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Access 2003, Need Report To Show Total Count

Access 2003, Need Report To Show Total Count
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At work, we use an access database to track our computer inventory. I have created a report that shows a list of the computers, but I would love for this report to show the number of computers we have. I'm not sure if this is done on the report, the table, or both.
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Access 2003 reports in forms and record counts

Access 2003 reports in forms and record counts Icon
First off, and I'm sure this is incredibly easy but I can't seem to find a way, I have an existing table with around 5 thousand entries and I'm looking to run reports that return the total number of records for certain criteria, my background is in Excel and I know how to do what I want in that easily enough and for just nowI've put a non visible box with control source as =1 and a grand total box in the report footer with control source as =[record count].

This kind of works ok apart from still returning avalue of 1 when no records show up and that it's just a clumsy work around so could anyone give any help on how to do this better?
Also I'm looking to have reports as normal but also the option to just view a summary form with only what criteria has been used and a total record count so help with this would also be very much appreciated.

Oh one last thing, is there any way to change a report title based on criteria used, I.e. I want a report title to be "Total Outputs between [Start Date] and [End Date]" or something along those lines.

Access 2007-Report by Month; Year to Date Total

Access 2007-Report by Month; Year to Date Total Icon
Returning Access user after a two-year absence.

Report to show the following:

Month | Count Expected Shorted Over
Jan | 100 | 200 | 100
Feb | 250 | 200 | 50
Mar | 50 | 200 | 150

Yearly Total: 400 | 200 | 250 | 50

Count is the number of appointments scheduled for a month. I know how to get the calculations done. It is showing the constant data that I don't remember how to.

Would it be best to query the data for a count and then actually place the above data on a worksheet in Excel?

New page generates for count total

New page generates for count total Icon
In Access 2007, I created a report list that counts the number of records. I made the list two columns. However, the count total is generated on a new page, not below the last record at the end of the second column.

There is space for it (The second column ends about half-way down the page). How do I get the record count total to display under the last record listed instead ofa new page?

Total a column, data type is causing problem

Total a column, data type is causing problem Icon
I have a inventory count column called sum(the amount of stock), a price column, and a total column
sum price total
1 $10 $10
0 $5 $0
2 $2 $4

what I'd like is for a grand total to be shown in a report or at the bottom, for this example, $14

the total column is made with a query, multiplying price and sum sum is also a query, adding up the total amount of different stock

currently I had to re-format my total column Total:Format(price*sum),'currency'

When I have tried to do this, I clicked the total button, but my only option is for a count, I need to sum the values, not count how many there are. I am pretty sure it is because the totalcolumn is not actually a price format

I could also just have a report that lists this grand total, but I came up with the same problem.

Counting Unique Records in a Report

Counting Unique Records in a Report Icon
I have a report that I put together with totals at the bottom.

This is a detail report that reflects [Card Number] and [Amount] so at the bottom I have a total transaction text box that works fine.

I would also like to capture the total [Card Number]. However, since the same card number can show up several times, I don't get the actual count.

Can you count just the unique records in a report from a text box?

sort by sum of a field

sort by sum of a field Icon
I have a table with several thousand records with the following fields:

username, job, total pages

What I want to do is group the records by username, then count the total of all grouped records of the total pages field to get a sum. Then I need to sort the results of the total of the "total pages field in decending order. I got a report to show me the summary of the user name and jobs, and to show the total from the totalpages, but how do you sort the report on the total pages by decending order?

Problem using DCount in Access 2003

Problem using DCount in Access 2003 Icon
I am trying to use DCount to count the number of results in a particular query that have a specific value. I have looked carefully at the syntax of examples online and cannot find the problem. Running the report simply returns #error.

I have a query "Enquiries between dates" which returns all the enquiries between a particular set of enquiry dates.

I have a report linked to this query. In the footer of the report I use =Count(*) to return the total number of results in the query. That works fine.

Report filter on Totals

Report filter on Totals Icon
I have a report that Totals and Groups based on the entry description in order to give me the total number of each like occurrence. It does this in the Description Footer using a text box with this formula =Count([Description]).

Does anyone know the best way to then filter that report to only show line the items where that Count is >5 and otherwise omit the entry from thereport?

Displaying Total Count() in Main Form

Displaying Total Count() in Main Form Icon
I built a database inventory for a UNVERSITY to keep track of facilities (PCs, Printers …). Now I am working in reports:

I created a main report showing Building/College and Department/Major and a SubReport to display PCs in each department/Major with count of PCs

I am trying to find a way to calculate the count of PCs for each Building/College and then the total count of all PCs in the university to display in the Main Report.

I searched over the net to find similar case, but did not find.

Sub Total & Grand Total in a Report

Sub Total & Grand Total in a Report Icon
I have a report Like this:

Description, unit_price, QTY, [Total] ( [Total] is an Additional field I added to calculate amount, not from a Query or Table)

A, 2, 10, =sum([unit_price]*[QTY])
B, 2, 10, =sum([unit_price]*[QTY])
C, 2, 10, =sum([unit_price]*[QTY])
Subtotal1 =sum([Total])?

E, 1, 20, =sum([unit_price]*[QTY])
F, 4, 40, =sum([unit_price]*[QTY])
G, 5, 30, =sum([unit_price]*[QTY])
Subtotal2 =sum([Total]) ?
Grand Total = [Subtotal1]+[Subtotal2] ?

I find it difficult to make [Subtotal1], [Subtotal2] and [Grand Total] as [Total] is an additional text box I added to the report to make total. I have tried to use functionGrouping&Totals from Access, but only Count Record is available.