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Access 2010 - runtime error 3170 Could not find installable ISAM

Access 2010 - runtime error 3170 Could not find installable ISAM
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I am running Office 2010 under Windows XP SP3 and I am getting the above error while exporting data from Access to Excel via a VBA routine. It worked fine in Access 2000 but since upgradingto Access 2010, I have started to get the erro "Could not find installable ISAM".

I am using a statement that starts DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel3

If I change it to acSpreadsheetTypeExcel5 (or later) then it works fine but 3 or 4 brings up the installable ISAm error.
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Problem linking dbf files to Access 2010

Problem linking dbf files to Access 2010 Icon
I'm using Windows 7 Professional (32bit) and the Beta version of Access 2010.

I have some Access 97 databases that include linked tables to dbf files. When trying to open the linked table I get the error message "Could not find installable ISAM". When Itry to link a new dbf file I get the message "External table is not in the expected format", regardless of whether I choose dbase 3, 4 or 5 as the file type.

I have also converted the Access files to the 2007 format and the conversion errors table has the description of "Microsoft Access was unable to refresh the linked table 'ACCOUNT' in database 'C:\Program Files\VISION\HOME\FERRO 1 July 2004' during conversion.

Try to refresh the links manually by using the Linked Table Manager command in the Database Tools group on the Database Tools tab".

Refreshing the tables just brings up the installable ISAM error again. Trying to add or open in the converted file also has the same errors as above. The dbf files open fine in Excel.

Runtime access 2010

Runtime access 2010 Icon
I need a beginners tutorial on the use of Runtime - I have access 2010 installed - I think I downloaded and installed access runtime for 2010 - for the life of me I cannot find any references to runtime in access or in windows list of programs.

I tried to publish the DB but all I got was a accde extension not the accdr.

Runtime Error 3075 - Access 2010

Runtime Error 3075 - Access 2010 Icon
We use an access database for our Human Resources department. Recently we updated to Access 2010 on a couple of workstations. In Access 2010 we keep getting Runtime Error 3075 missing operator. I click debug and this is where the error is happening.
While playing with the code I noticed if I take out the "AND" in the bold line above. The error is removed within Access 2010; however, it creates the same error in Access 2007, 2003. We still have a couple users that utilize Access 2007 and need it to function properly in both instances.

This is a program that I have inherited and my programming skills are minimal at best.

I have worked on this for several hours already, or 2007; however, not in both.

Open a report from MS-Access 2010 runtime version in windows application

Open a report from MS-Access 2010 runtime version in windows application Icon
In VB.Net, I am trying to open a report from MS-Access 2010 runtime version. But it is throwing error.

The error is

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {73A4C9C1-D68D-11D0-98BF-00A0C90DC8D9} failed due to the following error: 80080005 Server execution failed (Exception from HRESULT:0x80080005 (CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE)

But in the full version of MS-Access it is working fine. How to fix this issue in the runtime version of MS-Access 2010 to view the report?

Error 2046 when exporting a report from 2010 Runtime

Error 2046 when exporting a report from 2010 Runtime Icon
I have a small reporting database in Access 2010 that does nothing but run a report and export it to PDF. This is called by a Windows Task each day and works perfectly, well almost. I haverecently had cause to need to run this report from a PC that has Access Runtime (also 2010) and on that machine the export reliably fails.

The error that is recorded (I write errors to a table rather than display them on the screen) is Error 2046 - "The command or action'OutputTo' isn't available now."

(where fileName = "C:\Reports")

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "RptFinal", acFormatPDF, fileName, 0

Yet it works fine on a number of PC's with the full version of Access. If I change the windows task on the PC using full access to call Access using the runtime switch, it fails there as well. But remove the runtime switch and it's fine.

We are using Windows XP SP3 and Office 2010 SP1

Runtime error '287' when trying to send email using Access 2010

Runtime error '287' when trying to send email using Access 2010 Icon
We are currently using Access 2007 and I've got a database that sends emails out to multiple users depending on the data that was entered. We are about to upgrade to Access 2010 and I am testing it now.

I was originally getting runtime error '287' when I was adding addresses to a Recipient object. I got past that by adding the addresses in a string and concatenating. Now I'm getting the error with .Send.

Is there a "default directory" for data tables?

Is there a "default directory" for data tables? Icon
I've got an Access/VBA project with split FE and BE. They've been converted to 2002/3 format, from 2000. When I open them in Access 2010 on Win7 they work fine. But when I try to run them inXPSP3 with Office XP and Access Runtime 2010 installed, I get this series of error messages, even though the BE is sitting right next to the FE in the same sub-directory.

1. "Invalid procedure call or argument. Check to see if you installed the tables used for storing data in the default directory.5"
2. "-2147467259 Invalid database object reference. Microsoft Access Database Engine."
3. "-2147217865 Microsoft Access Database Engine cannot find the input table of query 'userq'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly. Microsoft Access Database Engine."

The Runtime doesn't let me do anything to check the links, but between the first and second error message I do get a message, "The . data links were successfully refreshed."

Is there a "default directory" where the Access 2010 Runtime looks for backends? Or is something else going on here?

By the way, it works fine in Win7/Access2010 when I use the /runtime switch.

Access RunTime 2010 security settings - "The RunCommand action was canceled"

Access RunTime 2010 security settings - "The RunCommand action was canceled" Icon
How can I change the security settings of Access RunTime 2010? We have an access database that users had successfully used when they had the full version of the Access program. They arenow using Access 2010 RunTime, and when they click on a specific button (which runs a few different macros) in the database, they receive a message that says "The RunCommand action wascanceled." Are there any settings in Access 2010 RunTime that I can change (possibly in the registry) that will allow the RunCommand action to work and not be canceled?

Not able to build an ADP in MS Access 2010

Not able to build an ADP in MS Access 2010 Icon
I have a ADP project in MS Access 2003,I have migrated this application to MS Access 2010. After doing few code changes it is working fine in MS Access 2010, but we are facing issue in building the MS Access 2010 ADP.

I am able to import the Forms,Modules and On selecting the run macros to Initialise the Database in MS Access 2010(while building ADP),it is giving runtime error'29060'"file not found".

MS Access Package Soution

MS Access Package Soution Icon
I made an Access 2010 application, and created a Package Solution installer including Access 2010 Runtime.
If the computer I install it on has a retail version of MS Access and the runtime gets installed also, will the runtime version have any effect on the retail version?