workaround? VB or manual re-entry of the data