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Add a Subform in Access 2007

Add a Subform in Access 2007
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The main form in Access 2007 may have another form inserted into it called a subform. The combination of form and subform may be called a hierarchical form, master/detail form or parent/child form. Subforms are most commonly used to show data with a one-to-many relationship. The following steps will show how to add a subform in Access 2007.
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Subform goes out of touch when its table is edited?

Subform goes out of touch when its table is edited? Icon
I have an Access 2007 subform linked to the mainfor, and they were both working fine. it linked on the proper parent/child link, edits on the subform tracked the proper parent record, etc. etc.

Then I edited the table bound to the subform simply to make one of its text fields longer; that's all!

Now, data from the subform table does not show up in the subform at all.

I can still add a new record via the subform, but I will only be able to see it briefly (while initially entering it). if I go to a different mainform record and then return to the one that should have the new subtable record, again, it doesn't show.

However, looking directly at the table for the subform shows that the new record (and the old ones) are indeed still allproperly there in their table.

Getting the Max() date from a SubForm Access 2007

Getting the Max() date from a SubForm Access 2007 Icon
I have a little problems well 2 problems in fact

I have a form and the technician need to use a subform in this form to add items on the order, and for each items there is a given delivery date. What I want is for a textbox on the form(not the subform) to get the Highest date from the subform

My subform is called : SF_Materiaux and the field in the subform is called : Livraison_Prevu

Sorry for those french name lol
I had a textbox whose source is =[SF_Materiaux].[Formulaire]![Livraison_Prevu]
and it gives me the first date from the subform and If I had Max() before it it gives me #error anyone can help ?

Restricting SubForm to One Record Entry Per Parent: Access 2007

Restricting SubForm to One Record Entry Per Parent: Access 2007 Icon
I have a one-to-one relationship between two table. I have successfully added the subform, but I get the option to add additional child records in the Datasheet View. This means that when a user tabs to the next row and enters data they get an error--and they should.

Question: How do I restrict the subform to show only one row in Datasheet View?

Access Runtime 2007 Com Add-In

Access Runtime 2007 Com Add-In Icon
I currently have a Dell Precision T3500, with Windows 7, Office 2010 Professional. On my computer I have Adobe Standard 9. With Adobe Standard 9 it has a Com Add-in for Microsoft Office PDFMaker.

One of the applications our business uses, is tied to Access Runtime 2007.

In the Application when you go to view a report it doesn't load correctly. I have isolated it to the Com Add-in. All of our computers running Office 2007 Professional, I loaded the Microsoft Office Access 2007 and turned the Com Add-in to inactive. This fixed all those computers.

However, on my own computer with the above stated software. I turned the Add-in to inactive in office 2010 and the Com Add-in still loads in Access 2007 Runtime when I load it.

So my question is how do you Inactive/Disable a Com Add-in in Access 2007 with only Runtime installed?

How to show new record at the top of a subform

How to show new record at the top of a subform Icon
I have a database in access 2007. The main form has a subform and I would like a blank new record as the first record of a subform. Is there a way to do that without making two separate subforms (one for a blank new record subform and the other for records that already exist

How to add a total in a datasheet (Access 2000)?

How to add a total in a datasheet (Access 2000)? Icon
I know there is a feature in Access 2007 but I'm using Access 2000 (and am bound to it by my company).

I have a subform (based on a query) which displays four columns of figures. I need to add a total to the bottom. How do I do this? My data appears as follows:

store.item1.item2.item3.item 4

I've read that it can be done with VBA but I can't find any further information on how it is done

Access 2007, all subforms read-only

Access 2007, all subforms read-only Icon
I've converted an application from Access 2003 to Access 2007. Everything was looking good until I tried editing some data from a subform and discovered that all forms, when displayed as a subform, are read-only.

I tried the old version and all of the subforms work fine and I even converted the old version again and all of the subforms are working -- but I've done a lot of work on first conversion so would like to not need to start over, if possible.

This is not an issue with joins or read-only queries because some of the forms being used as a subform that are read-only are linked directly to a table. Also if a form is placed as a subform on another form, but is not linked to the master form at all, editing works. I checked the obvious (allow edits, enabled, locked, etc.)

Is there a new option in 2007 that affects subforms -- like is there an option somewhere that sets all subforms to read-only? Forms/subforms that were working no longer do so

Display subform total

Display subform total Icon
I have an Access 2007 single form with subform. The subform has a hidden textbox that sums a record in the subform and displays in a textbox on the form. The form textbox is blank, but becomes visible if I click on the taskbar or open another app. If I update the subform or move to another record, I loose it again. I've tried requery and recalc on practually every event of the form, subform and both textboxes to no avail. What will make this textbox stay visible?

Access 2007 - only starts in safe mode

Access 2007 - only starts in safe mode Icon
Access 2007 will no longer start unless in safe mode, and I have uninstalled, reinstalled, used the MSFT Office 2007 removal tool, removed add-ins, went into registry and manually removed everything relating to Office 2007, and still, no matter what, Access 2007 crashes unless using Safe Mode.

There are NO add-ins when I open it in Safe mode, nothing. I've spent over 5 hours trying to get it to work, and after all these years of working in MS Access with only a few hiccups...

Subform wont show in 2007

Subform wont show in 2007 Icon
I have a form with a subform I created in 2010 and subform will not show in 2007 with sp2 anyone know why