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Access 2010 Runtime - Link to backend database

Access 2010 Runtime - Link to backend database
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and having trouble sourcing information that makes sense.

I have a database that is split into a front and back end.

The back end is to reside on a shared network location (yet to be determined but we'll call it \\SERVER\DBSHARE for now).

The front end will be installed on the client workstations.

The Client workstations have mixed versions of Access 03 and Access 07 but all have the Access Runtime 2010 installed.

The problem is when you open the front end it spits an error out saying it can't locate the backend. As this is the Runtime version there is no Link manager to set the path.

I'm assuming (and this may be wrong) that there is a way, somewhere be it the package manager, code, pathfile to be able to say something like "Path to Backend is \\SERVER\DBSHARE\be.accdb"

Does anyone know if there is some way to set the path so that the backend can be linked when using Access Runtime
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How to re-link tables

How to re-link tables Icon
I have a database with the frontend and backend on same network. Now when I have to do changes to it I take a copy of the frontend or backend home and re-link the table on my computer.

Now when I finish it all I want to be able to do is email the frontend or backend to someone without having to drive out there and this computer only has access runtime installed. So I have to go up there, bring my laptop, access their server, and link the database on my laptop, then take the files and drop it on their computer

I would like it when I email them the files an option could pop up to re-link the files since they are just using access runtime

Frontend/backend: Writing data not working on some computers

Frontend/backend: Writing data not working on some computers Icon
SERVER1 - Holds the database back end. Permissions on the database file (And folders it's in) are full access for everyone.

COMPUTER1 - Windows 7, this computer originally created the database using Access 2010 Professional. This computer runs the front end of the database successfully, no problems.

COMPUTER2 / COMPUTER 3 - Windows XP running Access 2010 Runtime / Windows 7 running Access 2010 Runtime. These computers both get a security warning when opening the database. They read data fine, but do not write any data.

No error message is displayed / nothing to indicate that there is a problem.

Access 2010 Ribbon - Runtime

Access 2010 Ribbon - Runtime Icon
We are in the process of upgrading from Access 97 to Access 2010

The database admins have a full copy of 2010 and the general users will have a copy of the Access 2010 runtime installed.

The issue is that when a database is opened in the runtime, the ribbon disappears, this is preventing people from exporting datasheet views to excel etc.

Linking frontend access into SQL database

Linking frontend access into SQL database Icon
I have a access 2010. Database which I split into frontend and backend which works well.

I have decided to move the database into SQL, I used the export wizard and moved the database into SQL which seemed to work, and it I look at the backend which SQL made I seem to see mydata, and if I open SQL it seems to be in that to.

But my problem is, how do I link the access frontend to the SQL backend.

2010 Runtime ADODB Connection Failure

2010 Runtime ADODB Connection Failure Icon
I have a routine which connects to MySQL database with ADODB connection. This worked in 2003 and 2007 runtime but throws a 430 error on 2010 runtime. It works in full access 2010. Has there been a change of policy to restrict this type of connection in the 2010 runtime?

If I use a linked ODBC table instead of ADODB the runtime fails with "Runtime Error". It still works in full access

access 2010 windows7 nas linked tables

access 2010  windows7 nas linked tables Icon
Have had 4 new pc.s(windows7 office 2010) connected to a network attached storage device.
Database has a front and backend, with backend, on the nas, tables linked.
All pc's link with no problem.
Three of the pc.s if you turn them off, the frontend loses its connection to the backend linked tables.
If I go into external data and look at the mapped conection, it has a red cross, although I can see the network drive and the backend tables from my computer. If I click on mapped conection, the red cross disappears and the link works.
This happens on three of thefour pc's.
Any one have a clue whether this in an access/windows or network problem

Access 2010 Runtime Database

Access 2010 Runtime Database Icon
I want to deploy a single user database to one laptop which has a fullly blown version of Office 2010 on it.

Can I still install runtime on this machine and produce a runtime version of the database

Depolying ACCESS 2010 runtime

Depolying ACCESS 2010 runtime Icon
The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it cannot be read. The database can be opened only if the VBA project is first deleted. Deleting the VBA project removes code from modules, forms and reports.

You should back up your database before attempting to open the database and delete the VBA project.

My developing environment is Office 2007 ACCESS 2010. My runtime environment is Office 2007 RUNTIME ACCESS 2010.

Both ACCESS Development and Runtime are under SP1 32 bit

Runtime access 2010

Runtime access 2010 Icon
I need a beginners tutorial on the use of Runtime - I have access 2010 installed - I think I downloaded and installed access runtime for 2010 - for the life of me I cannot find any references to runtime in access or in windows list of programs.

I tried to publish the DB but all I got was a accde extension not the accdr.

Access RunTime 2010 security settings - "The RunCommand action was canceled"

Access RunTime 2010 security settings - "The RunCommand action was canceled" Icon
How can I change the security settings of Access RunTime 2010? We have an access database that users had successfully used when they had the full version of the Access program. They arenow using Access 2010 RunTime, and when they click on a specific button (which runs a few different macros) in the database, they receive a message that says "The RunCommand action wascanceled." Are there any settings in Access 2010 RunTime that I can change (possibly in the registry) that will allow the RunCommand action to work and not be canceled?