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Adding a Field Updates Multiple Tables

Adding a Field Updates Multiple Tables
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I am currently in the process of converting several (25+) Spreadsheet based lists into one Access Database for easier additon/removal of employees.

Each Employee record contains many columns of information, so many that I have had to continue the data on a second table, with a Unique ID Field the link between the two tables. I haveformed a One-One Relationship between the tables using the ID Field.

For use by Supervisors that will be updating certain areas of data, I have created forms that look similar to our old Excel Spreadsheets. I was happy to see that adding a name to theseforms would add the name to the original table, and the same with removing a name.

Now that I have created a second table, I am hoping there is a way that adding a name to any form will add the name to two or more tables. My goal is to have the Supervisors use only theforms to input data, while of the tables that store the information remained hidden so that there are no accidental errors that corrupt the entire database.
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Adding a name to multiple tables

Adding a name to multiple tables Icon
I am trying to decide the best way to setup a new database that I am creating that right now has two main tables in it. Right now the tables are linked by the LNFN field so I can puttogether queries and draw data from both tables.

Is LNFN the best way to link the tables?

How do you add a new name to the database that would show up in both tables or additional tables that I may add?

Download in MS Word file format (.doc)

Download in MS Word file format (.doc) Icon
This tutorial has been designed to give an introduction to some of the basic features of MS Access. The tutorial will cover the following topics:
Creating a database; Creating tables; Changing the Field Properties in the tables; Adding Lookup Tables; Creating relationships; Adding Passwords to the database; Creating simple forms using the Form Wizard; Adding graphics and creating customized forms; Creating forms using multiple tables; Creating reports using the report wizard; Formatting reports; Creating Switchboards.

Adding Record to Form that updates the Table

Adding Record to Form that updates the Table Icon
I am an Access rookie. I have built a form and want to make sure that if I add a record in the form that that record also updates the tables/tables.

I have noticed that any edits that I make to existing records are updated in the tables.

Can anyone help. I think it may have something to do with my relationship settings, but I really am not sure

Import multiple updates for a single record

Import multiple updates for a single record Icon
I have a fixed number of records that will have updates to a single field. The new information is coming from a template sent to multiple users that will only manipulate the records under their jurisdiction from the master list of fixed records.

Each version of the Excel file will always contain the same # of master records with an identical update in one field.

Multiple value check list load from table

Multiple value check list load from table Icon
We use some multiple value fields where users can check multiple values. Within a new form we want to load the contents of a multiple value field from a tabel (we have made the query for this and get the multiple values) in a new field and use it as a multiple value lookup field.

This does not work.

We get an empty field.

How can we see the selected multiple items from the query in the field on the form(table lookup)?

John; Peter; Ted (is selected in the multiple value field)

Get these values from the tables in the database.
Then in another form:
Load these values in a new multiple value field:
See the selected items:

Access 2007-10 table lookup, multiple entry

Access 2007-10 table lookup, multiple entry Icon
I am kinda new to Access (well I used it back in 2002 my last time) and I am trying to create a simple database. It consist of three tables, one of the tables is used as data lookup to fill the field in another table.

My problem is that this should be a multiple value field which is easy,form or anything that gives me the multiple values separated by a comma in a message box for example

Multiple fields or multiple tables?

Multiple fields or multiple tables? Icon
I have to ask the user up to 50 questions each of which requires me to record 10 pieces of information. As far as I've got is A) Split tables with large field numbers for users B) Table for each user. To me, the way forward seems to be B but all those tables!

Duplicate info in tables Best Practice

Duplicate info in tables Best Practice Icon
I am debating on adding another field to a table in order to track dates. I have the information in another table but these 2 tables have no relationship to each other.

Initially, I was thinking of creating a relationship between the two tables in order to pull the date from there. But this table will not always be filled out depending on the employee class.

So, I was thinking of just adding the field rather than creating a relationship as I don't always need the info in that table.

I am wondering before I go and add the extra work, would this be the most efficient way of doing this?

Can't Update Queries linke to SQL Tables

Can't Update Queries linke to SQL Tables Icon
I am in the process of moving all my backend databases from Access to SQL Server. I have upsized all the tables but having problems with my Access Front End. I have several forms based on queries that when run, pull information from three tables. When I had the tables in Access, after running the query I could make changes/updates to the query results.

But now that I have upsized the tables to SQL, I can only view the data. I can't add, delete or make any changes. All my tables have a key field in them.

If I run a query on just one table, then I can make changes/updates

Loading and Adding data to Multiple tables

Loading and Adding data to Multiple tables Icon
I have got an Access file which contains three tables. All three tables have got a relationship as CUST_TYPE -- CUSTOMER -- CUST_IMAGE_PATH

I am trying to load it on VB.Net and so far I managed to load CUST_TYPE and also it allows me to add/delete or update data. However, when I created another form and linked it from theCUST-TYPE form, it loads fine, but when I try to add information to the CUSTOMER table which is related to the CUST_TYPE, it does not work.

how can I add information that is related to one specific record to multiple tables.