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Architects room data sheets

Architects room data sheets
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I have produced all my tables for my room data sheets (I only have 2, one for general room information which contains unique text or yes/no check boxes and the second for equipment whichwill be within each room) but I am now a little stuck with the room information input form (my main form which will allow users to input the data for each room and add or delete existingrooms).

Within my room information input form I have the room number and name at the top and have tabbed pages for each section of the room data sheets, piped services, wastes, power and comms.etc.I haven't had any problems setting these up so far and all seem to work fine.

I now need to add the relevant equipment which will be within each room. I have created a separate table for each piece of equipment with the relevant information eg name, manufacturer, size, required services.etc.

I would like a tabbed page within my room information input form which produces a drop down list where I can select a piece of equipment (from my equipment table) and type in the quantity of that piece of equipment within the room, once I have selected a piece of equipment I want it to produce a second drop down list where I could add a secondor third if required.

Currently when I insert the table it does just that and gives me a list of all the items within my equipment table. This tells me I should not be importing the table but I'm not sure what ineed to produce (table, query,form)
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Query based report question - run report on one record

Query based report question - run report on one record Icon
So I have 3 tables in my DB, Estate, Room and Item. Every estate has multiple rooms, each room has multiple items. I have made acceptable data entry forms for my employees using split forms/nested data sheets. I have record navigation button that switched the estate the user is viewing.

I want a button to create a report for the estate at hand. This report will show the items in the estate, grouped by room. I have the report showing what I want, but the problem is that it is reporting on all estates - not just the active one.

How can I do this? I am trying to keep this as user friendly (least amount of typing/ideally just a single button) as possible.

Data Model Example: Hotel Room Booking Scenario

Data Model Example: Hotel Room Booking Scenario Icon
The following data model is designed to hold information relating to a Hotel Room Booking System.
For this scenario we need to define the following facts:
These facts define the requirements which the Database must meet and should be agreed between the Database User and the Database Designer prior to physical creation.
A local hotel needs a system that keeps track of its bookings (future, current and archived), rooms and guests. A room can be of a particular type and a particular price band. Room prices vary from a room to a room (depending on its type, available facilities, band, etc.) and from a season to a season (depending on the time of the year).

Queries by table data

Queries by table data Icon
I am stuck on, honestly, All I have saved in the file is table data (about a hotel, dates, type of room, etc) and I am trying to create queries that determine average length of stay based on room type, average number of visitors per roomtype, base income per room, strongest customer base, etc.

I am completely stuck on how to run a query for the first request (average length of stay based on room type.

I am pretty familiar with excel and what I would have done was determine the # of days based on the arrival/departure date and then run an averageif function for each room type. I don't know what to do with access though.

Format info on form by type

Format info on form by type Icon
There is a query or table that has all data as seen in the pic. The pic shows form dividers which essentially partition the form by room. My clunky idea is to create several subforms. Each with a room header and then a student detail section. Each subform will have to have a query based on the room.

Each form can grow or shrink and maybe even not be visible (no students in room 56). Size and presence of the subform could be detected and subforms placed and positioned.

Reports have an excellent solution to this with a group by option. No option exists for forms.

Conversion from Excel to Access

Conversion from Excel to Access Icon
I have a document that I am wondering if it can be converted into an Access database, how easy it will be, and if it can retain the same functionality as my current book.

Let me first explain the Excel workbook.

The book is full of formatted "documents" used to standardize our consulting process. The first couple of worksheets are data input areas,

Every sheet "pulls" information from another sheet, and some sheets have multiple sheets that they pull data from.

Some sheets are simply contracts that can be printed and most have calculations built in.

Crosstab query to return the items list

Crosstab query to return the items list Icon
I have a database of light fixture symbols/identifiers, I.e. E01, E02, etc. The table contains other information about the fixture. In this table I have created a string to store a list of locations.

I have another table with records that contain a room property as well as the light fixture key. So for example, a series of records could be:
E01 - living room
E02 - living room
E01 - dining room
E03 - kitchen
E01 - kitchen

The tables are linked and I want to create a report that shows all the light fixture data, including a list of all the rooms in which that fixture is used.
E01 - living room, dining room, kitchen
E02 - dining room
E03 - kitchen

I created a crosstab query that shows the quantity of each light fixture in each room, but I can't figure out how to use that to get what I want.
Ideally, all I want is a string to use in a report, but I'm not sure how to get it.

I think I've just gotten too bogged down in the problem.

Date and time serch

Date and time serch Icon
and im no vb pro too), SOooo Im stuck in a project! here it goes

I have a two tables
1 Rooms
---------------------(holds room details)
Room no
Room type

2 Reservation
--------------------(Holds reservation)
Room No
Start Date
Start Time
End Date
End Time

from this I like get the reservation detail mostly notreserved details
like: if a room reserved
2007/06/05 12:00 to 2007/06/07 13:00
this room shuold not apear in the serch query results (if I serched for free roms
between 2007/06/05/ any time to 2007/06/06 any time

transfering data from different queries to on excel file in different sheets

transfering data from different queries to on excel file in different sheets Icon
I m access user. I have made some queries. & want to transfer data from different queries to on excel file in different sheets. I have tried transfersheet macro. but. it transfers with one inverted coma in text column. due to this the data exported to excel is no use to me. as I m not able to upload the same to another application or even apply vlook in excel which is my basic purpose for doing this entire thing

Prevent double booking!

Prevent double booking! Icon
I'm doing a project on a database system for room reservation, in the booking table I have the booking id, room name and client id, and the date in and the date, out how would I do to ensurethat when I'm booking a room on a certain date in and date out, the room is available and not booking?

Msg to pop-up if a form has been updated?

Msg to pop-up if a form has been updated? Icon
The database is used in room 1 to enter a job request and the other room 2 guys will be complete the job request. What I need is when a new job is entered in room 1 that a msgbox alerts a new job has been entered in room 2.

The form has a requery every 1min but I only want the msgbox when a new job has been entered. I have tried putting the followingin the Afterupdate but this is not working? The Macro is just a msgbox.