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Allow Edits on Subform

Allow Edits on Subform
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Just a quick question I hope. I am using this simple VB code (see attached) on a button to allow edits to a form. Problem is, clicking the button only allows edits to the form not the subform. How do I modify the code to allow edits to both please
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Forms! Allow Deletions/Edits - No

Forms! Allow Deletions/Edits - No Icon
there, hope doing fine.

I have a main form with subform and looking lock the delections and edits but when I do that so subform is also locked and cant enter new data into it. I have done this for single form but with subform, dont know so far.

it is required bcz when ever open the form so bymistake the old data modified.

Cant edit subform of a subform

Cant edit subform of a subform Icon
Hoping someone can help with what I need to do to allow the following to work:

I have a main formlinked to a subform, within the subform, I have a second subform.

I am able to edit and add data in the main form, and the first subform. I am not able to edit or enter data into the second subform.

If I open the first subform directly without going into the main form, I have no problem entering data into the second subform.

All the properties are set to allow edits, allow additions, allow deletions

Subform goes out of touch when its table is edited?

Subform goes out of touch when its table is edited? Icon
I have an Access 2007 subform linked to the mainfor, and they were both working fine. it linked on the proper parent/child link, edits on the subform tracked the proper parent record, etc. etc.

Then I edited the table bound to the subform simply to make one of its text fields longer; that's all!

Now, data from the subform table does not show up in the subform at all.

I can still add a new record via the subform, but I will only be able to see it briefly (while initially entering it). if I go to a different mainform record and then return to the one that should have the new subtable record, again, it doesn't show.

However, looking directly at the table for the subform shows that the new record (and the old ones) are indeed still allproperly there in their table.

Disallow edits to saved query

Disallow edits to saved query Icon
I have a subform bound to a query displaying in datasheet view, and I like the ability to use the built-in arrows in the field names to further filter and sort the query results. However, if I use a filter and then close the form, I get a pop-up asking if I want to save the changes to the query. I don't want the user to be able to change any of the queries. I tried using the 'enabled' property, but that makes the filter/sort unavailable. Is there some other way I can enable the filter/sort but not allow edits to the saved query?

Deletions vs. Edits

Deletions vs. Edits Icon
Just when I think I'm getting it. I've got a form that I want to allow people to add or delete records, but NOT edit records. I thought that changing the Form properties to Allow Deletions and Allow Additions, but NOT Edits would do this. Silly me.

Is there a way to Allow Deletions without allowing Edits. I need to have some control over what's going in and out of the database.

Allowing edits in a query based datasheet

Allowing edits in a query based datasheet Icon
I have a datasheet that looks up data based on a query of two tables. The datasheet shows the data correctly, but it will not allow edits. I tried setting the data entry property to True but this had no effect. Also I was looking for the place where you can set the primary key for the form, but I could not find it. It would be good if edits were allowed on this form,

Replace Function with Table Lookup

Replace Function with Table Lookup Icon
I have several records that contain very similar substrings, such as "billable edits" and "edits- billable" that I am trying to standardize (make all "edits-billable" become "billable edits") for simplicity's sake. The challenge is that these substrings occur at the end of lengthy strings. I created a table with two fields, the current substrings and the substrings that I would like to replace them with. How can I connect this table, using a replace function, the edit the original strings? Or is there an alternate way to do this

Set subform AllowEdits property from another form

Set subform AllowEdits property from another form Icon
When my form that contains two subforms is opened from certain other forms, I want to disallow edits on one of the subforms and on the parent.
My code:

Docmd.openForm "ParentName"
This only works for the parent-the subforms still allow edits (something that affects totals on the Parent)

I added:

which gives me an error message.

I am using A2007 with W7.

I know that I can open the whole form as read-only, but would like child1 to be available for editing. I have searched, and found things that I thought would apply, but am missing something.

Archiving records which have been edited/added/deleted

Archiving records which have been edited/added/deleted Icon
At the moment I have Form 1 which is based on Table 1. I am required to create a method on tracking any edits/additions/deletions with a reason why. Currently I have a way of only allowing the user to press on a Submit button and disabling navigation buttons when edit is pressed or a new record event occurs.

This submit button makes the form footer appear where the save button currently hides.

Once saved the form footer then disappears again and the buttons return to enabled.

I created this format to add in fields of who/when/why the person is editing for quality assurance reasons when I knew more about what needed to be added. The fields within Form 1 need tobe archived with the editing reasons within a table.

I thought maybe a subform would work within the form footer for the editing fields as they work on a one-many relationship with each record. There are two problems with this method.

1 - Being that I need to bypass the update which occurs when the subform gains focus and have the save occur with both the form and subform.

2 - I have no idea how to keep the old records from Table 1 each time, I.e. If you need to edit a field in Form 1 and have previously edited it before that how could I go about saving allthe editable fields within Table 1 with a new record and not overriding the old one before edits?

If you can think of anyway to help me then even better.

Automate record entry on Subform

Automate record entry on Subform Icon
I have a form with various fields bound to a table called {AuditData}. One field in particular is [SerialNo]. I have a subform (bound to table {AuditDetail}) on this particular form where there is a child field called [SerialNo] as well. The subform field populates when [SerialNo] is entered on the main form. The problem that I'm having is that it IS NOT creating a new record in the table {AuditDetail}. The only other field on the subform is one with a default value which is obviously already populated. When I save the record, {AuditData} shows the new record based on the values of the form, but {AuditDetail} has no entry at all. I'm missing something. Both the main form and the subform are set to Data Entry and to allow additions/edits. I don't know where to look next