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Arrows on textbox remove

Arrows on textbox remove
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I have various textboxes on my form. However when you point to a specific textbox some arrow type buttons appear on the right side of the textbox impeding on the actual textbox space. I do not want these there, is there a way to remove them?
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confused with append method

confused with append method Icon
here it goes,

I have tabcontrol with 3 page in it. every page consists of 5 text boxes
4 boxes are set visible to false, not until the first box meet the certain criteria and the second box will be visible, when the 2nd box meet the 2nd criteria the box will be visible as well and so on.
the second and third page are the same with page 1. they have 5 boxes each tabpage and same condition as page1.

now, my question is.

how can I append the records in a table in just 1 field without blanks.

let say, on page 1
textbox 1 = 10
textbox 2 = 15
textbox 3 = 20
textbox 4 not visible
textbox 5 not visible
on page 2
textbox 1 = 5
textbox 2 = 18
textbox 3 not visible
textbox 4 not visible
textbox 5 not visible
on page 3
textbox 1 = 3
textbox 2 not visible
textbox 3 not visible
textbox 4 not visible
textbox 5 not visible

the table will appears like this

Table sample

How to update textbox using combobox

How to update textbox using combobox Icon
my question is, what can I do so that when I click a command button the text shown in a textbox or combobox will be added to an other textbox preserving the old values for that textbox

TextBox Content

TextBox Content Icon
I have made an application with some textbox. I found that when I click on a textbox, its content and texts are moved to right. It seems there is one space at the begin of the textbox.

SET focus back to TEXTBOX if validation does NOT pass

SET focus back to TEXTBOX if validation does NOT pass Icon
I have a textbox with a validation in the "lost focus" property. if the text the user inputs in the textbox is incorrect, it clears out the textbox. but, for some reason after the validation message box appears for the user, the cursor moves to the next textbox. how do I get the cursor to go back to the original textbox with the validation? Basically, until the user enters a correct string, the cursor will not move to the next textbox

Enable checkbox when locked textbox changes

Enable checkbox when locked textbox changes Icon
I have a form that has a locked textbox and other textboxes (not locked) and some checkboxes. I would like to enable two of the checkboxes when the data on the textbox changes. I added a not visible textbox with the control source of the locked textbox and used it's afterupdate event, but this does not fire as I tab through the records. What do I need to do to make thiswork?

Unwanted Lookups automatically added to Forms

Unwanted Lookups automatically added to Forms Icon
I'm a beginner in Access and just completed a 3 day class. Was doing fine until a few days ago. I created a table in a new database, and put in a lookup in one of the fields of the table. Realizing that I should have done this in the corresponding form instead, I tried to delete it.

When I created the form, the control for that table field had the up/down lookup arrows on the control, even though there was no list to look up.

Could not delete it. I started over with a new database and got the same results.
Now - every single form I try to create, either in existing databases or new ones, has the lookup arrows on every control of a text field. I am not adding lookups to the tables or the forms.The forms have no lists of data to look up, just the arrows.

How do I get rid of this? I have done several dozen tests and keep getting the same results.

AfterUpdate Not Firing

AfterUpdate Not Firing Icon
I have a subform which has a textbox in the footer which calculates a total amount. On my main form I have a textbox with the control source set to the textbox on my subform.

What I want to do, is every time this textbox changes, to update another textbox with the same amount. So Textboxtotal and TextboxCopy are the same all the time.

I understand that the afterupdate event wont fire as it is not updates via keypress, but I'm stuck there.

sorting data in a textbox control

sorting data in a textbox control Icon
To sort data in a txt box. I am using this textbox on a report and have concatenated group totals in the textbox.

I need to find the Median of the list and in order to do this, the list, in the textbox needs to be sorted.

data from one form to another form..

data from one form to another form.. Icon
I have 2 tables in microsoft access with corresponding forms (table1:form1) & (table2:form2). in form1 I have 3 fields: result(dropdown) & name(textbox)&address(textbox).in form2 I have 2 fields: name(textbox)& address(textbox).

what I want is when I choose the "POSITIVE" in the form1 result(dropdown),the name(textbox)and address(textbox) I entered are copied to name(textbox) & address(textbox) inform2 and this will happen as I exit the form1 or if ill make a new record.

sum in form footer

sum in form footer Icon
I have this problem and I cant figure it out how many times I have tried it myself.

I have this subform, and it has 4 textbox: three that is bound and the one that is unbound form.

when I do calculations in the bound textbox, I can successfully arrive at the sum of textbox3 but when I sum the fourth unbound textbox, it give an error inside the textbox.

Does it mean I cannot make a summation of an UNBOUND textbox