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Add Data from Unbound Text Boxes to a Table

Add Data from Unbound Text Boxes to a Table
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How to Add Data from Unbound Text Boxes to a Table. (video tutorial)
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Calculate unbound text boxes?????

Calculate unbound text boxes????? Icon
On my form there are 10 unbound text boxes from which people will type in their daily receipts.I don't want to use a table or query.just text boxes. The first 9 text boxes they would enter receipts and the 10th text box adds all of them together. The problem is that the 10th text box will not add them up when a some of them are left blank which happens. How would I program a text box to automatically show zero in vb if blank or what other options are there

Unbound Text box update field in table

Unbound Text box update field in table Icon
I can't seem to find how to do this.

I have a form that has no controls source with unbound text boxes that are populated when I place a corresponding code in a text box then hit enter.
Most of the text boxes are just to view data but one of them I want to edit the source field in the table if I press a button. The caveat is I can not have any of the fields bound it all needs to be done via VBA.

Search using unbound text box and change record source

Search using unbound text box and change record source Icon
I have a form with unbound text boxes. I want to be able to search for member IDs with one of the unbound text boxes as the source of the search criteria and then the result should be displayed on the same form.

After this is done, I will like the record source to be changed to another table so I can add some data to the ones displayed by the search criteria before adding to the new record source.

Counting Values in Unbound Text Field in Report

Counting Values in Unbound Text Field in Report Icon
I have a report that has unbound text boxes on it. One of these text boxes says whether a job was 'On time', 'Overdue' etc and is populated based on dates which are in the underlying the footer of the report I want to count the instances of each Overdue or On time status in these unbound text boxes - I am using the following function in the control source

=sum(iif([CCTVOverdue] = "On Time",1,0))

CCTVOverdue is the name of the unbound text box - can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong here?

Copy text box value to master table

Copy text box value to master table Icon
I have read a few posts about this but none have really told me how to achieve what I want.

I have form with lots of information based on a master table. One on tab control I have setup a number of unbound text boxes with IIf expressions, these return values. These values are summed and another unbound text box creates another value - "Risk" i.e. High, Moderate or Low.

These are all unbound text boxes and the values are only there to run the expression to determine risk. This is the value I want stored in my master table. I have created a text field in my master table but I want the form to be able to take the risk value form teh unbound text box and drop that into the table under "Risk".

This will be unique for each master record on this form and will change depending on changes in parameters selected within the table.

Unbound To Table

Unbound To Table Icon
hope you are well)

I have a main form that is linked direct to a table. On the main form I have a unbound text box. What I am hoping to achieve if possible is to have data entered in to the unbound text box be added in to a second table on click of a button. The unbound text box is name "txtcomments" and the table name is named "Comments" I would also like to auto add in the date the comment was added which would be the data of today! Both the comment and date fields are in the table, I just don't know how to pass the data with VBA

How do you force an unbound text box to accept specific data types?

How do you force an unbound text box to accept specific data  types? Icon
I want to force an unbound text box to only accept dates, and another to only accept integers. Any ideas how I can do this in VB or through properties?

I want to keep these text boxes unbound. I know I can do this if I used a dummy table but I don't want to go that route if at all possible

Add a text box control to a form or report

Add a text box control to a form or report Icon
The text box is the standard control used for viewing and editing data on forms and reports. Many different types of data can be displayed in text boxes, and you can also use them to perform calculations. This article explains how to create and use a text box and also explains some important text box properties.
What do you want to do: Add a bound text box, Add an unbound text box, Add a calculated text box, Understand text box properties.

unbound text box filter by form on Split Form

unbound text box filter by form on Split Form Icon
I have a split form, with several unbound text boxes, which I would normally use as a filter by form type function. the query has criteria bound to these text boxes.

My problem is that I cannot seem to get the mouse to focus on the unbound text boxes on this split form. when I click in the unbound filter by form text box, the focus immediately moves to the first text box that is bound to data on the form.

Then I will try recreating my split form in a different way. if it is a problem, If perhaps a split form cannot have any unbound data entry controls on it, then I could create a form with the search criteria on, and keep the forms separate. If I was to do this, though I would like to 'dock' this form at the top of the window, and then have the split form 'dock' underneath, as if there was an application level window splitter control. Another option might be to put the filter by form text boxes in the ribbon, and I have added some stuff here, but I am unsure how I might refer to the control in a query criteria.

Won't add if textbox is blank.

Won't add if textbox is blank. Icon
I have a feeling I'm just having a major brain fart here. I've created a form and on that form are 25 text boxes.

The text boxes get their value from two other fields [Quantity] and [Price] the text boxes are of course the total. At the bottom of the form I've been trying to add up all of the text boxes for a grand total.

However if any of the 25 text boxes are empty the total will not add and I'll just get a blank. If all 25 contain data, then everything works fine. I've already checked and all the text boxes are the same data time - Currency.