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Active X form control

Active X form control
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I have used microsoft active x form control text box in my Form. While opening the same it gives me error

"The expression MouseMove you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: There was an error loading an ActiveX control on one of your forms or reports".

However when I create a test form and insert a new text box com, it does't give me any error.

can anybody plz help me, I need to finalize my project
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disable controls on a subform,

disable controls on a subform, Icon
I have a form, it has two combo boxes and a subform with four controls one txt and three combos, When the form opens the first combo is active and the second combo is enabled to false, so is the subform and the controls on it "see first image", as I add data into the control the other update event activates and the next control becomes active.

the subform becomes active and so on for each control on it.

when the last control is used its focus is directed to one of three buttons. close, exit and save and add record.
the form controls which are set to enabled to false work just how I would like, but when I press the add record button, I get "you can't disable a control while it has focus". .
or if I do not put the focus on the close button it works but not all the controls on the subform get set to enabled to false "see second image".

Microsoft InkPicture Control

Microsoft InkPicture Control Icon
Need help with a Active X control.
I working on a project to write my work orders on a computer and let the customer sign on my tablet PC screen, this is the idea.

I found a active x control, that maybe worked "Microsoft InkPicture Control"
But I found no way to print the signatur on a report. I dont want to safe the signature as a picture, only if I have to.


Working with Access 2007 and Windows

Outlook Calendar Control Needed

Outlook Calendar Control Needed Icon
I am currently recording patient's appointment dates and times in table via a form by having 2 separate controls; a date text box and a time text box.

I still have to use Outlook to display the appointments in a Calendar form (double entry of data is annoying) as I cant find a Calendar control where I can see a week in view. Id like to enter.


via the Calendar control.

Does anyone know how I can do this ? Ive tried inserting an Active X Control but its saying the object isnt installed or something like that

Show All Records

Show All Records Icon
I have a table with a filed named Status which the default is set to Active, it is a combo with a value list using Active and Archived. On my form I have an option group with the default being set to 1 or active.

Sometimes I wish to set the status to archive so the record does no appear on the form bu not delete it. I also set the criteria for the query that the form uses for the field status to 1 meaning active.

I am using a Do.Cmd.ShowAllRecords (on click event for a checkboxl on the form to view all record but of course it does not work.I need a solutionfor this problem.

P.S. I want to be able to view ALL records on command but then go back to the default when either the form is loaded again or another event is triggered.

Requery Macro Action

Requery Macro Action Icon
You can use the Requery action to update the data in a specified control on the active object by requerying the source of the control. If no control is specified, this action requeries the source of the object itself. Use this action to ensure that the active object or one of its controls displays the most current data.

how to make the form active for editing?

how to make the form active for editing? Icon
I have a form and when I click a button it opens up another form. The problem is the newly opened form goes below the form and is not active. I have to close the previous form first to get to the newly opened form

Filter Subform from another form

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I am trying to filter a subform when I open the parent form from a different form with an option group. So, the first form pops up with the options: 1) Show "Active" Contracts 2) Show All Contracts. If the user selects 1, I want it to open the specific customer form (frmContractsForm) and filter the subform (frmContractSub) where the subform's "Status" field is "Active." Here is my code:

'Display Active or All Contracts
'Open Form
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmContractForm", , , "CustomerID=" & Me.txtCustomerID
'Filter to Active or All
Select Case frameOptions
With Forms!frmcontractform.frmContractSub
.Filter = "Status= 'Active'"
.FilterOn = True

How to change a page control parameter

How to change a page control parameter Icon
I've got a little problem in changing a tab control enabled parameteri have a tab control named tabctl0within that tab I have 3 pages: page1,page2,page3I want to depend the enabled parameter of each page on a field in the main form.the field in the main form = dovisitif me!dovisit = 1 then me.page1.enabled = false me.page2.setfocusend ifI wrote that code but everytime I get the message that you cant change a page control if it is active.can somone help pleasethanx alot in advanceNoam

reference a text box from a function

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I have a couple of forms which have a text box named txtTempHold. The value of txtTempHold changes on the 'gotfocus' event of the active control. Rather than put the code I am using behind the form on every gotfocus event I want to put it into a function.

I'm having trouble with the folowing line (which compares the active control value to the temp value). I can't use 'me. in the function and am not sure what I should use.

If Screen.ActiveControl.Value Me.txtTempHold Then

I can write it with a reference to the actual form name etc. but as it's on different forms I only want to have the one function and reference the text box from both forms.

Query with 'active' form field

Query with 'active' form field Icon
I currently have a basic query that uses a form field. This query is used as the row source for a listbox that has a lot of events associated with it.

WHERE ITEMS.ITEM_ID = Forms![Form 1]!ItemID

How can I change this query to work in more than one form, not just Form 1? Is there a way I can reference the active form or the form from where the query is called e.g. WHEREITEMS.ITEM_ID = Forms![Active Form]!ItemID (assuming all forms have an 'ItemID' field)...