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Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking
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I am trying to design a very simple database for tracking attendance of my church's youth group. We meet weekly and for various events and fundraisers. I want to be able to track who attended each week or each event. I would also like to use it to be able to print out contact info (phone, email, etc. ) So far, I have is Tbl_Students and a form to enter in their information.
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Database Desing for Tracking Attendance

Database Desing for Tracking Attendance Icon
I am creating student attendance tracking system in With attendance I need to track students attendance every day and want to generate charts with those data.

Charts for Daily Attendance report, Weekly Report, and monthly Report. For this how to design database in msaccess?

Can a report be put in a form?

Can a report be put in a form? Icon
I have two tables, Student Information and Student Attendance. I have a Student Information form and also a Student Attendance form. The Student Attendance form is used to input daily attendance and the apend it to the Student Attendance Table.

My Student Information form is used for inputing basic student information and then it's apended to the Student Information table.

I'd like to make each student's attendance viewable on the Student Information Form. If so, could you explain how this is done.

I've also read something about subforms. This is my first time working with Access 2007.

Call records not showing attendance date

Call records not showing attendance date Icon
I have 2 tables (student Info) and (student attendance)and a form called (DNS (did not show)) basically in the student attendance I record the dates that a student attended class.

What I am trying to figure out it the sql query or VBA to call the records that are not associated with dates from the attendance table between and including 2 dates.

For example: on My form I have 2 txt boxes that I place in Mondays date and say Weds date I need to see who hasn't been recorded for attendance between and including the dates in the range.

IE who doesn't have at least 7/18 7/19 7/20 but I could also chose the first and the 30th of any month so I need a formula referring to the 2 boxes.

Club Database and daily attendance date recorded

Club Database and daily attendance date recorded Icon
I need an example of a gym or club/martial-art attendance database. what I want to do is type in a code for a member and his or her attendance is recorder on a table as a date. So that a t a later point I can see out of several hundred members who hasn't been in between a specific date. And so that I can do statistics later on.

Need Specific Data

Need Specific Data Icon
I want to be able to count data in a field in my database. The field is called ATTENDANCE. Under attendance are options like ATTENDED and REFUSED and SICK etc.

I want to sum up all of a persons attendance on a report to show they attended 6 classes, refused 2 classes, etc.

It seems this should be a lot easier than I'm making it out to be.

How to manage data

How to manage data Icon
Add, Edit, Find, Replace, Sort and Filter Data. Whether you are recording grades for your students, tracking attendance, doing research, or evaluating survey data, you can make more sense of the information by analyzing it within a database program.

Not in Attendance

Not in Attendance Icon
I am using Access 2003 on Windows XP. I have an attendance list, for our Sunday School students. Attendance is spotty, with not every student there every Sunday. I am able to create a report showing which students were there on a particular day.

How do I create a report that shows which students were NOT there on a Sunday?

Attendance File Processing with Update Query or Code

Attendance File Processing with Update Query or Code Icon
I need an efficient way to enter attendance. Here's how I envision the process. User will select class. Students in class will be displayed with a text box to receive attendance hours.

Also, on the form, there will be two independent text boxes for date and possible class hours. User will enter date, and hours for each student. Once data entry is complete, I need an update query or code to update the class date and possible class hours from the independent text boxes into the attendance table. The attendance tablewill be structured like this:

AttendID, EnrollID, Class Date, Actual Class Hours,

Which shipping company issued a tracking number?

Which shipping company issued a tracking number? Icon
A2003 on WinXP
We order packages from many vendors and they each use one of three shipping carriers: UPS, USPS (US Postal Service) or Fedex. I have a field in my table which stores the tracking number we are given from the vendor.

I have a label on my form which I want to turn into a clickable link based on the tracking number. But I have to determine, from the tracking number only, which shipper issued the tracking number. Is this possible? Or does the user have to manually choose (and I store on the table) which company issued the tracking number

Return only records that match multiple conditios

Return only records that match multiple conditios Icon
These are two fields from a query that are related to hazardous material packages that I am tracking. What we have is a tracking number(so in this example there are two unique tracking numbers = 2 packages) and F3 which means if the package was scanned a certain way. I want to know of any package where all the F3 values are zero. There are hundreds of unique tracking numbers, but I just copied a couple to keep it simple.

What method would I use to approach this?